WOWFRD – Ch 245

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Chapter 245

Everyone was shocked by Touba Ye’s words. They knelt down to show their disobedience to the emperor. Touba Ye coldly looked at these people.

Some of the ministers looked at each other and winked. It seemed as if they knew that some kind of new information have changed the emperor’s mind. Moreover, Touba Ye understood the reason which had made him feel uneasy recently. He was clear that the information in Touba Hong’s letter was true. He felt pity that his dream of becoming the greatest king of kings of this age wasn’t going to be accomplished. It wasn’t in his destiny. However, he had a son who was outside the imperial capital. The son who was aware of the situation and could confront the problem. He couldn’t become the greatest king but his son had a chance.

Touba Ye looked at the noisy ministers, vassals and chancellors but he felt as if he was in harmony and silence. He turned to look at maids and guards which were behind him. Touba Ye could see the panic in their eyes. It was as if they had seen a ghost! It seemed as if the secret that they have kept for years have been exposed.

“Touba Gui, you have replaced all the people around me for many years.. but do you think that I’m an ordinary man?” Toube Ye secretly whispered in his heart.

He was an emperor who wanted to make a difference. However, his hands and legs were binded right now. The only thing that he could do now was to clear as many obstacles as he could for his son Touba Hong to inherit the throne.

“I don’t need disobedient people… If the situation has come to this then none of you need to live.” Toube Ye spoke out as if he was fierce beast.

Everyone present was surprised Toube Ye talk in that manner. Touba Ye looked at the guards on all sides and shouted: “Behead all of them!”

Touba Ye didn’t know how many people had betrayed him and he didn’t have time to check who had betrayed or not. So he was going with a simple decision. Kill everyone! This way the empire would become chaotic and Touba Hong would have a chance. Otherwise, Touba Gui was going to take over the throne and Toube Hong wouldn’t be able to resist.

The guards heard the emperor’s order but no one stepped forward.

“Aren’t my orders taken into account in here?” ‘Touba Ye was furious as he looked at the guards. The guards were shocked as they looked at each other. The emperor’s actions were beyond their expectations.

Touba Ye understood the whole mess he was in as he looked at the guards who didn’t reply to his orders. Normally, they would implement his every order without hesitation. They would execute the order even if they knew that the emperor’s order was wrong.

“Shadow Guards!” Toube Ye whispered.

A group of people appeared near Toube Ye’s side.

“Shadow Guards report to the emperor.” These people that appeared by Toube Ye’s side whispered in a silent tone.

“These guards aren’t listening to my orders. What about you? Did you hear my orders?” Touba Ye asked.

“We heard.” Shadow guards replied.

“Then … execute it.” Touba Ye added.

The shadow guards jumped into the hall like cheetahs. They were like tigers that got into flocks of preys. They killed ministers, vassals and chancellors one by one in a swift manner. There were generals among the ministers and chancellors. However, they were caught in an unexpected situation where they couldn’t react on that instant. Toube Ye was the current emperor and they hadn’t any orders about killing Toube Ye. Those generals didn’t know what to do. Nevertheless, the daggers of the Shadow Guard pierced through their hearts and killed too.

Shadow Guard were made of orphans who were taken in at very young age and trained to be perfect assassins. They would only listen to Touba Ye’s commands. Each of them was a fifth-rank assassin.

“Toube Ye! Do you think your tyranny would last for long? Do you think you will be able to sit in that throne for long?” One of the ministers shouted out in despair when he saw the imminent death he was facing.

“Haha … You have finally admitted it. I don’t know how long I will be able to sit in this throne but this empire won’t be controlled by Touba Gui! Western Cloud Empire belongs to my and my children and no one can take it away!”

“This … ” The man realized that he was wrong. A moment after this speech a dagger penetrated his chest and killed him.

The Shadow Guards killed everyone including the guards and maids in the hall.

“Your Majesty, we are done with them.” The Shadow Guards knelt in front of Touba Ye.

Toube Ye shook his head: “We aren’t done… Fortunately, Touba Hong is not in the imperial capital.”

The guards outside the hall rushed in when they heard the commotion. They saw the dead bodies all around the hall. They knelt in front of emperor: “Your Majesty, we are late. Forgive us!”

Toube Ye’s eyes lit up as he looked at these guards: “I’m not blaming you. Assassins appeared out of nowhere and killed everyone. I would be dead too if not for the timingly appearance of Shadow Guards! Pass my command to everyone. Every commander must come to the study hall in 10 minutes. If they don’t appear then they will be killed!”

The guards shouted in unison and went away: “yes.”

Touba Ye understood that not all the guards were bought or controlled by his brother, Touba Gui. Nevertheless, he didn’t know how many people Touba Gui controlled. He had an opportunity and Touba Ye was going to make the best of it.

“Do you think that you will be able to kill me so easily?! I won’t let you have your way even if I die…” Toube Ye murmured.

All the commanders within the palace were in study hall of Toube Ye in ten minutes. All of them were killed by Shadow Guards. Touba Ye could only choose to kill everyone as he knew that he couldn’t determine who was on whose side. Moreover, these commanders could lead the normal guards to rebellion. There was no way for the guards to make a perfect rebellion without their leaders. Ordinary guards were all in dark and didn’t know what was happening. So their first choice was loyalty to the emperor if there were no commander to direct them.

Touba Ye took control by himself. He didn’t need commander to show him how to battle. As a prince he had been to many battles.

“Inform everyone in the empire! Touba Hong will ascend to the throne the moment I die. There is no need for rituals or commemorations. It’s an imperial order!”

After getting rid of commanders within the palace Toube Ye decided to kill the commanders of the imperial capital. However, the palace was a big place and the information regarding the situation within the palace was already leaked to outsiders.

In half an hour the commanders (100 man and more leaders) of the imperial capital were in the palace. Only 20 percent of the commanders were there. Toube Ye laughed when he saw these people: “I believe you are still loyal to the empire and emperor! Now, its time to follow your emperor the kill the enemy in the battlefield!”

Many commanders who controlled part of the army that protected the imperial capital weren’t present. It meant that Touba Gui had ordered them not to attend Toube Ye’s call. Otherwise, why would they defy Emperor’s call?

“Follow me!” Touba Ye shouted as he mounted his horse.

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