WOWFRD – Ch 232

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Chapter 232

Red Beard had knowledge of heavy cavalry units being stationed in the Ratchet town in advance. However, he didn’t mind their existence as in the Western Cloud Empire no one cared about heavy cavalry units.

But Red Beard didn’t expect the battle turn into what was happening at the moment. Moreover, he didn’t expect that Touba Hong would use heavy cavalry as the trump card.

In addition, he wasn’t aware of Xiao Yu’s strength and command abilities.

The heavy cavalry knights rushed in through the rear side of the bandit groups waving their swords and relying on the armored horses to penetrate through the bandits. (it turned out to be way too dirty translation K )

The charge of heavy cavalry had the huge impact that it was expected to do. The heavy cavalry had the speed and the momentum to penetrate through the rows of the bandits. Actually, if the bandits were arranged in rows then it would be very hard for the heavy cavalry to bluntly charge through them. However, the bandits were dispersed and the heavy cavalry were like the wolves that got into the herd of sheep.

The knights rushed from the ear to the center of the bandits in the blink of an eye. The bandits were in a mess wherever the knights passed through. The horses of the bandits fell onto the ground neighing constantly. The bandits that fell onto the ground were either stamped by the heavy cavalry units or their own horses. The adventurers and escorts from the caravans shouted in excitement when they saw the scene and rapidly tried to take the advantage from this opportunity.

Initially, the bandits seemed to have the upper hand over the city defenders but that momentum was gone. Their strength was greatly reduced as the adventurers and escorts swarmed to kill the scattered bandits.

The speed of the knights was reduced too but there wasn’t any force that could stop their charge. The light cavalry units could do nothing when heavy cavalry units attacked them in this manner. At best, the bandits could use their horses to hide from the swords of the knights. In fact, the bandits were quite flexible. Nevertheless, the bandits could hide from the knights by using their horses. Where would the horses of the bandits hide? The heavy swords of the knights fiercely cut through the horses of the bandits.

The horses would neigh loudly when they were cut by the heavy swords of the knights. They would fall to the ground. This way the horses would deal more damage to the bandits than the knights.

In addition, the bandits were like ants when they faced the heavy cavalry without their horses. For a moment, it seemed that the speed of the knights was reduced. But the knights began to use their sprint skill which was way too crucial in this moment. The bandits would surround the knights to stall their speed but several knights would sprint together to smash through the bandits to continue to move forward.

The knights were like the kings of the battlefield at the moment. The light cavalry of the Western Cloud empire was facing the power and strength of the heavy cavalry which was irresistible at the moment.

There were only 400 knights but they were more than enough to confuse and collapse the bandits. The ranks and rows of the bandits had completely separated. The adventurers and escorts and ordinary population had the advantage after this move. The bandits were going to lose.

Red Beard clenched his teeth when he saw the sight. However, he knew that there was nothing that he could do to change the outcome. Under current circumstances the best thing was to save his own life.

“You are very lucky today. However, don’t think that it is over. You have offended Red Beard and you will regret this!” Red Beard was no longer thinking about killing Touba Hong but planning to withdraw.

Touba Hong smiled: “Do you think you will be able to leave as you wish?”

Red Beard shouted: “I will do whatever I want to do. No one can stop me.”

“really?” A voice echoed from Red Beard’s side. Red Beard was taken aback as he felt a strong force rush down at him. He quickly turned around and raised his sword to resist. A huge slash went down and he was able to block the attack. Red Beard’s hands turned numb.

“Powerful! Who the hell is this? He can exert such power.. Is he a fourth-rank powerhouse too? If he is then it will be dangerous if he couples up with Touba Hong.”

Xiao Yu jumped up from his horse towards the location where Red Beard and Touba Hong were fighting. Xiao Yu understood that Red Beard would be trying to run away but he wasn’t planning to let go of him. Xiao Yu was aware that they had to capture the ‘king’ first.

Moreover, there would be lots of good treasures in Red Beard’s camp which Xiao Yu was most interest in.



Xiao Yu slashed down using the Omnislash skill. Red Beard turned to block him. At the same time, Touba Hong rushed forward by waving his sword. Blue light began to exude from Touba Hong’s sword as if the stars were lightning the night. These blue lights caused big problems for Red Beard. Red Beard felt as if he was entangled in a trap. He couldn’t help but move slowly.

“This prince wasn’t using his full strength!” Red Beard realized that Touba Hong wasn’t using his full strength but trying to drag Red Beard down and wait for the arrival of knights. After defeating Red Beard’s army they would be aiming for his life.

“Gotta go!” Red Beard was uttering these words but he was wrapped by Touba Hong’s strange skill and Xiao Yu was constantly and violently hacking him down. He had to block both of them and couldn’t find a chance to escape.

Red Beard clenched his teeth and turned around. His body began to spin up in lightning speed and countless wind blades began to be thrown out towards xiao Yu and Touba Hong. The wind blades thrown by the fourth-rank warrior was on a level where an average man couldn’t resist.

Xiao Yu used the whirlwind skill to block the attack while Touba Hong waved his sword which seemed to dance and turn into a whirlwind which resisted the attack. Nevertheless, Touba Hong was hit by one of the wind blades. He stepped back almost dozen steps before coming to a stop.

“He is too powerful!” Touba Hong felt his hands turn numb. He knew that he had underestimated Red Beard’s true strength. He wouldn’t be able to dominate over Red Beard even if he used the secret skill to enhance his strength.

“He RAN! We won’t be able to catch up with him.” Touba Hong shouted as Red Beard had taken this opportunity to escape. Touba Hong knew that it would be very hard to find an opportunity to kill Red Beard if they lost him this time.

However, Xiao Yu used the Heroic Leap to jump up and fly over many people to drop down at the direction where Red Beard was running towards.

“Another skill.” Touba Hong was taken aback when he saw Xiao Yu use the heroic leap. After touching down Xiao Yu used the sprint skill to rush towards Red Beard.

Red Beard thought that he would be able to escape as he had taken both Xiao Yu and Touba Hong by surprise with his attack. However, he didn’t expect Xiao Yu to recover so quickly and even sprint over to catch up with him.

Where the heck does he get all this battle energy? What is his body made of, battle energy?

Red Beard was furious when he saw Xiao Yu catch up with him. He had to turn back at the moment as he saw Xiao Yu use another Omnislash to attack him. Red Beard had to stop to block Xiao Yu or he would be killed.

Touba Hong had taken advantage of this situation as he caught up with them too.

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