WOWFRD – Ch 235

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Chapter 235

“Do you know the identity of the man?” Xiao Yu curiously asked.

Touba Hong nodded: “There is only 1 person that complies with all these conditions.. But no one would think that he would hide his intentions for so long and make so many arrangements.”

“So if you know the person then go back and kill him.” Xiao Yu replied.

“Do you know how powerful he is now? People like Red Beard work for him as cronies. Can you imagine his strength? Most probably countless nobles are under his command right now. So the option is for him to overthrow the current emperor and get the throne. Even my master Ao Du won’t be able to help.. I can assure you that this man has at least few sixth-rank warrior under his rule.. He will be to get rid of Ao Du easily.”

Red Beard began to talk more about that person who wanted to usurp the throne. Xiao Yu and Touba Hong’s determination was shaken as Red Beard talked. Touba Hong’s face turned ugly as he listened to Red Beard.

Touba Hong understood that this father and son have cooperated diligently for many years to amass a lot of power. Now, the situation was really dangerous.

“Fucking idiot.. still acts so arrogant! Do you think that you will get anything after these people get the throne? You are a bandit.. and a small one at that.. At beast you will be given money and a tribe of 1000 to rule over. Do you think that you will be a general? Dream on! Moreover, it seems I’m getting more inattentive as a captive you are acting way too arrogant!” Xiao Yu pressed the tip of this sword on Red Beard’s chest.

AHH~ AHH~ Red Beard screamed out loud.

Xiao Yu retorted: “Don’t you see that I’m painting? You can’t disturb an artist or the picture will be damaged. I’m engraving a bear on your chest.. You are little panda and it will look very cool to have picture of bear on your chest.” Xiao Yu continued to carve up the picture.

Xiao Yu scratched his head after a few minutes: “I have totally forgotten that it would bleed. Damn.. It was such a good painting.. I will tell you a secret. My childhood dream was to be a painter.”

Red Beard clenched his teeth as he looked at Xiao Yu with resentment.

“Where’s Red Beard’s lair?” Touba Hong asked in a cold tone.

Red Beard clenched his teeth: “Will you let me go if I tell you?”

Touba Hong replied: “I won’t kill you as you are just a small crony… But I won’t let you go immediately… ”

Red Beard saw a glimmer of hope: “I will tell you but you have to make an oath as a prince.”

Touba Hong raised his right hand without hesitation: “I, Touba Hong, as the prince of the Western Cloud Empire swear in the name of the God of the Earth I will follow today’s agreement. Otherwise, let the God kill me. ”

Red beard hesitated for a while: “The lair is in the western part of the Mang mountain.. There are five trees that will lead you to the lair.”

Touba Hong nodded: “I will release you after I repel the rebellion.”

Red Beard snorted: “Even your father, who is emperor of the Western Cloud Empire, is powerless at this moment. What can you do? ”

Touba Hong replied: “It’s what you think.”

Afterwards, Touba Hong asked more questions. Xiao Yu saw that Touba Hong went to the side to ponder about issues. He didn’t want to disturb Touba Hong as he believed that Hong’s mind was pretty messy.

It was Touba Hong who spoke up first: “What do you think I should do?”

Xiao Yu didn’t expect Touba Hong to ask him about solutions. He replied: “You are the prince. Why do you ask me? If… If I help you out then what kind of benefits will you give me?”

Touba Hong asked: “What do you expect?”

“Uh … You know you are in a… very bad situation… You can’t come up with lots of ways to outdo your enemies…” Xiao Yu pondered for a moment but still didn’t talk out his expectations.

Touba Hong took a deep breath: “I can’t give you anything now.. But if I become the emperor then you will get anything that you want. Put forward your conditions and I will promise to do them when I become the emperor.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “It’s not certain that you will become the emperor.. Your promises are wind right now.”

Touba Hong looked into Xiao Yu’s eyes: “I want your support and I want to see if you dare to bet on me… You can’t imagine how much wealth and status you will get if your bet wins.”

Xiao Yu laughed after a moment: “You are an interesting person. Alright, I will make my bet on you. In fact, your chance of winning is quite a lot so let’s not be pessimistic.”

Touba Hong looked at him: “My chances are high? If everything is as Red Beard told us then how can I resist? How can I beat him? I don’t have an idea… ”

Xiao Yu was pondering about the issue on side too. If he handled this matter well then he could get a lot of benefits as the leader of the Lion territory. However, there would be lots of bad consequences if he mishandles the situation.

He wasn’t aware of the new person’s attitude towards Sky Lion Dynasty. It was possible that the usurper may even try to invade Sky Lion Dynasty which meant that the Lion territory would be the first place to attack.

So Xiao Yu believed that he must come with a method to make upper levels of the Western Cloud Empire to fight with each other for a while. It would make them weak and give considerable time for Lion territory to develop.

Now, it didn’t matter who the emperor was. The only way for Xiao Yu to get more opportunities was to split the upper echelon of the Western Cloud empire.

“Look at you man. You want to be the future emperor of the Western Cloud Empire… But look at your appearance. You must take the responsibility and step up for the survival of the empire. I can’t help you if you are in such a state. You are the key.” Xiao Yu patted Touba Hong’s shoulder.

The usurper was in advantage so Xiao Yu had to make Touba Hong create his own faction to confront them.

Touba Hong was surprised when he heard Xiao Yu’s remarks: “You come up with good words but I can’t cheer up because of the situation. I have to kill the man…”

Xiao Yu laughed: “No need to be worried… If the guy had the perfect chance then he would have made a coup by now… Now, first, we need to get to Red Beard’s lair and claim all the resources and treasures. We need that capital.”

Touba Hong nodded.

Xiao Yu continued: “The second thing is that you have to send spies to the capital. You have to understand the situation. You can’t go back personally as you will be monitored or even put into house arrest. We need troops right now.. Do you know what is the best way to seize power? The guns… do you get me? ”

“Guns?” Touba Hong was perplexed.

Xiao Yu sweated as he was speaking about leader Mao’s idea.

“The gun is a code word for army. You can snatch the power with an army. It doesn’t matter whether you are a prince if you don’t have an army..”

Touba Hong believed that he could see a direction after listening to Xiao Yu: “Yes… You are absolutely right. I need an army which is loyal to me and strong enough to confront my enemies.”

Xiao yu continued: “The third thing is to find your master Ao Du. He is a well known person in Western Cloud Empire and his words have weight. You have to tell him to support you. It will be much easier to bring together an army if such a man is by your side.”

Touba Hong nodded once again: “Yes, my master is the biggest bargain chip that I got… I will have a lot of appeal to gather others around me with his help.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “The fourth an the most important thing is you must find an ally… an external supporter. This usurper must have people who support him from outside the Western Cloud Empire… You won’t be able to fight those forces without having your own allies.”

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