WOWFRD – ch 239

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Chapter 239

“Grand General?! Grand General Touba Hu and his unbeatable army!”

It was said that Touba Hu had gone from battle to battle throughout his life and had never faced defeat. He was known as the invincible general. Everyone in the Western Cloud Empire knew about Touba Hu’s fame.

Everyone would feel proud and dignified when they joined his army.

“It turned out to be General Touba Hu! It is no wonder that he was able to capture Red Beard and get in here.” The slaves were excited.

No one would doubt victory when they heard General Touba Hu’s arrival. The slaves believed that the lair of bandits would turn into ruins tonight.

The ordinary bandits were already having their legs tremble when they saw the huge banner of Touba Hu’s army. They had been looting and plundering for years but never had dared to fight against legendary Touba Hu. Facing such a general was same as courting death.

The bald man shouted: “Don’t believe them! It’s impossible for Touba Hu to appear in here! He is in the badlands!” However, his voice couldn’t overcome the noise of tens of thousands of slaves who were shouting in cheers.

The ordinary bandits were fleeing away. Bald man killed few of them to control the situation but saw that he couldn’t stop the trend.

The army was moving forward as a neat heavy cavalry units were arranged in the front row.

“Masters, what should we do now?” The bald man turned to ask the black cloaked magicians.

“Hmmm, how should I know? The enemies have penetrated the base and you haven’t noticed it up to now.. What do you think we can do at this point?”

The leader of the magicians was angry too. He understood that the situation was irreversible. It was impossible to bring people together in this chaotic situation.

They wouldn’t imagine that the enemy would lurk in quietly, ignite fire and break the gates. As magicians they could have had the chance to try to change the situation. But the enemy was using the banner of General Touba Hu which had already given an extraordinary momentum to them. It would be impossible to control the slaves.

“Kill!” At the same time a strong blue light flashed as one of the magicians was split into two.

“What’s happening?” The other mages were shocked. They used magic shield to escape. However, one of them was split into too.

“Assassins! Assassins! Why does assassins use an axe and a sword?”

The mages were surprised when they saw Xiao Yu and Grom. It was first time they had witnessed assassins use an axe and a heavy sword. Originlly, they had used the magic shields to protect themselves while they escaped but Xiao Yu and Grom’s strength had broken through those shields.

“Stop them! Stop them!” one of the magicians shouted out loud. Few men wearing black robes came out of the hall. They were using swords that exuded red light. They waved their swords as they rushed towards Xiao Yu and Grom.

“Motherfucker! They are fourth-rank warriors!” Xiao Yu saw that their strength was high.

The martial arts used by these black robed men were superb. It was obvious that they had gone through special training. In addition, the swords used by them were powerful too. The swords could burn opponents while flames spread from the swords while they waved those swords. The armor used by these people were exceptional too. Nevertheless, both Xiao Yu and Grom were armed well too. They had T2 armor set. Xiao Yu was using Arcanite Reaper while Grom’s sword had reached to level 3 too.

The bald man was furious too. He pulled out his long sword and rushed over towards Xiao yu. However, he was blocked by a shield.

The bald man saw a human warrior using a sword that glowing in purple light and a shield in front of him. Powerful energy fluctuations were rippling out from the sword.

“It’s an epic weapon.” Bald man got greedy the money he saw the sword. He was a fourth-rank warrior and knew that the opponent was a second-rank warrior. He couldn’t let go of such a chance. As a result, he roared and waved his sword as he attacked the human warrior. However, the human warrior used his shield to resist while counterattacked with sword from time to time.

The human warrior was showing exceptional skills in defense. Moreover, a purple glow would appear to cover his body so that the attacks made by the bald man didn’t affect him. The human warrior was Deron. Xiao Yu had given him Quer’Serrar after he was promoted to hero. His strength was low but he was able to block the bald man with use of epic weapon. Quer’Serrar as an epic weapon was one of the strongest weapons from the ancient times meant for defensive war.

One of the mages wanted to chant a magic to attack Xiao Yu but felt a cold dagger penetrate his spine.

“Another assassin?” The mage didn’t understood what had happened. He had just put down the shield to release the magic spell but was killed.

This assassins was Leah. She had reached third-rank and Xiao yu had given her a T2 armor too. Moreover, he had bought her a pair of excellent magic daggers. She could use the Shadow Step too.

Now, only 1 magician was left.

This mage tried to use another magic spell to attack Xiao Yu but a huge icicle shot past and the magic shield covering his body exploded.

The magician turned towards the source of the icicle. He saw 3 Water Elementals standing in rows and shooting icicles as if they were machine guns.

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