WOWFRD – Ch 234

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Chapter 234

Both Xiao Yu and Touba Hong were stunned when they heard Red Beard’s words. Neither of them spoke as they stood silent.

“Haha… That’s why you guys are stupid.. Real Red beard would never let you guys know her true identity.” Fake Red Beard smiled.

“Touba Hong… You know since this guy isn’t real Red Beard then its just useless to keep him. It’s better feed him to my dog. I bought a good dog few days ago but it just likes eating live people. I’m having quite a headache because it doesn’t even sniff the meat of the dead people or animals.” Xiao Yu sighed as he began to check Red Beard’s muscles.

“Hey!  What are you doing?” Red Beard’s face changed when he saw Xiao Yu act this way.

Xiao Yu snorted: “Are you deaf? What’s the reason to keep you alive if you aren’t real red beard? You have been an evil man and I gotta give you a good death.. I can’t just kill you as is.”

“You … you … Real Red Beard will come after you and kill you ten thousand times crueler than this if you dare to touch me!” There was fear expressed in Red Beard’s eyes.

“Cut the crap. Would I catch you if I afraid of anything? The point is my dog likes to eat parts of the living being. Usually, I can arms and legs and throw it to it. It looks and identifies that the person or animal is alive and afterwards it begins to it. So no need to panic or get worried. I’m a pro when it comes to cutting off arms and legs. I won’t let you die as my dog doesn’t like it.” Xiao Yu took out a long sword from his interspatial ring and began to ponder about which part to being with.

“You … you … You can’t kill me! I’m not real Red Beard but I’m the SUBSTITUTE! No one in this world knows about Real Red Beard more than me! You can’t kill me if you want to get information about Red beard.”

Red Beard had killed and tortured countless people over the years. He would feel excited when acting so. However, every man such as him would feel extreme fear when they were facing death.

“Oh? Have you seen the real Red Beard? Didn’t you say that Real Red Beard would never let anyone know his true identity?” Xiao Yu smiled as he put the sword on Red Beard’s shoulder.

Red Beard swallowed a bit of saliva: “No one knows but as a substitute I know more than anyone…”

Touba Hong said in a cold tone: “Even if you stay silent we know that the real Red Beard is a noble… You are nothing more than a puppet who does the dirty job for the real one. ”

Red Beard shook his head: “Red Beard doesn’t belong to aristocratic family from the Western Cloud Empire.. She is a woman.”

“What? Woman?” Both Xiao Yu and Touba Hong responded the same way in surprise.

“What does she look like? Is she beautiful?” Xiao Yu asked.


Red Beard was perplexed when he saw Xiao Yu’s first question about whether Red Beard was beautiful or not. Moreover, the expression on Xiao Yu’s face belonged to a hungry mad man.

“I don’t know.. I haven’t seen her real face but I know that she is very strong. I can’t fight against her for a few rounds.” There was fear on Red Beard’s face as he recalled the experience.

He had seen her in his dreams many times. It wasn’t because he wanted her body but because of extreme fear. It was as if she was a general from Asura.

“A powerful woman! She would be excellent in bed too!… HaHa.. I will give her opportunity to have war with me in bed for 300 rounds.. I’ll show her my Royal 48 style.” (it’s like taking it to the next level)

Xiao Yu seemed to be looking forward to get the real Red Beard and enjoy her.

Touba Hong asked: “You said that you would be a general if you killed me. It means you know the forces supporting real Red Beard, don’t you?”

Touba Hong knew that if the woman wasn’t from noble background then there had to be someone high noble that supported her. Otherwise she couldn’t be running wild in the Western Cloud Empire for many years.

Red Beard’s face changed as he stood silent after Touba Hong’s question. He was aware that the topic was too serious and if he uttered the name there would be very bad consequences.

Xiao Yu waved the long sword and split Red Beard’s shirt when he saw the situation turn silent.

“Let’s just cut him off. We can guess the name of the supporter. There are few princes who aim for the throne and the one who acts the weirdest will be the support. Ain’t that right, Touba Hong?”

Touba Hong nodded: “There are few people who compete for the throne. It’s just.. Hm…

Red Beard was shocked when he heard the conversation between them. He knew that he would be used to feed the dog once his importance was gone.

“No, you guessed it wrong. This person isn’t competing for the throne. He is the low-key one. Actually, he had gathered a lot of strength over the years. All the princes together won’t amount to a problem for him.” Red Beard uttered.

Touba Hong replied: “So you are talking about that person… ”

Red Beard understood that he had made a mistake but it was too late to change anything.

“Yes. It’s not him but his father who had began to think about usurping the throne. They have put their people in official posts and are like a spider web that have covered the Western Cloud Empire… It’s just the empire has been very prosperous and he wasn’t able to get the throne.. But now his son will be able to do whatever he wants… Moreover, real Red Beard was trained by that man’s father!”

Red Beard talked about everything he knew as he believed there was no point to hide anything.

“It turned out to be him.” Touba Hong added. Actually, before he didn’t know the person and just acted so to make Red Beard talk about the identity of the man. But now, he knew who the mysterious person was.

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  1. “Haha… That’s why you guys are stupid.. Real Red beard would never let you guys know her true identity.” Fake Red Beard smiled.

    is this accurate? Her?

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