WOWFRD – Ch 240

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Chapter 240

The black cloaked magician was also a third-rank mage. He relied on his powerful magic and believed that he would be able to kill Xiao yu in a very short time. However, he understood that it would be an impossible feat when he saw Antonidas.

“Who is that mage? Why is so skilled? Moreover, he has summoned three water elementals who shot icicles very rapidly.. Is this ancient magic? It’s impossible to do such a thing with modern magic.” The magician was shocked. He was a peak third-rank mage and it was obvious that Antonidas was a novice third-rank mage. But Antonidas’s attacks were much powerful than him. There were 2 reasons for this. First, the skills used by Antonidas were very strong. The second reason was that Antonidas had limitless mana reserve because of the mana potions. In addition, he had a T2 armor set, a magic necklace and other things which made him more powerful.

Touba Hong’s army had already killed most of the bandits by this time. Most of them were killed while some raised their hands to surrender.

It was Xiao Yu who had come up with the idea to use Grand General Touba Hu’s name in this battle. He wanted to destroy and diminish the will of the bandits so that they didn’t resist Xiao Yu and Touba Hong. In addition, the heavy cavalry units were ordered to stand in front of the army to intimidate the bandits.

The plan had worked. The bandits believed that it was the real army of the Grand General Touba Hu. Otherwise, how could have they lost in Ratchet town? It had been decades but no one had ever been able to infiltrate their lair!

It had to be noted that the great deal of psychological damage was done due to Touba Hu’s name. Xiao Yu had learned the names of the important figures of the Western Cloud Empire and had used this to his advantage at the critical moment.

Grand Marshal Touba Hu and his army was one of those untouchables in the Western Cloud Empire. Actually, Touba Hu’s name was equal to Xiao Zhan Tian’s name in the Sky Lion Dynasty. It was said that at one point in time both Xiao Zhan Tian and Touba Hu had fought against each other.

Touba Hong had tried to oppose this idea at first when Xiao Yu came up with the plan. Touba Hong believed that using such a despicable trick was same as insulting the Grand Marshal and his army. Moreover, Touba Hong believed that he would have to face serious consequences if this thing was shared with the public.

In addition, even if Touba Hu let go of the matter, his officers and soldiers wouldn’t sit by. They would never sit idle when someone else had dared to use their name and reputation. Moreover, the ministers of the empire wouldn’t allow such an action too. Those ministers would come together to crush Touba Hong. In short, Touba Hu was an extraordinary man who had a strong presence in the empire.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was able to smoothly dismiss Touba Hong’s concerns. He had said back then: “Dude, your empire is almost finished. Who cares about dignity of a general and his army? There won’t be such an army if the empire has changed hands…”

Touba Hong had changed his mind after xiao Yu’s words. He understood that they were in a critical intersection and Touba Hong couldn’t back down now. He need the wealth of the bandits to develop an army and confront the usurper. Otherwise, everything would be over and Touba Hu’s name or reputation wouldn’t matter by that time.

As a result, the flags and banners of Touba Hu’s army were made. The adventurers and escorts held them up as they shouted slogans and entered the bandit’s nest. The trick used by them would be seen through if it was daytime. The banner was broken. It was just made out of sheepskin. Forunately, they entered the base at night. Moreover, Xiao Yu had set fire in the lair before the army’s advance. The place was in chaos. The morale of the bandits were at ultimate low when Touba Hu’s name echoed throughout the lair.

Xiao Yu laughed as Arcanite Reaper was held next to black cloaked magician’s neck: “Don’t even think about resistance.. Otherwise, I’ll be testing all my torture methods on you. I will strip, cut your waste, crack your bones, cook your flesh and feed it to you, use needles on your body, poison, saw your body parts, break vertebrae, inject lead, cut your intestines and so on.. In short you will get the whole deal!”

The magician took off his mask as he looked at xiao Yu. The man’s face was very pale.

“Why have you degenerated like this? Whose lackey are you?” Xiao Yu asked.

“Haha … Who the hell do you think you are? Do you know who we are? Do you know who is behind us? You would have turned mute if you knew everything… Moreover, our God will come to this world to unify it soon… hahaha…” The mage laughed aloud. After a moment blood began to flow out of his mouth and his lifeless body fell down.

“He is dead… And I was classifying top ten torture methods in my mind to test on him… ” Xiao Yu spoke but in his heart he was thinking about these so-called God of this mysterious force.

Xiao Yu was able to perceive few pieces of information from the mage’s words. First, the force behind them isn’t the usurper.. It was obvious that the usurper was just a marionette. Secondly, it was obvious that these people belonged to a cult like organization which believed that their god would come to unify the continent. The third and most important thing was that every mischief in the continent for the last many years has been supported by these people.”

“Their…God… Was he referring to Burning Legion?/// In any case, the other side is representing darkness… I have to act as quickly as possible.. Otherwise, I won’t have enough strength to resist them…”

Xiao Yu was pondering about the issue while Touba Hong stabilized the situation. He came over to pat Xiao Yu’s shoulder: “You are a military genius! I wouldn’t be able to handle this problem without you. I did the right thing by choosing you as an ally.”

Xiao Yu interrupted him: “Stop complimenting me… I said that our alliance is based on benefits.. I helped you to attack the lair because I expected benefits… Now, we have captured the place so I’ll be the first one to pick from the treasures.”

Touba Hong laughed: “I have already promised you so don’t worry.. Take as much as you can.”

An evil smile flashed through Xiao Yu’s face for a moment after Touba Hong’s words…

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