WOWFRD – ch 238

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Chapter 238

Xiao Yu didn’t care much about legendary Red Beard not being in the base. He was going to loot all her wealth so sooner or later she would come to find him.

The discussion within the hall continued on. At the end they decided on a sound proposal. They would send 20,000 cavalry to stay in the distance of the Ratchet town while few scouts and spies would check the situation within the Ratchet town. If the strength within the rAtchet city would be too much then the troops would withdraw. Otherwise, they would attack.

They decided to send the troops by afternoon so that they could reach the Ratchet town by the evening.

Xiao Yu and Grom went out after hearing out their plans.

They investigated few more strategic locations and went out together.

“Retreat! Retreat!” Xiao Yu ordered the troops when he came to the location where they were stationed. They moved towards the other side of the mountain.

“What’s going on?” Touba Hong asked.

Touba Hong was surprised when he saw Xiao Yu turn invisible and sneak into the lair. He couldn’t understand what kind of a freak Xiao Yu was.

“They will be leaving towards Ratchet town.. Send someone to Ratchet town to inform everyone to move out of the city. We will be waiting here for the bandits to leave then we will march in.” Xiao Yu explained the situation inside the base and the strategy he had come up with along the way.

Touba Hong sighed after listening to everything: “You are a real genius.”

Xiao Yu was perplexed: “What are you talking about? Even a fool would know what to do.”

20,000 bandits left from the valley after 3 hours. They moved towards the Ratchet town. Xiao Yu smiled as he knew that half of his plan had already succeeded. Most of the bandits had left the lair which meant there were very few inside the base.

“Would I be a man from the modern times if I couldn’t accomplish this an easy task?” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he went towards the lair with Grom.

The bandits didn’t even imagine in their wildest dreams that someone would attack their base. They were the ones to attack for so many years. Therefore their alertness towards any attack was very low.

Moreover, they had sent a large army towards the Ratchet town and they would never expect their enemies to take the first step and attack them.

It took lots of time for a large-scale military operation to be planned. Xiao Yu and Touba Hong’s move was very wise analysis of the situation. Most wouldn’t dare to act in such a manner. After all, they were taking a lot of risk too.

The night was coming as the sky darkened. It was the perfect time for the attack as the bandits within the lair would be relaxing or sleeping now. It was the perfect moment as they were most vulberable.

“Water! GET WATER!…” It wasn’t known who was the first to shout but bandits reacted as the sound of drums echoed within the lair.

It wasn’t a rare incident when some place was burning. It had happened many times over the years and the bandits had come up with many methods to cope up with the fire. However, they didn’t know that this was an arson. The flames had covered the stables. It didn’t take long for the lair turn in chaos as it was very difficult to extinguish the fire and to control the horses at the same time. The horses fled crazily all over and the entire lair was in chaos. Everyone in the Western Cloud Empire used a horse so in the lair there wasn’t one or two but tens of thousands of horses.

The horses trampled the bandits and slaves as the situation continued on.


The horses were like tsunami as they moved from one place to another.

“What has happened?” A tall man with bald heal came out from the administrative hall. He frowned as he looked at the situation.

He couldn’t understand how the fire was burning in the stables. Moreover, the scale of fire had become very large within short amount of time. “It’s best to call out masters for help as we won’t be able to handle the fire.” An underling whispered to the bald man.

The bald man nodded: “I will… Organize the slaves to put off the fire… If they don’t help then throw them inside the flames.”

“Yes.” The underling nodded and left.

The bald man entered the hall and went into a room.

“What’s going on?” A voice echoed from the room.

“The stables are on fire which has caused great chaos and confusion in the lair. I hope masters can help us to put off the fire.. Otherwise, we will face huge losses.” The bald man spoke in a very respectful tone towards these ‘masters’. It seemed as if he was nothing more than a slave in front of them.

One of those masters nodded: “We will come right away.”

It wasn’t long before 4 or 5 people wearing black cloaks came out from the hall. Even their faces were covered with strange black masks and only their eyes could be seen.

These people walked towards the stables. They began to murmur and chant one by one. After a while blue light condensed on top of the stables. The raindrops began to fall and a heavy rain was formed in a short time.

The fire was extinguished in short amount of time because of the heavy rain. The slaves were putting off the small fires here and there with the buckets of water they were carrying.

“It’s them again!” Xiao Yu was shocked when he saw the mysterious black cloaked people. There was a hint of fear in his heart.

“It’s them! It’s these people who support the Red Beard… Most probably they are backing the usurper too.” Xiao Yu was shocked.

He realized that he had to do everything he could to support Touba Hong. The next step would be to attack the Lion territory if the mysterious force was able to control the Western Cloud Empire. The door to the Sky Lion Dynasty was through the Lion territory!

“They are terrifying! Who the heck backs them up? They are present everywhere! I gotta make sure that Touba Hong keeps fighting with them so that they don’t launch attacks on Lion territory.” Many ideas passed by Xiao Yu’s mind. The complexity of the situation was beyond his reach. The usurpation of the throne wasn’t just about Western Cloud Empire but a gateway to dominate the whole continent.

“It’s fortunate that I have summoned warriors from the base… Originally, I thought I have lots of time to develop my forces but it appears I have anything but time… My current strength isn’t enough to resist them.” Xiao Yu ran towards the gates without hesitation.

The attention of the bandits should be focused on the fire.

“Thanks masters.” The bald man bowed towards the magicians after the fire was stabilized.

The mages looked at the bald man for a moment then turned to go back.

At the same time another voice echoed out: “FIRE! The granary is on FIRE!”

Both the bald man and the magicians were shocked. They vaguely understood that something was wrong.

However, they were late to react.

A huge explosion happened by the gates. It was as if bombardments from the ancient times.

“Enemies!” One of the patrols shouted out.

“Go the gates!” The bald man shouted.

At the same time another voice echoed out: “The Grand General of the Empire, Touba Hu, is here! He has captured the bandit chieftain Red Beard and his forces will kill anyone that retorts back!” The same sentence echoed out quite a few times.

“Army? Grand General Touba Hu?” The bandits were shocked while the slaves were excited. The slaves believed that they could be saved if the one attacking the base was Touba Hu.

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