WOWFRD – Ch 241

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Chapter 241

The bandits were mad and furious when they learnt that Touba Hu’s name was used to diminish their morale. However, it was to late as they had laid down their weapons. The escorts and the adventurers had encircled them.

The slaves were released by Touba Hong in an organized manner so that they could leave back to their homes. Some members of the caravans had tried to rush in and snatch the treasures but Xiao Yu’s knights and footmen had blocked them. Anyone who dared to act without orders would be killed.

Touba Hong once more announced in front of everyone that the treasures would be given as rewards to everyone and no one would be treated unfairly. The ones who tried to create chaos to take advantage would be killed on spot.

Touba Hong was a prince who had come here for righteous cause and Xiao Yu and elite troops. So no one wanted to go against both of them.

This army that Touba Hong had come with wasn’t a disciplined army and couldn’t act like one. It had to be noted that Xiao Yu and Touba Hong had exceptional ability to control and direct such an army.

It was Xiao Yu and the people close to him who went in to check the treasures first. Touba Hong began to control the situation outside until Xiao Yu finished with his job. Moreover, Touba Hong was trying to be as generous as he can towards Xiao Yu so that their alliance would get into much better situation. In addition, Touba Hong was more convinced after this battle that he needed Xiao Yu’s skills.

Nevertheless, Touba Hong didn’t know that Xiao Yu had so many interspatial rings.

“This… no… Put away.. Leave the common stuff to others.” Xiao Yu ordered Leah, Deron, Suesha and others to loot the treasures. They were dazzled by the wealth within the warehouse.

“Sire, there is a secret room.” Foror ran over to talk to Xiao Yu. The goblins were proficient in the construction so it was very hard to hide such a room from them. It was the reason why Xiao Yu had brought Foror with himself.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Lead the way.”

Foror brought him to a corner: “Master, the entrance is here but I can’t find the switch to open it.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Switch? Forget keys and switches… Move away.” Xiao Yu took out few iron bombs and put them near the entrance.


A loud sound echoed as the entrance was blown into bits.

“HaHaHa… I’m unbeatable.” Xiao Yu patted off the dust from his clothes.

“Yes…Yes…Master is very wise.” Foror was sucking up to Xiao Yu. (This foror acts more like gollum)

Foror found out that Xiao Yu held many secrets as he followed after Xiao Yu. The more Foror learned about the secrets the more he knew the strength of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu didn’t rush in after the entrance was blown. It was obvious that there would be many traps through the passage so they had to be careful. Instead, he ordered Grom to grab a large stone and throw it inside.

All the traps that were inside the passage were activated one by one.

Foror admired Xiao Yu’s actions more as he checked Xiao Yu’s decision making. It seemed that Xiao Yu’s methods were barbaric but they were effective.

They walked through the passage and reached the secret chamber.

“Motherfucker! So many things… I had robbed all the bandits in the Lion territory but they didn’t have this many treasures.. I’m rich suckers.” Xiao Yu smiled form ear to ear.

“Use the interspatial rings.. Get everything!” Xiao Yu shouted out.

Xiao Yu didn’t care about the treasures in the warehouse after he saw the things in the chamber. He planned to leave those in the warehouse for the caravans and Touba Hong. After all, Touba Hong would need money to build an army.

Hundreds of interspatial rings that Xiao Yu had were all filled in. Actually, he threw out useless stuff into the secret chamber.

“Money…Money… I would be having a motorole in one hand, a landline on another, a smartphone on the other… Damn it… so much money.” Xiao Yu almost wanted to dance.

Xiao Yu ordered Foror to look for other places to see if there was another secret chamber like this. He wasn’t getting close to normal treasures anymore.

After a while, the people saw that Xiao Yu and the rest came out from the warehouse empty handed. There were no bags with them.

They didn’t know that Xiao Yu had almost removed a mountain of treasures.

Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at Touba Hong: “Brother… I got what I want.. Now, you will be responsible for the distribution of wealth… I will go to their administrative hall now.. Maybe there are useful information there.”

Touba Hong nodded after hearing Xiao Yu out.

Xiao Yu entered the administrative hall. He checked some documents and analyzed them.

Foror was able to find another secret chamber in the administrative hall.

This time Foror was able to find the switch to open the entrance to the hall. There was no need for Xiao Yu to bruteforce themselves in.

They walked down the passage into a very dark room. There were torches along the passage but it felt like they were entering hell.

Xiao Yu thought that there would be treasures inside the chamber but he was disappointed after they reached the end. There were nothing valuable. In the center of the room there was a tall statue and nothing else.

“Fuckers.. Is it their God? How come I don’t know it.”

The statue must have been the god these mysterious people prayed upon. However, it seemed as if the statue was shrouded in darkness. It was covered in all black and only its eyes were visible.

It was only a statue but it seemed that those pair of eyes were magical and observed the place. Xiao Yu and Suesha came in first. Suesha couldn’t help but curled up when she saw the eyes. However, Xiao Yu didn’t care much about the glance of the eyes. This God of the mysterious people would be really furious if he saw that Xiao Yu looked at the statue with disdain.

Xiao Yu searched the whole place. He even looked under the feet of the statue. He saw that there was nothing special in the room so he walked up to the statue and looked into its eyes with interest.

“Hey! Hello! Can you hear me? If you can hear me then say hello to your mother in my stead.” Xiao Yu ridiculed the statue as he held the Arcanite Reaper over his shoulder.

At the same time, the pair of eyes glowed and two beams shot out towards Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu raised the Arcanite Reaper to block pair of beams and reflect them back.

“Motherfucker! Are you a real god? Why would you try to use such despicable means to attack me? If you have balls then come out. I, your father, will fight you here and now!” Xiao Yu pointed towards the statue as he cursed more and more. He was sure that the statue couldn’t harm him so he just went on to curse without fear.

This god would have arrived long ago if it could move. Moreover, this god wouldn’t need underlings to control the continent if he could do it on his own…

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