WOWFRD – Ch 248

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Chapter 248

Touba Gui was furious as he sat on the throne. He had the highest possible title in the Western Cloud Empire but there was no trace of happiness on his face. His original expectations and the current situation were two totally different situations. The ministers that had given their allegiance to him and the commanders of the imperial palace guard were all killed. The transition was planned to be peaceful as those people would advocate Touba Gui’s claim to the throne. However, now there would be people who would inevitable follow Touba Hong. There would be chaos for a while as Touba Gui’s aim was to attack the Sky Lion Dynasty and unify the continent after sitting on the throne.

A middle-aged man was standing not far away from Touba Gui. He was wearing a special costume with a crown engraved on it meaning that the man was the imperial historian.

“Do you know how this matter will be engraved into the pages of history?” Touba Gui asked in a cold tone as he looked at the Imperial Historian.

The man stepped forward and bowed: “Emperor, everything is written down.”

“Oh, how did you write it down?” Touba Gui didn’t expect that the historian would come up with a good excuse to hide the real situation in such a short notice.

The middle aged man brought forward a small notebook.

The imperial historians were responsible to write down the the Annals of History and record the major historical events of the empire. Touba Gui took the notebook and opened it. He looked down and the next moment his hands trembled. Touba Gui was furious.

“Bold! Guards… Behead him!” Touba Gui shouted.

There were only 5 words in the notebook regarding the incident.

Touba Gui killed the emperor!

“Call the deputy historian.”

Touba Gui shredded the notebook in fury as he called the deputy historian to talk about the details.

The Imperial Historians were familiar with the situations inside the Imperial Court so they knew more than one way to cover everything.

The Deputy Historian came in to the hall and bowed.

Touba Gui asked: “What do you think of today’s incident?”

The historian was aware of his superior’s fate when he was called in by Touba Gui.

He stepped forward and offered the notebook to Touba Gui: “I’ve recorded everything.”

Touba Gui opened the notebook: “Touba Gui killed the emperor!”

“Behead him!” Touba Gui went crazy.

“Summon another historian.” Touba Gui roared in rage.

The third historian was more than aware of the destiny of previous two historians when he was summoned in. He didn’t talk as he handed out his notebook.

Touba Gui’s hands trembled when he saw the same 5 words on the notebook: “Touba Gui killed the emperor!”

Touba Hong was standing on top of the tallest building in the Wuhe Town and watching the sunset. There was sadness expressed on his face. He didn’t know the reason but he felt sad out of nowhere.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Yu asked.

Touba Hong shook his head and smiled: “It’s like something feels out of place… ”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Don’t think too much.. Wuhe town’s defense is good. We will be able to compete with Touba Gui.”

Touba Hong nodded: “My master got the message. He will be going to Imperial Capital to help my father… I hope he will be able to save him…”

Xiao Yu patted Touba Hong’s shoulder and tried to comfort himt: “Since master Ao Du is going to rescue your father then the emperor will be fine…”

Touba Hong helplessly shook his head: “Not necessarily… Tiger(fake red beard) said that there are several sixth-rank masters who have been nurtured to deal with my master… All what I can do now is to pray to God of Earth to bless my father…”

Xiao Yu listened in silence. He had already sent people back to Lion territory to check the situation. He would mobilize a team to help Touba Hong in Wuhe town if there was no crisis in the Lion territory.

Xiao Yu was aware that the pressure would be the greatest at the early days of the rebellion. After Touba Ye’s death the target would be the other princes. Touba Hong was the most promising prince out of all so Touba Gui will aim for Touba Hong’s life.

Xiao Yu was planning to help Touba Hong to block the attack at him and slowly help Touba Hong to gather a strong army. Afterwards, Xiao Yu would withdraw from the battlefield and let Touba Hong act on his own.

Touba Hong was a man of talents. Xiao Yu was planning to make Touba Hong stabilize his footing and get rid of Touba Gui in the future to become the next emperor.

However, Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to strongly support Touba Hong. He didn’t want Touba Hong to quickly get rid of Touba Gui. There was no benefit to Xiao Yu if the Western Cloud Empire was united.

The most favorable situation to Xiao Yu was chaotic Western Cloud Empire. This way, that mysterious force wouldn’t be able to attack Lion territory. At the end of the day, the mysterious force was supporting Touba Gui so Xiao Yu had to support Touba Hong.

A days passed. Foror was leading the work force that worked on enhancing the defense of Wuhe town. It had become a huge city in short time. A group of cavalry men rushed into the Wuhe town as they had brought message.

These people found Touba Hong. They knelt in front of him and addressed him as ‘Majesty.’

Touba Hong stepped back in shock when he heard the word. It meant that his father was dead. The cavalry men told Touba Hong about the details of the incident in the Imperial Capital. They told Touba Hong the way Toube Ye lead the Western Camp and fought Touba Gui in decisive battle. Moreover, they informed Toub Hong about Touba Ye’s last words regarding Touba Hong becoming the emperor.

Touba Gui had blocked the Imperial Palace but there were people who were able to escape and deliver information to other forces. Moreover, there were several shadow guards who were able to survive the massacre. It was easy for them to leave the city.

Touba Hong burst into tears as he shouted out: “FATHER!”

He remembered the tall man who raised him and told him that he would become a great warrior when he grew up. Touba Ye had many sons but Touba Hong was his favorite. He couldn’t make him the crown prince because of the political reasons. Now, at the collapse of his rule this great man had declared to the whole world that Touba Hong would be the next emperor. Touba Hong was clear that Touba Ye didn’t choose to escape so that he could pave the way for Touba Hong.

Touba Hong was silent for a long time. He shouted out as he stood on the tallest building: “Father! I won’t let you down! I’ll make Western Cloud Empire prosper better than any other time in history! I’ll become the greatest king of Western Cloud Empire!”

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    1. Greatest king implies the best there was. Emperor usually means they have to be amongst the biggest nations or conquer some nations one way or another, or rule over a nation that had already conquered nations.

      True, his father was emperor, but that might’ve been more due to his own efforts.

  1. why is that the MC dont get expirans from all this shit he do
    kill 200.000 like dayly
    concer the soloman and outher staff
    at first he got like some wan he defand know he kill but no more???

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