WOWFRD – Ch 246

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Chapter 246

Touba Ye led the guards and commanders into the Western Camp of the Imperial Capital. There were 10,000 elite soldiers stationed in this camp.

“Where’s the commander of the camp?” Touba Ye loudly shouted as they reached the entrance of the camp.

“Emperor … The leader isn’t present but deputy is in here.” The soldier’s voice trembled as he replied to Touba Ye.

“Summon him! Order all the soldiers to gather as we are going to fight against a rebellion!” Touba Ye added.

The soldier was confused as he didn’t know what was happening. However, he ordered the other soldiers to act according to emperor’s order.

Touba Ye rushed into the camp’s center with others.

The soldiers knelt down when they saw Emperor’s yellow colored banner. Touba Ye shouted as he ride his horse: “All the soldiers! Mount your horses! There is a rebellion in the imperial capital and we are going to kill the insurgents!”

The soldiers were shocked but quickly reacted because of their long time training. They found their horses and followed after Toube Ye.

Soon they reached the commander’s barrack.

“Deputy Chi! Come out!” Toube Ye shouted.

A tall man came out from the barrack. Normally, he was a domineering man but now he was acting very cautious as he looked at Toube Ye.

“Deputy Chi greets emperor.” Chi didn’t kneel down but bowed because of his armor.

“Do you still dare to call me emperor? I have ordered all commanders who have more than 100 people under them to come to palace. Why weren’t you present?” Toube Ye stared at Deputy Chi.

“I didn’t receive orders.” Deputy Chi replied.

“You didn’t receive the order… Was the imperial messenger killed? Soldiers! Did you see the imperial messenger get into the camp?” Toube Ye shouted.

“YES!” the soldiers responded.

The soldiers didn’t know the gist of the issue. But because their loyalty they followed Touba Ye’s orders.

“Deputy Chi, did you hear that? Do you have anything else to say?” Toube Ye loudly shouted.

Deputy Chi was sweating as he listened to Toube Ye.

“Emperor! Forgive me! Please give a second chance for redemption!” Deputy Chi knelt down to beg.

Toube Ye snorted when he saw the situation: “All the commander who have more than 1000 people under themselves. Come out!”

These commander came out.

Touba Ye looked at these commanders: “Shadow guards kill them!” the Shadow Guards flashed past and killed these people without giving them chance to respond.

“You all may think that my action are weird. Why would I kill my own commanders?! I will tell you know! Prince Touba Gui is planning a rebellion to usurp the throne! He has already bought vast majority of the imperial guard commander in the capital. If you see any of your commanders act suspiciously then kill without asking a question.. kill them as if you are killing for me!” Toube Ye shouted as he looked at the soldiers.

“We vow our allegiance to his Majesty the Emperor!” The soldiers shouted out which created an imposing momentum.

Toube Ye’s eyes lit up as he looked at the soldiers. He had cared for the army for years and now these soldiers were willing to die for him.

“If … If I die then don’t stop the fight! Find different ways to get out and seek Prince Touba Hong! He is the future emperor of the Western Cloud Empire. Be loyal to him!” Touba Ye knew that it would be very hard to fight against Touba Gui even if he integrated soldiers. He was giving more bargain chips for his son.

“Did you hear me?” Toube Ye shouted once more.

“YES!” The soldiers replied in a firm tone. They were all selected from young age and were the best soldiers of the Western Cloud Empire. Someone being able to kill their emperor was like mocking them to their faces. What kind of soldiers they were if they couldn’t protect their own emperor? These soldiers had good lives for many years. The people admired them. It was all because of the treatment from the emperor.

However, now their leader had abandoned the emperor. The emperor needed them and it was time for repayment.

“Follow me!” Toube Ye took the 10,000 soldiers left the Western Camp to the Northern camp. However, his fortune wasn’t as good as when he marched into the Western Camp. Actually, Touba Ye wasn’t planning to escape from the Imperial Capital. He knew that Touba Gui would have people from all 4 camps under his control. In case, Toube Ye choose to run from the imperial capital then he would be hunted and overtaken soon. Then he would be killed like a homeless dog in the grasslands. This way, Touba Gui will be able to pass the news that Touba Ye had died and he could take the throne. However, by fighting and dying in the Imperial Capital Toube Ye could make others know that the emperor was killed and the next person to succeed him would be Touba Hong. This way the people of the empire would follow Touba Hong and not Touba Gui.

Although Toube Ye wasn’t aware about the details of the conspiracy to usurp the throne but he could guess that Touba Gui was planning to make sure that Toube Ye faced a quiet death. Afterwards, Toube Gui could kill few princes and control the other ones. This way Touba Gui would be able to inherit the throne in a justifiable manner. Most of the ministers, chancellors and vassals were already controlled by Touba Gui so it wouldn’t be a big problem for the transmission of the power in a peaceful manner.

This way no one would even know about the coup and change of power. Toube Ye had decided that he wouldn’t let Touba Gui to succeed. He would die but he would let everyone know that Touba Gui was a king slayer.

“Haha… Touba Gui, do you have balls to meet me?” Touba Ye was fearless as he marched in front of his troops.

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