WOWFRD – Ch 230

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Chapter 230

Both sides fought each other fiercely. Hundreds died in the first few minutes of the battle. Nevertheless, both sides turned more ruthless as they cut each other off mercilessly.

The sturdiness of the people from the Western Cloud Empire was vivid at the moment. They had long forgotten the fear and were aiming to kill or to get killed.

It wasn’t about who had the best martial arts but the one with the calm mind at the battlefield. The one who could see the gap and take the step to kill was much luckier than the other party. In the battlefield, the luck was a must.

Touba Hong stood on the wall and observed the battle with a calm expression on his face. There was no trace of tension which he had before the battle on his face anymore. At this point, there could be two types of commanders. First was a calm commander and the second one would be the panicking type. The former would come out as a hero while the latter will become a coward.

Touba Hong’s speech before the battle to pump the population was to make sure that the people were ready for the battle. The most important was to directly and correctly order and command the forces in times of war.

Xiao Yu stood by the side and observed Touba Hong. He thought that Touba Hong had a natural gift to command the people. Actually, if time was given then Xiao Yu believed that Touba Hong would have limitless achievements in the future. Although Touba Hong told him that he would never attack Sky Lion Dynasty but why would he tell his real thoughts to Xiao Yu?

Touba Hong would be a strong enemy if one day he brought the armies of the Western Cloud empire to attack Sky Lion Dynasty. For a moment, a thought to kill Touba Hong passed through Xiao Yu’s mind but he gave up on the idea.

First and Foremost, Xiao Yu wasn’t sure that he would be able to kill Touba Hong. Secondly, it was possible that the Western Cloud Empire would wage a war against Sky Lion Dynasty to retaliate for Touba Hong’s death. Xiao Yu wasn’t aware of the thoughts regarding invasion of Sky Lion Dynasty held by the royal family so he didn’t want such a war at this point.

At the same time, Touba Hong turned around and smiled at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was a bit surprised: “Did he just feel the killing intent?”

At the same time, the adventurers and escorts of the caravans rushed out to attack the bandits.

They wouldn’t attack so desperately if it was a normal time as those caravans and adventurers would try to save their own strength. But today there was a prince of the nation which had united all the forces together. Touba Hong was the factor that bind them all together. What they would be afraid of if the prince was fighting against the bandits?

Stalin had stayed in the Moscow during the Soviet-German War in the WW2. However, the military parade was still held which had encouraged the morale of the troops and Moscow was able to win the defensive war.

“Why are they so stubborn? The morale of the escorts and adventurers would be down after an attack in the past but now they are fiercely counterattacking… The formations… They aren’t acting as a proper army but it seems someone has summoned them to fight. Is there something that I don’t know? But I had spent spies long ago and I would have knowledge if something was wrong… There were no signals which means that everything is going according to the plan.” Red Beard couldn’t understand the reason lying behind the fierce resistance. Red Beard had to consider a lot of factors to ensure the success of the attack as a boss. He was able to amass such a reputation not just because he was a wild man but was able to plan and see through the plans of others during this period.

Red Beard had sent spies to learn about the number of caravans, adventurers and so on in the Ratchet town prior to attack. In addition, he had calculated everything before attacking to make sure that he would successfully grab the city. If he blindly brought up a big force then it would be normal for him to face lots of casualties.

However, he wasn’t aware that someone else got smarter than him and had uprooted all his spies during this period.

“Hm… There has to be someone who has brought everyone together.. There has to be a general who is controlling everything… You damned son of a bitch… You will regret this!” Red Beard didn’t think that he was outsmarted but believed that there were one or few people who were organizing resistance.

“Second team! CHARGE! Crush them! Get into the city and kill everyone!” Red Beard shouted towards the reserve group standing behind him.

“Charge!…” These were the bandits trained by Red Beard. They were in no way inferior to the ordinary light cavalry from the Western Cloud Empire. They shouted out and rushed towards the Ratchet town to kill the adventurers.

“Their second group has attacked.” Touba Hong smiled as everything was within his plans.

“What are you going to do now? Are you going to send your reserve troops?” Xiao Yu asked as he stood beside Touba Hong.

Xiao Yu was aware that Touba Hong had brought 5000 troops but only 1000 of them were in the battlefield right now. It seems the other 4000 were kept for critical raid.

Touba Hong shook his head: “No need. I don’t want to scare Red Beard away… He is known to be a cautious man.. I can’t raise his suspicions now.. I want to get him alive and get down to his nest…”

Xiao Yu smiled: “You are a good commander but getting Red Beard alive seems like a wishful dream.. He doesn’t look like an ordinary thug.. He is at least fourth-rank warrior.. You won’t be able to beat him.”

Touba Hong turned to look at Xiao Yu: “I alone can’t catch him, can I?… But both of us will be able to catch him alive if we join forces.”

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes: “Dream on… Weren’t you going to catch Red Beard if you didn’t encounter me in here?”

Touba Hong laughed: “I have other plans but having you by me side makes it much more easier. I believed that the battle will be a bitter fight and a great test for me. But after meeting you I was relieved half of the pressure…”

Xiao Yu snorted: “Was I so effective?”

Touba Hong nodded: “Yes, you were! I don’t know the reason but I felt that I will be successful the moment I saw you. Moreover, your attitude before the made me admire you much more and be ashamed of myself. It could be said that you inspired me to act differently. Why should I act cowardly when you looked so indifferent? I saw and learned the attitude the leader must have from you.”

Xiao Yu helplessly sighed: “I have indirectly trained him..”

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