WOWFRD – Ch 251

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Chapter 251

Xiao Yu was very happy after the agreement was signed. It meant that both Sky Lion Dynasty and the Western Cloud Empire would justify the ownership of his land.

Actually, it was a political move from Sky Lion Dynasty’s side to throw such a big pie at Xiao Zhan Tian. They had given the territory but it was more like a tomb. There were bandit groups that had lived in the territory for long time. Moreover, there wasn’t a proper border division with the Western Cloud Empire. The place didn’t belong to Sky Lion Dynasty to begin with.

Now, Xiao Yu had cleaned off the bandits from the Lion Territory and Western Cloud Empire would admit that the territory belongs to Xiao Yu.

Lion territory was a huge place including the Ankagen Mountains. Once Xiao Yu got proper control of the area then he would have terrifying power in his hands.

“I still need people… I have to develop policies to make migrants to move into my territory.” Xiao Yu understood that he had to work on different policies so that people form the different parts of the Sky Lion Dynasty would move into his territory.

Moreover, since he got the agreement with Touba Hong then he had to his best to help Touba Hong keep Wuhe town and stabilize the situation first before unifying Western Cloud Empire.

In addition, situation wasn’t optimistic at the moment. Foror was working on building walls and fortifying the Wuhe town from all sides but Touba Gui wasn’t sitting idle either. The rumors that spread from the Imperial Capital was that Touba Hong had worked together with the fake emperor and killed the real emperor. Touba Gui was aware that he didn’t have the upperhand so he was trying to win the hearts of the people by spreading favorable tales about himself. As a result, constant information disregarding Touba Hong’s actions were spread right and left. Some even began to believe that it was Touba Hong who had rebelled against the emperor. If many people kept saying the same thing then it would become the truth.

At the same time, Touba Gui had sent troops to join Touba Hong and then kill him. It was a proof that Touba Gui was already on way to the Wuhe town. Touba Hong was recruiting soldiers but there was no time to prepare an elite army. Touba Gui had already controlled the veins of the army for a long time so it was possible that Touba Gui had sent undercover people to work for Touba Hong.

Xiao Yu and Touba Hong came up with a lot of ways to deal with such actions. They were trying to change the opinion of the public. If they stood by then the propaganda released by the Touba Gui would make Touba Hong into a criminal.

The most outstanding and justifiable countermeasure that Touba Hong could come up with were the words of the late emperor.

It was the reason why Xiao Yu had hired a lot of bards and let them sing the songs and tales of the bloodshed that had happened in the imperial capital.

Xiao Yu personally wrote the scripts as he described the late emperor’s last actions. He added many dramatic things that he had seen in TV dramas and wrote about heroic actions of Touba Ye to protect the empire and throne. Moreover, Xiao Yu described Touba Gui as a villain whose private life was in question. (like Touba Gui was a gay..)

Xiao Yu knew that there was nothing bad with his exaggerations. He wanted to describe Touba Gui as bad as possible. However, the description had to be on a level where people would believe his words and they would hate Touba Gui more and more. Neither Touba Hong nor Ao Du were able to do such things. They could command armies or work in political environment but Xiao Yu was expert when it came to propaganda. He had watched television for two decades and could come up with unlimited scenarios that would move the crowd.

After some time, Xiao Yu saw that the bards he had hired weren’t enough so he hired a group of troupes to make plays for public. Even Ao Du admired Xiao Yu’s actions.

This day Xiao Yu sent a team of thousand bards for propaganda but a troop came into the Wuhe town to join Touba Hong. Touba Hong checked the leader of this group. He wasn’t a fool and knew that it was possible that this man was bought over by Touba Gui. At the critical moment, this man and his troops wouldn’t help but even deal damage to his side. Actually, Touba Hong was having headaches while dealing with this kind of people. He couldn’t put too much trust to the leader of the group as they may be the enemy. While they may leave the place if they felt that Touba Hong didn’t trust them.

On this occasion Xiao Yu grabbed the commander of the team and put the axe on his neck: “I’m sorry but I gotta do it.. To be honest I’m not sure whether you are a loyal man or someone sent by Touba Gui but some things have to be done… Now, you will separate your troop into different teams and integrate into Touba Hong’s army. If you don’t do it then I will kill you and take over your troops. The late emperor has given a decree and Touba Hong is already the emperor. We don’t need more leaders in here as we have the emperor.. now make your choice.”

This rogue method of Xiao Yu solved the awkward problem that Touba Hong was facing.

Xiao Yu was making all the soldiers watch new plays ever day. ‘Battle at the Imperial Capital’ was written by Xiao Yu too. This play highlighted the heroism of Touba Ye and shameless betrayal of Touba Gui. Xiao Yu was brainwashing the soldiers on daily basis.

The commanders of these soldiers were separated from them. It would be very hard for Touba Gui to buy out each soldier one by one. Moreover, Xiao Yu was brainwashing them which made sure that the soldiers would stand on their side.

Some of the commanders resisted Xiao Yu’s rogue method but Xiao Yu killed them on spot and declared that those commanders were traitors. He told to soldiers that they were deceived by these commanders. He told them to stay loyal to the real emperor, Touba Hong. Slowly these soldiers were integrated into Touba Hong’s army.

Both Xiao Yu and Touba Hong were aware that some of the killed commanders were loyal to Touba Hong. However, at situations like these the sacrifices had to be made.

The walls around the periphery of the Wuhe Town were finished after dozen days. The walls were made out of mud bricks but they looked majestic and tall. At the same time there were tens of thousands of people who had gathered in the Wuhe town. Although they weren’t soldiers but they could take arms to fight at any time. Touba Hong selected some trusted people to manage and command these people.

At the same time, a cavalry man rushed into the Wuhe town and went to the tent where Touba Hong was staying. He knelt down: “Majesty! Touba Gui’s army is about hundred miles away from here.”

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