WOWFRD – Ch 252

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Chapter 252

Touba Hong was discussing deployment of troops when he heard the news. He stood silent for a moment the said in a faint tone: “Get ready to fight.”

Deployment of troops before the war was a must. However, during the war the best thing was timely response. The rest was nonsense. Xiao Yu laughed as he narrowed his eyes at the news. Xiao Yu’s troops would be in Wuhe town after few days and Touba Hong had to resist on his own. Otherwise, Wuhe town would be their graves. Moreover, Xiao Yu’s support troop was too small in number and wouldn’t be enough to engage in frontal combat.

Both Xiao Yu and Touba Hong began to arrange people for defense of the town. They understood that they had to stood up before Xiao Yu’s troops came in or the consequences would be very serious.

Ao du was present but he wouldn’t be involved in the war. The main reason he was present in the town was to prevent other sixth-rank warriors from penetrating the town and killing Touba Hong. There was an unwritten rule in the continent that sixth-rank masters couldn’t get involved in the war. Otherwise, the other sixth-rank masters would come together to punish that person. The strength of a sixth-rank master was too great and destructive for a battlefield.

100 miles distance meant that the enemies could reach the town in half a day. By the darkness the dense army of Touba Gui stood few miles away from the west of the Wuhe town.

The enemies sent scouts to observe the town. All the scouts were shocked when they saw the huge walls covering the town. It was an incredible feat to make such walls in the town. They were clear about Wuhe town’s defenses and it was incredible for Touba Hong to build such walls within half a month time period.

“Siege?” Ba Tianming, the commander of Touba Gui’s forces, was a bit embarrassed when he saw the tall walls. There were few towns or cities in the grasslands. The towns with tall walls was fewer than that too. Moreover, their troops were mainly cavalry units and had little to none experience in siege warfare.

They were expecting Touba Hong to escape from the Wuhe town in fear but unexpectedly he had stayed back.

“Touba Hong has courage.” Actually, Ba Tianming looked down at Touba Hong because of the age difference. Touba Hong was sucking milk when Ba Tianming was a famous general. It was true that as the disciple of Ao du, Touba Hong had shown a lot of courage and gathered good deeds recently. However, Ba Tianming thought that Touba Hong couldn’t be his equal because of few martial arts tricks.

Ba Tianming laughed for a while when the scouts reported that Touba Hong didn’t escape but stayed back to defend the town. What was the point of having a defensive war in the grasslands of Western Cloud Empire? Moreover, Ba Tianming believed that it was just a wishful thinking to believe that Touba Hong would be able to build tall walls around the Wuhe town in a short period of time. Nevertheless, Ba Tiangming praised Touba Hong’s skills when he saw the walls for himself.

Ba Tianming was confident that even these walls wouldn’t be able to withstand the attacks of his troops. It was much better for Ba Tianming as he believed that he could capture Touba Hong alive.

Touba Hong was arranging people to stay over the night as patrols but Xiao Yu was against his plan. Xiao Yu said: “Let them sleep and rest. The enemy wouldn’t attack such tall walls on first day.. It would be lame to attack.”

In order to build the walls Touba Hong had used everyone in the town to dug soil, make mud and so on. As a result, no one had rested properly for days. In addition, the walls weren’t perfect either. There were loopholes here and there. The mud bricks weren’t dried either.

The first night of the confrontation passed in silence without any side attacking each other. The next day, Xiao Yu arranged people to continue to build the walls that were half made. Moreover, Ba Tianming didn’t send people to attack too. He sent people to bring materials to make ladders for the siege. At the same time, Ba Tianming sent troops to surround the Wuhe town in order to prevent Touba Hong from escaping the place.

Ba Tianming had brought 10,000 cavalry men with himself as he believed that there would be a quick frontal battle. However, it would be impossible to finish the war in hurry. Ba Tianming knew that Touba Hong wouldn’t be able to gather too many people in short time. So Ba Tianming would carry out several attacks and consume Touba Hong’s strength.

Xiao Yu wasn’t worried much when he saw the enemies don’t take the initiative to attack. He continued to repair and build the walls. He made sure that the people added few more layers from inside for better protection.

“Can your force protect us from these many people?” There was doubt in Touba Hong’s tone as he asked.

Xiao Yu would always answer that 3000 troops were coming to support Touba Hong. However, at the moment Ba Tianming had 10,000 elite cavalry units by his side. Most probably in the next few days the number of the enemy troops would increase by few times. Touba Hong believed that it would be very hard to protect Wuhe town afterwards.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Do you know how many bandits were sent by Subaru to attack Lion city?”

Touba Hong asked: “How many?”

Xiao Yu said: “More than 100,000.”

Touba Hong asked: “More than 100,000.. How many people did you have?”

Xiao Yu replied: “A bit more than 10,000 and we decimated the bandits… ”

Touba Hong raised his eyebrows as he listened to Xiao Yu. There were very few times in history when such a feat was accomplished. However, Touba Hong was considering if Xiao Yu had lied to him until now.

Ba Tianming’s troops made a lot of ladders in a day. Moreover, 20,000 more troops came to join Ba Tianming.

“General! The Emperor have sent shamans and two thousand wolf warriors to assist you! I hope that you will be able to capture Touba Hong alive!” The commander reported to Ba Tianming.

“Shamans and 2000 wolf warriors? His Majesty wants me to capture Touba Hong in one attack… I’ll get Touba Hong alive!” Ba Tianming was happy when he saw that the emperor have sent shamans and wolf warriors to assist him. These two units were secret troops of the empire and wouldn’t be dispatched very easily. Both of these troops had terrifying strength when it came to battle.

Touba Hong jumped up when he heard the howls of wolves at night: “It’s bad! They have brought wolf warriors!”

Xiao Yu was sleeping in the same tent with Touba Hong. He rubbed his sleepy eyes when he heard Touba Hong talk: “What are these wolf warriors? Are they werewolves?”

Touba Hong shook his head: “They aren’t werewolves.. You should know that the totem of the Western Cloud Empire is a wolf. Our people dedicated a group of men to wolves. These men use drugs to nurture the wolves into killing machines. The hearts of the wolves and these men are interconnected so these men can control the wolves. Moreover, the size and strength of the wolves are much bigger than an average wolf. A single wolf warrior can kill dozens of elite cavalry men. A thousand of them are more than enough to deal with a troop of 10,000 elite cavalry units.”

Touba Hong’s face turned ugly as he spoke about the wolf warriors.

“Oh? Special units? I’m quite interested in these wolf warriors. I have to check them tomorrow.” Xiao Yu didn’t mind the arrival of these new troops.

Touba Hong shook his head in a helpless manner: “You haven’t seen the power of these wolf warriors… You would never be so calm if you had seen them in the battle. I had seen them in the battle when I was young and they had left a deep impression. I believe that even second-rank warriors aren’t their opponents… Only 3rd-rank warriors can contend with them.”

“So powerful?” Xiao Yu touched his nose.. He wanted to see who was more powerful… These wolf warriors or his Raiders!

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