WOWFRD – ch 242

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Chapter 242

“Come out you sissy… Come out and fight me..” Xiao Yu continued with curses and scolding for more than 10 minutes. His spits flied off to hit the statue.

“Motherfucker… Don’t you have balls? Come out! It’s you and me… Let’s do this.” Xiao Yu continued to curse in a loud manner. He was doing his best to agitate the statue. Actually, after a while the statue began to tremble a bit.


The statue exploded out of blue and the rubbles flied around. The room was covered light because of the sudden flash of explosion. However, after a while everything turned calm once again. Nevertheless, the creepy feeling in the room had diminished. It seemed that this place had turned into an ordinary room once again.

“Fixed it.” Xiao Yu patted off the dust over his clothes. His cursing and scolding can be considered on a godly level as he was able to even make a god to blow himself up.

Suesha was speechless as she looked at the scene. At the beginning, Suesha felt like her soul was sucked by the eyes of the statue. She involuntarily wanted the statue to control her. It was a weird feeling. However, that had changed when the statue of this mysterious god blew up.

Xiao Yu went out of the secret room as he had to deal with 20,000 bandits that would come back to the base. He knew that it wouldn’t take long before the 20,000 bandits would be back and there would be a hard battle.

Xiao Yu and the rest of his team searched around to find lots of crossbows, catapults and ballista. He was going to use the weapons of bandits to deal with them.

At the same time, Touba Hong was rewarding the escorts and adventurers with large amounts of money for their service. Touba Hong knew that he was going to face a huge crisis in the near future so he was trying to win minds and hearts of as many people as he could with generous rewards. There were few groups who criticized Touba Hong’s distribution of wealth but most of the people agreed with his methods.

The escorts and adventurers began to get ready to defend the place as they knew that bandits would be back too. They were aware that all the treasures that they got tonight would be lost if they didn’t kill 20,000 bandits that had gone to attack the Ratchet town. Touba Hong made arrangements for the adventurers and escorts to stay on patrol during the night while the others rested for the battle that would happen the next day.

Xiao Yu informed Touba Hong about the mysterious force backing the bandits. Moreover, he told Touba Hong about the statue that he found in the secret chamber in the administrative hall. In addition, Xiao Yu informed him about his own analysis of the situation.

Touba Hong wasn’t going to confront the usurper but an extremely powerful force who was planning to claim the Western Cloud Empire for themselves. It was obvious to Xiao Yu that the next step in the plan would be to control the Lion territory as his territory would be the passage for the people from the Western Cloud Empire to attack the Sky Lion Dynasty.

Moreover, Xiao Yu didn’t know how many people in the Sky Lion Dynasty were under the influence of this mysterious force.

Xiao Yu now understood the reason why this mysterious force was backing Solomon. It turned out that they had the exact same idea as Xiao Yu. These mysterious people were aware of the strategic location of Lion territory.

“Damn it! They dare to use my idea to overthrow me.” Xiao Yu was furious as he thought about the situation.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was glad that he had visited Western Cloud Empire and he was fortunate enough to pull a man such as Touba Hong as an ally to himself.

He could make chaos in Western Cloud Empire for a while by using Touba Hong. This way it would take some time to unite the Western Cloud Empire.

“It’s bad luck! I thought I got rid of Solomon and I can breathe easily for a while… It seems I won’t have time to rest.. Life is way too hard.”

Touba Hong found a ledger while they were searching through the documents. In the ledger there was records of lots of treasures in a secret chamber. However, Touba Hong couldn’t find anything in the secret room. He knew that Xiao Yu was the last person to come out of that place. It seemed that Xiao Yu had an interspatial rings… But so many treasures couldn’t fit into a single interspatial ring.

Were the records in the ledger false?

It was afternoon of the next day when the scouts informed them that the troop of 20,000 bandits were coming back.

Xiao Yu and Touba Hong were on the wall of the lair as they began to deploy people for the battle. In fact, Xiao Yu was the god of defensive war. He had a brilliant record. Although he didn’t have units from the bases but he could still rely on strength of the escorts and adventurers to win a victory.

“They are coming back! If you want to keep your treasures then you must obey my orders! Get into rows! If anyone disobeys the orders, retreats or disrupts the morale of others then they would be killed!” Xiao Yu shouted loudly.

The troops listened to Xiao Yu and admired him a lot as the previous attack to the bandit lair was successful without any casualties.

Touba Hong looked from the side. He sighed in his heart as he believed that he was looking at a real commander. Fortunately, this man was his ally.

“Open the gates! The gates!” It was almost evening when the bandits reached back the lair. Their leader shouted when they passed through the magic formation.

However, they were greeted by rain of arrows. It was like thousands of locusts were buzzing and jumping together. The arrows were like tsunami waves that hit the bandits.

Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Ah~

Screams echoed out… Thousands of bandits died within moments.

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  1. “His cursing and scolding can be considered on a godly level as he was able to even make a god to blow himself up.”. Who needs magic to destroy enchanted God statue, when one’s cussing is powerful enough

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