WOWFRD – Ch 233

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Chapter 233

Xiao Yu and Touba Hong kept fighting against Red Beard. Although Red Beard was a peak fourth-rank powerhouse who could deal with ten third-rank warriors but today he was having problems with these two. Xiao Yu was showing various and excellent skills while Touba Hong as the disciple of Ao Du wasn’t inferior to Xiao Yu either. Moreover, each time Red Beard got a chance to escape Xiao Yu would somehow catch up with him.

By this point the bandits were being brutally killed by the adventurers and the escorts of the caravans. The bandits were the biggest threat to the caravans. And now, the escorts had their chance to pay back for years of misery that they had faced.

Red Beard saw that the situation was irreversible. Few bandits who were close to him rushed towards Red Beard to fight Xiao Yu and Touba Hong so that Red Beard could escape.

“Big Bro! Run! Quick!” These people carelessly attacked Xiao Yu and Touba Hong without thinking about their lives. Red Beard didn’t even reply as he turned to run.

However, Xiao Yu used heroic leap once again to fly up and stop Red Beard. At the same time Xiao Yu whistled loudly.

Red Beard looked at Xiao Yu as they confronted each other once again. This kid had embarrassed him a lot today. “Where the hell this guy had come from? He is so strong.. Obviously he is just a third-rank warrior but can use lots of martial arts.. Moreover, the axe in his hand has to be an epic weapon! Each slash is like hundreds of kilograms of pressure stepping over me.”

Red Beard was an old timer as a bandit and his old problem which was greed popped out at the critical moment. He wanted to get Xiao Yu’s Arcanite Reaper for himself. This distraction made him lose the last chance to escape.


At the same time a loud roar echoed in the battlefield. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t hear it. It was like an ancient beast had awoken from deep slumber. A huge figure rushed through and reached the place where Xiao Yu was standing. His body disappeared once more as it appeared near Red Beard.

Red Beard guessed that it was someone very strong so that he was able to utter such a strong roar. He couldn’t help but regret that he hadn’t fled but rather wanted to snatch Xiao Yu’s weapon. However, regret was useless. Red Beard raised his sword to block the attack of the ‘monster’ that was attacking him.


It was the same skill (omnislash) that was used by Xiao Yu but this time it was much skilled and more violent. This new foe’s strength was only third-rank too but Red Beard felt that this new opponent was a real threat to him. This new man’s body was covered in black cloak. Even his hands were covered with armor. The only thing that Red Beard could see were pair of eyes. Red Beard wouldn’t think that he was staring at a human’s eyes if this man wasn’t standing on legs. It seemed as if he was looking at a powerful monster or beast. The look and expression in the eyes was to fierce and overbearing.

This new person was obviously Grom.

“Who the heck is this? This fury… I have only seen that in the eyes of Ao Du…”

Red Beard was more powerful than Xiao Yu and Grom but he couldn’t outdo their powerful skills. Moreover, he had been fighting for long time and his stamina was depleting. Touba Hong got rid of the bandits and chased up to help Xiao Yu and Grom to cope with Red Beard. He was the true disciple of master Ao Du so he had learned excellent use of the battle energy under Ao Du’s tutelage. He couldn’t exert such great power as Xiao Yu but Touba Hong could bring up the martial arts into the life.

The adventurers and escorts killed the bandits and got closer to see Red Beard’s appearance. Red Beard was a famous bandit who had done great deal of damage over many years. He had the hatred of every single merchant and escort.


Red Beard roared as he refused to surrender even though he knew that he had reached the dead end. Xiao Yu’s Arcanite Reaper fiercly split down and Red Beard was thrown to the ground. Touba Hong quickly moved forward and put his long swords tip to Red Beard’s neck.

“Red Beard?! HMPF! You are our prisoner now!” Touba Hong said in a cold tone.

Everyone was happy and people were praising Touba Hong. He was a prince who personally fought with the villain. A brave man!

“The prince is our hero!”

“Idiot, don’t you know that Touba Hong is master Ao Du’s disciple. How could his martial arts be poor?”

“Ah..yes… It is said that Ao Du have claimed Prince Touba Hong’s abilities to be so good that he would be the one to surpass Ao Du in the future. His future is limitless. That idiot, Red Beard was too arrogant to compare himself with our prince.”

“Prince Touba Hong will certainly be our emperor!”

“Hushh! Don’t say those words out loud or you will lose your head.”

“Yea.. Don’t you know the fierce competition between several princes for the imperial throne?”

Xiao Yu and Touba Hong tied up Red Beard and brought him back to Ratchet town for interrogation. They were planning to go to Red Beard’s lair after learning the location of the place.

“Ha ha ha…” Red Beard laughed without uttering a word during the interrogation.

Xiao Yu’s aim was Red Beard’s treasures since the beginning so he couldn’t wait to get there. Touba Hong’s subordinates were against Xiao Yu’s attendance in the interrogation but they were aware that without Xiao Yu and Grom it would be impossible to catch Red Beard alive. Moreover, Touba Hong wasn’t objecting to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu and rest were at a loss as they saw that Red Beard was laughing without a word.

“Fuck. This guy gone crazy… It seems getting caught have taken toll on his mind… Should we clear the floor using him for the next few days? We can break his spirit before interrogation.” Xiao Yu looked at Red Beard.

“Hahaha… It’s not that I’m crazy because I laugh.. I laugh at you stupidity.” Red Beard looked at Xiao Yu and rest with contempt.

“Stupidity? Motherfucker… You wouldn’t be caught if you had a drop of intelligence.” Xiao Yu had a burning iron in his hand as he slowly burned Red Beard’s beard.

“hmm. You want my lair’s location, don’t you? Do you think that my subordinates will run away because I was caught?” Red Beard faintly said as he was being tormented by Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu responded: “The boss is caught… What do you think your subordinates would do? They will divide the treasures and disperse… So many years… You have accumulated all that wealth and now they got it for cheap while you laugh like an idiot.”

Red Beard snorted: “Did you think that I’m the real Red Beard?”

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