WOWFRD – Ch 231

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Chapter 231

The fierce battle continued on. More and more people died from the side of the locals as the adventurers and escorts of the caravans went down in heroic way. There was a smile on Red Beard’s face as he looked at the battlefield.

“Kill! Charge into the city!” Red Beard loudly shouted. He knew that the resolve of the escorts and adventurers would be down the moment his men got into the city. Afterwards, they would be able to wantonly plunder the Ratchet town.

The bandits shouted out loudly and waved their weapons to rush into the city. They didn’t care about life or death. For a brief moment it seemed that the outcome of the battle was already set. It was going to be conquered by the bandits soon.

Touba Hong looked at Xiao Yu: “It’s time.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “It’s been a long time since I participated in such a battle.”

Afterwards, Xiao Yu jumped to the perpendicular wall and out to the other side. The knights were waiting for him.

He was using a tall white Pegasus as a mount. He sat on the Pegasus and used the Blessing of the Might on the knights: “Follow after me!”


The knights shouted out as they follow Xiao Yu to get to the gates from the other side.

At the same time, the bandits were able to rush in through the gates and enter the city. The escorts and adventurers were in desperate situation as they tried to resist the bandits. It was going to be very hard to organize a counterattack if the bandits were able to break into the city in masses.

“Kill!” Touba Hong jumped down from the wall. He mounted his red horse and rushed towards the gates.

“It’s Prince! Prince is personally going into the battle! Brothers! ATTACK!”

The adventurers and escorts were pumped up when they saw Touba Hong personally get involved in the battle with a group of elite soldiers.

Puchi~ Puff~

Touba Hong’s horse was like a flame as it rushed through the crowd. It was very fast as it reached the city gate in the blink of an eye. Heads of the bandits flied up any place Touba Hong passed from. He used his long sword like a lightning. Most of the bandits didn’t know how they got killed.

Red Beard looked at the sight from the distance. He murmured: “So he is the culprit. However, you are out now so its time to die…” Red Beard used his legs to kick the horse to move. He rushed towards Touba Hong. The bandit forces behind him followed after as they saw that their leader had chosen to act.

Red Beard knew that if he killed Touba Hong and his troops then he would have the victory. The Ratchet city was the center for the adventurers that passed through this region. This city would have lots of treasures.

Both sides attacked each other. For a moment it seemed as if two huge waves smashed into each other.


A sound similar to an explosion echoed out because of the violent impact.

Touba Hong’s long sword and Red Beard’s sword collided on air for dozens of times. Both of them were very strong and showing extraordinary martial skills. However, it was obvious that Touba Hong’s strength was lacking in comparison to Red Beard. Touba Hong was only a peak third-rank warrior while Red Beard was a fourth-rank warrior. Red Beard was half a step into fifth-rank which made him a fourth-rank powerhouse. It was obvious that Touba Hong was going to lose.

It was the reason why Touba Hong jumped off his horse. On the ground he could use footwork to supplement his exceptional martial skills to parry with Red Beard. Originally, he was planning to use a secret skill to enhance his own strength but as Xiao Yu was here he wasn’t going to do that.

Moreover, his master had told him that he could use this secret skill as a last resort as it had a huge toll on the body.

After seeing Xiao Yu he was no longer planning to use the skill but contain Red Beard until Xiao Yu’s arrival.

Touba Hong was aware of Xiao Yu’s strength. Xiao Yu was only a entry level third-rank warrior but was much more stronger than Touba Hong. The explosive power that xiao Yu could exert was in alarming level too. Touba Hong believed that both of them would be able to get rid of Red Beard with ease.


Both sides killed each other without single thought. Everyone knew that it was the most crucial moment of the battle. Both bandits and city defenders didn’t dare to retain their strength. Actually, there were more forces in the caravans in comparison to the bandits. They were waiting to observe the battle. They knew that once the Red Beard got into the city they wouldn’t end up well.

The battle was in a stalemate. However, the field was full of bodies. Dozens of people lost their lives every second. The casualties had reached 5,000 from both sides. It was clear that the defenders had lost more than the bandits. But Red Beard hadn’t seen such casualties since he had began his career as a bandit.

Nevertheless, it was too late for Red Beard to order his bandits to retreat. There was only one option at the moment and it was to kill. He would lose much more people if he chose to retreat. Moreover, he believed that the adventurers and escorts would lose their willpower after some time.

However, he didn’t calculate appearance of Xiao Yu into his plans. Actually, Xiao Yu and his force was reported to him in the investigations. But he didn’t care much as he was told that Xiao Yu had more than 400 heavy cavalry units. Red Beard believed that the light cavalry units could drag the heavy cavalry units and outdo them without even going into the battle.

Originally, he was right. However, at the moment both sides were fighting each other head on. There was no room to out-maneuver anyone. It was a wishful dream to try to get out of this place because of the battle. Both sides were sucked into the battle.

Everything was going according to Touba Hong’s calculations.

Although Western Cloud Empire didn’t have heavy cavalry but Touba Hong was able to see the role of heavy cavalry in battles such as this. It was the reason why he had done everything to make the situation as is.

“OHH~ You are a prince! Aren’t you Touba Hong? HaHa! It’s my lucky day… After killing you I’ll reach another height!” Red Beard was excited when he recognized Touba Hong’s identity.

“Why would getting rid of me get you into another height? Do you think that by getting my head you can become a prince?” There was a calm look on Touba Hong’s face as he asked during the fight.

Red Beard smiled: “Your head isn’t enough to make me prince but its enough to make a general over 10,000 soldiers…HaHA”

Touba Hong’s eyes lit up: “So there is a collusion! There has to be a prince who is planning to usurp the throne and wants to get rid of a competitor. Do you think that I will be killed so easily?”

Red Beard snorted: “Do you think that you are invincible because you are master Ao Du’s disciple? You are just a third-rank warrior and can’t make up for the strength gap! Today is the day you die!”

Touba Hong smiled as he looked at Red Beard: “is it?

Red Beard felt something wrong when he saw the strange smile on Touba Hong’s face. He heart the hoofs and neighs of horses. The battlefield was chaotic but as a fourth-rank warrior Red Beard’s hearing was much better than most of the people. He had immediately spotted the unusual horse movements in the battlefield.

However, it was too late when he detected the movement. He turned around to see wave of heavy swords killing through the bandits. It was as if torrents were overcoming and killing any bandits that stood on their path.

“Heavy cavalry?” Red Beard shouted out. It was too late to regret his mistake of overlooking heavy cavalry units.

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