WOWFRD – Ch 25

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Chapter 25

Xiao Yu looked at the barracks while he pondered about what type of troops to produce and how many of them. It was a big problem. The barracks could produce Footmen, Dwarven Riflemen, and Knights. Xiao Yu knew that he had to defend the Lion town once more so he couldn’t find a place for Knight’s yet. But it was undeniable that the Knights were the best warriors from the Human race.

Xiao Yu was aware that if he went after powerful bandit groups then they will have cavalry. So he will have to fight against enemy groups that will have an advantage over them. But the limits military prowess was a huge problem for him. As a sergeant, he could only summon 1000 warriors and he had to make sure that they would be viable and useful in the upcoming war.

“I’ll give up on Knights for now. I’ll produce Grunts, Footmen, and Riflemen. I can summon Knights after my rank goes up. At that stage, I could just summon 1000 knights and charge through anyone. If the grunts follow the knights then I can directly annihilate any formation.”

Xiao Yu made up his mind. He understood that cavalry played a great role in the battles of this world. They could instantly destroy the formation of the enemy. If he sent grunts after them then the victory would be in his hands. As a result, he paid for 300 more grunts. The main force of his army were grunts. He had 200 archers and decided not to waste resources. Because archers were weak at close-combat and their long-range support was limited in range.

Xiao Yu could produce 200 more warriors. So he decided to get 100 footmen and 100 riflemen. He decided to produce footmen because in comparison to grunts they had shields! The footmen could play an important role during a war. They could suppress the attack of the enemy or could protect the rear of the army from archers.

As for riflemen, Xiao Yu pondered for a while before making up his mind. They were totally different than elf archers. First of all, the dwarves weren’t as ‘delicate’ as elves. So their close-combat ability should be much stronger. In addition, the power of rifle should be much better than the bow and arrow. The rifles could pierce through the heavy armored units of the enemy.

It didn’t take long before a footman came out from the barracks. Xiao Yu was aware of the stats of Grunts so he didn’t go to the orc base to see the grunts being produced. Instead, he stayed to see footmen and riflemen.

Xiao Yu was excited when the first footman was summoned. The man had a burly body, held a huge shield and a sword. The footman stood in front of Xiao Yu and shouted: “greetings master!”

The footman wasn’t as tall or as strong as a grunt. However, the physical quality of the footman was definitely first-class! The footman was 1.80m tall and had a symmetrical burly body. Xiao Yu was aware that the standard of the footman was high above the normal soldiers he had met up to now. The soldiers in his base couldn’t even be compared to the footman standing in front of him. However, the next moment Xiao Yu’s mouth began to twitch in shock as he carefully observed the shield and sword of the footman.

“Damn it! Even the armor, shield and swords used by the bandits were much better in quality than this! The shield turns out to be made out of wood inlaid by iron on the sides. And the sword! It’s a scrap metal! The armors that I seized from Carrie’s army was much better in quality!”

Xiao Yu sighed in helplessness. He knew that it was an expense that he had to pay for. The system was playing around with him.

Xiao Yu ordered the human blacksmith shop to produce armor and shield for the footmen. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was surprised once more because the costs of a human equipment were twice as high for an orc! The armor of orcs covered only key parts of their body but the human equipment was a masterpiece. Xiao Yu regretted his decision to produce footmen. If he had known about this in advance he would have chosen to produce grunts!

Fortunately, he had ordered 100 footmen to be produced. Otherwise, just the cost of the armors for the footmen would have depleted his 200,000 gold coins.

At the same time, a rifleman came out. Xiao Yu felt funny looking at the dwarf. The beard of the dwarf almost dragged down to the ground. He was holding onto his rifle as he came to stop in front of Xiao Yu and shouted even louder than an orc: “Greetings Master!… Do you have wine?”

Xiao Yu’s impression of the dwarf was very good when he saw him first. However, the last question made him want to kick the dwarf in the ass.

“Shoot at that tree so that I can see what you are capable of.” Xiao Yu wanted to know the strength and accuracy of the rifleman. He wanted to compare them to the elf archers.

Rifleman nodded: “Yes, master.”

Rifleman took out a small bag and pulled out a small round ball from it. Afterward, the dwarf stuffed the ball into the chamber of the rifle. He pulled back the powder and turned to face the tree.

Bang~ A loud noise echoed. A hole was made on a stone next to the tree.

“Master…my level is relatively low so my shots aren’t very accurate.” Dwarf scratched his head as he said in an embarrassed manner. Xiao Yu was stunned. The rifle was aimed at the tree and hit the stone! Moreover, the dwarf was too honest to admit his problem!

“Ok.” Xiao Yu couldn’t accept dwarf’s accuracy after seeing elf archers in action. Soon, he understood that it was part of the advantages and disadvantages that the system gave. The strength of the firepower was strong but the accuracy was low. It was just way too silly. The dwarf could aim at the soldier and kill the general next to the enemy soldier.

In addition, there was a drawback. The loading speed of the rifleman was too slow. An archer was at least four or five times faster in action when it came to speed. In addition, the rifle used by the dwarf was the oldest possible rifle made in the history of mankind. Xiao Yu was aware that the rifles could be upgraded but he didn’t know the specific level to which he could upgrade them to. If the rifle reached to be AK47s then he could just equip the riflemen with them and sweep through the world.

“I have to change the rifles.” Xiao Yu was in pain. But he had a lot of money so he didn’t care much.

Although there were many shortcomings of footmen and riflemen he knew that they were very useful in some cases.

In addition to humans, he had to buy armor for the elves. It was more urgent to equip elves with better armor than humans or orcs. The elves were too weak. They could be killed with a knife!

Xiao Yu tried to discuss the issue with Tyrande to change leather armor to ones of better quality. But Tyrande didn’t even listen to him. She told that those vulgar armors could only be worn by dirty orcs or humans! Noble elves will not wear such stuff!

Grom was so enraged that he almost pulled out his sword to fight with Tyrande. Xiao Yu persuaded them not to fight.

Archmage was also dissatisfied with Tyrande but he wasn’t as hotheaded as Grom. However, Xiao Yu knew that Archmage’s level was low so the old fritter would show his fangs when he gets enough strength.

Even so, Xiao Yu was aware that it was impossible to make Tyrande apologize. The elves were way too ‘noble’ for their own sake.

Xiao Yu spent a lot of money to increase the level of armor and weapons of the elves. The new armors were still made of leather but their defense had increased a lot.

The level of Tyrande’s bow was raised and her range of attack increased. Afterward, Xiao Yu found out that his 200000 gold coins were almost depleted.

He built a human blacksmith shop, Elven Hunter’s Hall, and Voodoo Lounge. He was planning to buy potions from the Voodoo Lounge to heal the seriously injured soldiers. Several grunts were seriously injured in last castle defense and were still lying in the burrows.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was depressed to find that even the Voodoo Lounge was limited by a level. At this point, he could only buy two potions. First was a healing potion and second was mana potion.

Moreover, there was a cooling time of each purchase and he could buy only 10 bottles of healing potion and mana potion per day. Xiao Yu cussed at the system as he had to send Grom to buy 10 bottles every day.

But Xiao Yu forgot about his complaints when he saw the potion sprayed all over the seriously injured grunts bodies. The wounds healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. The bodies of the grunts didn’t have much strength after the healing but the wounds weren’t there anymore.

“It is simply the spring of life! I will get lots of money if I sell them… HaHaHa…” Xiao Yu was excited.

Xiao Yu decided to construct an Arcane Vault. However, the system told him that the items that he could buy were shared all over the races. He almost burst out in anger. After this Xiao Yu was left with more than 2000 merit points. He wanted to get either orc Demolisher or elven Glaive Thrower. He knew that heavy weapons will be brought against him the next time.

After some thought, Xiao Yu decide to purchase Glaive Throwers. The Glaive Thrower fired giant crescent-shaped blade which rotated. It could divide in half a group of enemy soldiers. This kind of visual impact was much more impressive to break the morale of the enemy.

Xiao Yu ordered 100 of them at once. He was planning to put all of them on the walls of the Lion town and demolish the troops of Carrie.

But he was informed that he could only buy 2 of them as he didn’t have enough money. Moreover, at this point, he couldn’t get more than 10 Glaive Throwers or similar equipment. He began to cuss at the system until the Glaive Thrower was produced.

Xiao Yu was shocked when he saw the Glaive Thrower in action. Grunts put the blade which weighed about 60 pounds on the edge of Glaive Thrower. They started the trigger and the huge blade was fired out.


The blade cut down all three within 50 meters.

“Awesome! It’s just the first level. It would be much more impressive after I upgrade it!” Xiao Yu was so excited that tears came out. He could go against Carrie’s army even if he had only 10 of them!

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