WOWFRD – Ch 249

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Chapter 249

Foror was leading the people to build the walls for the Wuhe town. It was very difficult to find large stones and rocks close to this area so they were making walls from soil. Moreover, even if they found out large stones it would be very difficult to build large walls in short period of time. Foror was using simple soil to build the walls. They were turning soil into mud and add rice husks and straws into it to form extremely thick mudbricks.

“Mudbricks…” Xiao Yu nodded as he looked at Foror.

Xiao Yu was from a rural place back in earth. He had seen people make mud bricks in his past life. It was extremely simple to make them and those mud bricks were very durable. Although they weren’t as strong as stone bricks but a few layers of mud bricks was more than enough to block and resist collision from the enemy. It would be impossible for them to break through that wall.

In the ancient China, some border cities were using mud bricks to construct walls. This way the bricks were made very rapidly and sturdy enough to withstand sand and erosion.

Foror had found this method of making mud bricks from the engineering book. In the book, there were special materials that were added into the formula to make the mud bricks much more sturdier. This way they could build walls for the Wuhe town in short time.

In addition, Touba Hong’s troops weren’t much. Xiao Yu was best at defensive war too. He only needed solid walls to fight against even 10 times the size of his troops.

“So your real name is Xiao Yu… Lord of the Lion territory.” Touba Hong smiled.

Xiao Yu had told the truth as there was no need to hide his identity from Touba Hong anymore.

Xiao Yu smiled: “At the beginning I didn’t have any kind of relationship with the people of the Western Cloud Empire so I hid my identity.. But now we are allies and in the same boat. There is no point in deceiving you. I have sent messenger to my territory so that they will send a troop to help you in the early period of resistance. However, I won’t help you to annihilate touba Gui. It has to be done by you as I have my own problems back in Sky Lion Dynasty. ”

Touba Hong helplessly shook his head. He didn’t respond to Xiao Yu as he had to rely on Xiao Yu and Xiao Yu was the most reliable ally he had.

Moreover, Touba Hong believed in Xiao Yu’s sincerity after he learned about Xiao Yu’s identity as the lord of the Lion territory. Touba Hong understood that Touba Gui would attack Sky Lion Dynasty after unifying Western Cloud Empire. The first to suffer in that scenario would be Xiao Yu. It meant that Xiao Yu wouldn’t spare any help to help Touba Hong to gain a strong foothold to confront Touba Gui.

“How many people will be in that troop?” Touba Hong asked.

Xiao Yu replied: “3000.”

“Just 3000?” Touba Hong almost jumped up from his seat: “What is the use of 3000 troops? Xiao Yu, you have to understand that I’m going to fight against a large army. What’s the use of 3000 additional troops? Can’t you bring more people?”

Xiao Yu sinisterly smiled: “3000 is more than enough.”

Xiao Yu had planned to mobilize this forces: 1000 orc warriors (including the orcs from Ankagen Mountains), 100 riflemen, 50 hunters, 500 Batriders, 50 Kodo Beasts, 150 Shamans, 50 Witch Doctors, 600 Raiders, 50 Mountain Giants, 300 Druids, 500 elf archers (all of these archers are from Ankagen Mountains) and 150 Hippogryph riders.

Xiao Yu was aware that his territory wasn’t safe either. He couldn’t bring all his troops as he had offended a lot of people. He had to leave at least half of the warriors summoned from the bases back in his territory for protection.

Xiao Yu had mobilized Cairne, O’Neal, Raul and Maiev while Thrall and Uther stayed back. Uther could add strength to thousands of soldiers while Thrall was a remarkable leader who could lead the force to victory.

At the same time, Xiao Yu had left Ceaser and other heroes back at home so that he could be sure of victory in case of aggression by an enemy.

He had mobilized all the Raiders to Wuhe town because in the grasslands of the Western Cloud empire the Raiders were the best units. He had asked for Druids of the Talon to upgrade their strength. They were magicians and were excellent in defensive warfare. They could use the cyclone or turn into crows.

He sent for Maiev because he wanted her to level up too. Right now, Maiev was only level 9. Arthas who was killing beasts had reached level 13 too.

Maiev wasn’t suitable for open battlefield but Xiao Yu believed that she would reach level 20 soon if she stayed here with him for a few months. At first, Xiao Yu believed that MAiev wouldn’t be as useful as Grom or Cairne in the battlefield. However, MAiev had single-handedly killed at least 10 times more than Cairne or Grom when they had attacked Solomon’s territory.

Maiev’s performance wasn’t dazzling on frontal attack. However, she was exceptional killer when the enemy troops began to disperse. Because of her rapid mobility se could run through hundreds and kill each enemy without slowing down.

Now, Xiao Yu had Tyrande around him but she was a long-range, support type hero. In fact, she wasn’t the best choice for a bodyguard. However, Maiev could kill assassins who lurked in the shadows.

Touba Hong had announced to the people of the Wuhe Town that Touba Gui had rebelled. He told everyone that he was the rightful emperor of the Western Cloud Empire and they had the choice to give allegiance to him or leave the town.

Everyone didn’t react the same way to the shocking news. Some of them chose to leave to join Touba Gui while vast majority stood behind to form a temporary army to fight for Touba Hong.

Touba Hong had an exceptional reputation in the Western Cloud Empire. He was known as a rightful and brave prince. Moreover, some tribes came to join Touba Hong which made it possible for him to form an army in the Wuhe Town.

They were having food problem because of the people that joined Wuhe Town. Fortunately, Xiao Yu had thought about this problem long ago. He had long ago sent people to buy resources and store them in the town. There were a lot of food in Red Beard’s lair but Xiao Yu and rest had burned them out. Nevertheless, they had more than enough money to buy food.

Xiao Yu used money to buy grain and rice from the Lion territory too. He wasn’t taxing farmers in his territory for some time. The farmers had a lot of resources in their warehouses and they were happy to sell those extra grain and rice to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu and Touba Hong were discussing the battle plan when Xiao Yu looked up. He found out that a person had appeared in the room out of sudden. The man was wearing an ordinary white robe. It looked simple and clean. He seemed to be middle-aged but his hair was white. Nevertheless, there was no wrinkles on his face. It was smooth and delicate. Xiao Yu hadn’t noticed when the person had come to the room. Neither Xiao Yu nor Touba Hong would be able to react if this mysterious person wanted to kill both of them.

Xiao Yu had cold sweat flow down his spine when he heard Touba Hong’s voice: “Master…”


I had posted it in discord so gotta let you guys know too. My uncle died three days ago and I’m going to be a bit busy until tomorrow.. The release rate will be back to normal in a day or max in two days..

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