WOWFRD – Ch 24

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Chapter 24

The rest of the bandits began to scatter and try to escape after Ma Tong was killed. But this was a chance for hunters to show their advantage.

Hunters were much faster than bandits as they were riding leopards. Moreover, elf hunters and leopards were simply a perfect match. It seemed as if they were born to ride the leopards. They acted as if riding on leopards was no different than running on two legs.

Hunters were dodging and attacking in a flexible manner and bandits almost couldn’t get a chance to fight back. It didn’t take long for hunters to kill the rest of them. Xiao Yu ordered grunts to collect the armor and weapons of the bandits and take them back to the camp. Grunts were the most competent crowd too for such a job. They even took the underwear of the bandits. Xiao Yu sweated intensively as he looked at orcs who wanted to get almost everything.

Archmage had reached level 4 after the battle. Xiao Yu added the additional skill point to Cone of the Cold skill and it reached level 3. Archmage was going to be more powerful in the next battle.

However, Archmage was too fragile without the Ice Barrier skill. He could be killed by a simple arrow or with a knife.

Archmage’s attacks were very powerful and his attacks were much more productive than Blademaster’s and Tyrande’s. However, the Archmage’s defense was way too fragile. It was the balance that the system had set up. Xiao Yu decided to use the next skill point to make Archmage to master the Ice Barrier. He would cry to death if the Archmage was accidentally killed in the battle.

Xiao Yu took the rest of the orcs and elves to go back to the camp. At the moment, there were about 200 bandits left in the camp. Xiao Yu ordered Grom and grunts to rush into the camp and encircle it.

The bandits on the watchtowers panicked the moment they saw a group of orcs attack their camp. The children cried while women and old were in an utter despair.

Xiao Yu ordered the orcs to control the gates of the camp while he found a high place to stand: “Listen to me! We don’t kill the old nor the women nor the children. I promise that nothing will happen to you as long as you choose to surrender. Moreover, I promise a bright future to all of you as long as you give your allegiance to me, the Lord of the land!”

Xiao Yu thought that he sounded like an evil man who had invaded a village. He had seen this type of scene in movies in his previous life. The people in the village calmed down as they listened to Xiao Yu. 200 bandits put down their weapons as they didn’t have a will to resist.

Xiao Yu coughed twice and raised his chin upwards as he saw the situation get stable: “Folks, I will introduce myself first. My name is Xiao Yu and I’m the Lord of this territory. The orcs are my soldiers and they won’t eat humans unless I order them to do so. So be careful and rest assured.”

Children began to cry when they heard Xiao Yu’s words.

Xiao Yu was proud as he saw his words were effective in subjugating the people: “This land is part of my territory. But that Ma Tong made a bandit group in this land and even captured my people to use as his underlings. It made me angry so I killed the evil called Ma Tong! Right now, this territory belongs to my land and will be ruled under our management.”

Xiao Yu turned sideways towards blademaster. Grom immediately took out and raised Ma Tong’s head to show it to everyone.

Xiao Yu was satisfied when he saw the despair in their eyes. He knew that they had no way out: “I know that most of you haven’t become bandits out of your own will. I know that you were forced to steal and rob! Now, as the Lord of the territory, I assure you that as long as you return back to be part of my dominion then I will exempt you from taxes for the next three years! I will help you people settle down and have good lives!”

Everyone looked at each other with suspicion as they heard Xiao Yu speak. At the end of the day, they couldn’t verify if Xiao Yu was the real deal and whether he would honor his words.

Xiao Yu pointed towards Tyrande and other elves when he saw the expression on faces of the people: “Do you know who they are? They are elves, the nobles of races! Even they have pledged their allegiance to me as I’m destined to the king of kings! Follow me and have bright future!”

The people began to look at elves. They were intimidated by the furious appearance of the orcs so they hadn’t noticed the elves that were using cloaks. People began to kneel down and worship Tyrande when they saw her.

The trick that Xiao Yu used was very effective. People began to trust him when they saw the noble elves stand by him.

Xiao Yu shouted loudly when he saw the situation had turned to his advantage: “Who is the manager of the village? Tell him to come out! I will punish the evil ones and accept the innocent. Report to me who is the evilest one so that I solve out the problem right now and here.”

The manager had just come out from the crowd. The people began to look at him in a resentful manner. Xiao Yu pointed towards the manager: “IS he the worst man in here?”

Most of the people began to nod. Normally they didn’t dare to defy the manager so they nodded in a silence.

Xiao Yu ordered Grom and he chopped off manager’s head.

Xiao Yu was able to carry out his work very smoothly. The people were looking at Tyrande as if they were seeing a goddess. Xiao Yu began to check the valuable things in the camp. The assets in the camp were more than he had in the Lion Town. There were more than 200,000 gold coins and with the extra valuable things that he got he estimated the value of his loot to be around 300,000.

Xiao Yu confiscated the valuable things but didn’t touch the properties of the ordinary villages.

Afterward, Xiao Yu saw the dancers who were taken captive by Ma Tong. The owner of the dancers was killed so these dancers didn’t have any place to go. But as the one who had killed Ma Tong, Xiao Yu had become the new owner. Xiao Yu brought the dancers together and pretended to be a man of honor. He told them that they were set free and could go back to home if they wanted to. Moreover, Xiao Yu was even willing to give them money so that they could go back.

But as Xiao Yu had expected the dancers didn’t want to go back. They knew the fate that was waiting for them once they reached back. They would be sold to someone else.

Xiao Yu told them that they were no longer slaves. They would get a monthly salary if they worked as dancers for him. The female slave dancers couldn’t believe that they got their freedom.

Xiao Yu stressed the part of equal status and freedom one more to the dancers. Afterward, Xiao Yu saw that Tyrande’s loyalty had reached 0 which meant it wasn’t negative anymore. His heart was full of excitement.

He didn’t do it to earn the goodwill of Tyrande. But he had a strong sympathy towards the slaves that was a norm in this world. Moreover, he hoped that the dancers would stay in the Lion town and he would get an opportunity to see them perform. Although he occasionally molested his sisters-in-law he never looked at them as a plaything or slaves. It was against the moral values that he held. The other nobles would misuse the slaves but he couldn’t do it.

Xiao Yu got what he wanted and killed few bandits during the process. He got old, women and children into carriages and went back to his town. He had more important things to do after he got back. He had money which meant he could afford 500 more warriors!

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  1. He chop the major head and go home… Such a writing skill. You know. This novel got a awesome incredible premise. But the writer keep on writing like it’s a bloody dragon ball fanfic! Jesus! I guess Release That Witch make me bad accustomed…

    1. Well, a mayor isn’t really a ‘manager’ lol. The guy was more like an overlord or slave driver most likely. The part that bothers me is how bad the MC is at public speaking lmfao. His speeches sound like they were written by a 5 year old… It would have been more effective if he didn’t give them at all lol.

    1. Nah, he has Chinese MC plot armour – the kind where even the worst person can become an Adonis in the eyes of women.

      “Oh, he molested us again, but he’s strong and handsome now so it’s ok teehee!”

  2. Ughh his “Amazing” speeches sound to cheesy and corny. It feels too “bullshit” lol. “King of kings” your breaking the 4Th wall to us readers

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