WOWFRD – ch 247

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Chapter 247

Touba Gui was perplexed when he saw the majestic entrance of Touba Ye. There was no fear of death in Toube Ye’s looks. Toube Ye was a real hero. Touba Gui couldn’t retreat as he couldn’t allow Toube Ye to gather more troops. He had to kill Toube Ye and claim the throne for himself.

Touba Gui was upset about the situation. He had calculate all these things for long and he had even thought about a justifiable scene where he would become the new emperor of the Western Cloud Empire. He didn’t know how Touba Ye had got the news about the situation. Toube Ye’s actions had disrupted his plans.

Moreover, Touba Gui admitted that Toube Ye was a ruthless person. He had killed all the ministers, chancellors and vassals in the banquet without flinch of an eye. This way, Touba Gui wouldn’t be able to control the empire easily. Chaos would erupt in different parts of the empire.

“You are a fake emperor! You have imprisoned the emperor and relied on your similar look to His Majesty to control the nation! Don’t obey this fake man! He is fake! He hasn’t only imprisoned the emperor but have killed all the ministers! If you are loyal to the emperor then you will join me and kill this fake emperor!” Touba Gui wasn’t a pushover either. He came up with verbal argument on spot.

Touba Gui was aware that he would be known as a traitor in case he confronted Touba Ye the way situation was right now. It was unfavorable for him. Moreover, once Touba Ye agitated and controlled the soldiers then Toube Gui would be defeated. After all, the soldiers were loyal to the emperor and empire above anything else.

The reason behind Touba Gui’s speech about real emperor being imprisoned but not killed was to give a hope to the soldiers. If he said that the emperor was killed by the fake emperor then the others would suspect that he was telling a lie.

“HaHa… Touba Gui, you say that I’m a fake emperor! Naïve! If I was a fake emperor how could I know that you have a birthmark behind your thumb. You were ashamed of this birthmark since the young age and have done everything to hide it from everyone. How can I know this if I was a fake emperor? If I was a fake emperor then how do I know that there were only ten soldiers from the Western Camp that were personally chosen by me to protect myself while a hunt! I was angered and smashed a glass with a wooden box and cancelled their rewards… If I was a fake emperor then how do I know that a soldier called Tang Hu from the northern camp helped me when I accidentally stumbled during walk in the camp… ”

Toube Ye saw through Touba Gui’s tactic. He immediately began to loudly tell about the secrets only the emperor knew. Moreover, the people involved in this secrets were one way or another members of the army. They could come out to testify his words at the moment.

“Haha … So if I was the fake emperor…then when did I began to act as the emperor? When did you discover about it, Touba Gui? When did you know about this fact? Why would I want to rebel? Who had instructed me?” Toube Ye loudly shouted as his powerful and sonorous tone echoed around.

Touba Gui couldn’t cope up with Toube Ye as he hadn’t prepared in advance for this kind of rhetorical talk. Moreover, many soldiers began to testify about Toube Ye’s claims.

“Well! You can come up with many clever ideas but you can’t hide behind the fake identity! Get him! Kill this fake emperor!” Touba Gui saw that he wouldn’t be able to reach a result by wrestling words with Toube Ye. So he ordered his underlings to attack as a last resort and finish everything.


Touba Gui’s specially trained underlings rushed out and charged towards Touba Ye to kill him.



The shadow guards jumped from behind Touba Ye to confront the people who tried to attack Touba Ye.

“Touba Ye, if you weren’t planning to usurp the throne then how come you have so many strong people by your side? You are no one.. You aren’t even a real prince! Why do you have so many powerful people by ur side? Soldiers! Look out! I’m your emperor and Touba Gui is trying to overthrow me to claim the throne.. What would you do now?” Touba Ye shouted out.

Touba Gui saw that Touba Ye was trying to drag him down to chat so that he could earn time for himself. He sent more strong people to kill Touba Ye.

The soldiers from the Western Camp shouted out as they went along to block the people trying to kill Touba Ye. As the members of the four camps it was their duty to protect the emperor.

“Emperor’s brother is trying to kill him! Protect the emperor!” Some soldiers from the Northern camp saw the unusually strong soldiers charging at Touba Ye.

Even some low level commander were aware of the situation. They knew that Touba Gui was a prince on name only. How could such a man come up with counter-attack in such a short time?

Nevertheless, vast major of the soldiers chose to wait and see. Most of them couldn’t decide for themselves if Toube Ye was a real or fake. On the other hand they were restrained by their commanders. Their hearts were in chaos as they didn’t know which side to help.

“We have vowed to protect the Emperor! We are the four camps! We were born to be loyal to His Majesty! What are we thinking about?”

The soldiers saw that the strong men sent by Touba Gui were killing the people who tried to guard Touba Ye. Those guards were using their flesh and blood to protect Touba Ye.

The people sent by Touba Gui were very strong. There seemed to be even a sixth-rank warrior within them. Touba Ye would have died long ago if not for the shadow guards.

There were also two sixth-rank assassins within the Shadow Guards who were nurtured since Toube Ye’s father generation. However, those two shadow guards were surrounded by several fifth-rank and sixth-rank warriors.

puff~ Puchi~ Puff~

The soldiers and shadow guards were killed one by one. However, Touba Ye didn’t retreat even for a step. He rode his horse forward as he fearlessly looked at Touba Gui.

“He is the Emperor! Brothers kill these black cloaked people! Show your loyalty to the emperor!” The people from the Northern camp rushed out to protect Touba Ye. However, few magicians appeared by Touba Gui’s side. They chanted spells which killed a lot of normal soldiers. Shadow guards were killed one by one as they were outnumbered too.

“Haha … Touba Gui! It’s possible that I’ll be killed today! But you will bear this monarch’s death! You can’t escape from this forever! I will die but my son Touba Hong will come for revenge! Moreover, after my death, Touba Hong will be the successor to the throne!” Touba Ye shouted out loudly. He suddenly pulled his sword and cut off his own neck.

The emperor of the Western Cloud Empire died in his own hands.

The soldiers cried out loudly when they saw Toube Ye make a suicide. They wanted to rush towards Touba Gui to kill him but some of them choose to retreat in a quiet manner. They were the ones who hadn’t forgotten Touba Ye’s words. They should spread the word that Touba Gui had usurped the throne and support Touba Hong.

Touba Gui’s face was pale as he looked at the scene. Everything was a big mess. Touba Ye had died but it wasn’t going to be easy to solve the problems that would arise after Touba Ye’s public death. Moreover, it would be very difficult to silence the voice of the dissonance even if he sat on the throne.

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  1. This was confusing. Names were mixed, terms for armies were tossed here and there, the battle was broken and uneven… Please get an editor… They don’t just check for red squiggles (typos), but also keep the story in tact and the flow consistent…

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