WOWFRD – Ch 23

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Chapter 23

I’m changing the phrase orc warriors to grunts!


Xiao Yu and Fox were riding their horses in front of the long line. If you looked at the scene from a far it looked as if a snake was crawling.

There was a sweet smile on Xiao Yu’s face. Fox was frightened as he rode his horse by Xiao Yu. He almost fell off when he got onto his horse at the beginning. Xiao Yu and Fox persuaded Ma Tong to take the elite forces and go after the fortune that was waiting for them.

This kind of partnership was very common with bandits as long as there were enough food and wealth for all. If a small bandit camp found out that they couldn’t swallow the prey or they would face lots of damages during the fight then it was normal for them to cooperate with a bigger group. As a result, Leader Ma Tong didn’t have much of doubt as he took his troops and followed Xiao Yu.

Dragon Teeth Bandits and the other ones that Xiao Yu had wiped off from the face of the world were small bandit groups. Their disappearance didn’t attract the attention of other bigger groups. It was normal for small bandit groups to get or lose members on daily basis.

Moreover, Leader Ma Tong would never think that someone would use such a trick to take him out of his camp. He had never provoked the wrath of big enemies. In addition, there was no other groups in the vicinity that had such big ambition to annihilate his group. Likewise, he would never think that the lord of the territory would use such a method to kill and rob him to enhance his military prowess.

About four or five miles after they left the camp Xiao Yu turned towards Ma Tong: “Leader Ma, we have put some things in the woods in front. We will go and take them.”

Leader Ma Tong replied: “Be quick.”

Xiao Yu and Fox rode their horses towards the small forestry. Indeed, Xiao Yu had left 500 troops in the woods.

Xiao Yu waved and his warriors came out.

Xiao Yu looked at his elite warriors: “Today is going to be the first time we face an army 3 times our size in a direct battle! I believe that I have the best warriors and no one can beat us! We are invincible.”


A grunt roared. Several of the grunts had reached level 3 so they had berserker skill.

“Grom you will lead the grunts while Tyrande will lead 200 archers from the back. Tyrande if you see that archers are facing close-combat then you guys can escape and use guerrilla warfare. Hunters will divide into two teams of 50 and harass them from sides.”

Xiao Yu divided the forces and ordered them.

He didn’t have any real life experience of commanding an army. However, he had played enough games and watched enough movies to get the gist of formations.


Grom rushed out as the grunts followed after him. Elf archers and hunters kept up from behind.

Xiao Yu was riding at the back while observing his troops. He was situated there to make changes to the flow of the battle.

Ma Tong was daydreaming as he was thinking about the gold that he was going to get. He was awakened by the sounds of roars.

“What beasts are that? It seems as if hundreds of beasts are roaring. What has happened?” Leader Ma Tong was surprised so he commanded his group to make a defensive formation.

The bandits were shocked when they saw a troop of orcs rushing out from the woods. They had heard about the existence of these strange creatures. However, seeing orcs in real life shocked them. The name of orcs was spread throughout the continent. They were half man, half-beasts who were powerful warriors. However, according to their knowledge, the orcs had long disappeared in the pages of the history. How could so many orcs appear in front of them?

These bandits had gone through battles. They had robbed many villages and businessmen. But they were not a regular army and didn’t have the discipline of an army.

Even though they had almost 1500 bandits but still chaos erupted when they saw orcs rush out. The blood of grunts was boiling. All of them had armor and they hold onto their axes as they run straight to get the lives of their enemies.

“Damn it! Hold the lines! Where did these orcs come from? Kill them! Kill! …” Ma Tong shouted but his heart was trembling. He had killed countless people but he had never faced the beasts from myths.


An orc that was taller than two meters jumped up. He used the long sword in his hand and slashed down towards Ma Tong. At the same time, a light consisting of battle energy slashed down. It was Grom. Ma Tong was surprised when he saw Grom. But, he was able to get the heavy sword from his spine and wave it to block Grom’s slash.


Blademaster had used Omnislash and Critical Strike at the same time. The impact of the slash made so that a strong air burst out like a shock wave. The surrounding bandits were blown out while the horse Ma Tong was using died there.

Grom’s physical attributes had reached as he was level 8. Moreover, Omnislash was at level 3, Critical Strike was on level 3 and Wind Walk was on level 2. He was on par with any rank-one human warrior and maybe even more powerful.

It was difficult for a human to fight Grom unless they had reached rank-two.

It was not just Grom but other grunts had rushed to the front too. Ma Tong had two hundred cavalries but they didn’t assault on time and lost their advantage.

Grunt rushed up and waved their giant axes. The horses were cut in two. Grunts that had reached level 3 were more violent because of the berserker skill. They were like wolves that had entered herds of sheep.

Bandits were already on the disadvantage when they faced grunts. But, elf archers had joined the battle too. 200 elf archers were following after the grunts. The arrows were like rain that poured down. The accurate hit rate was more than 70%. In the blink of an eye, 200 bandits were killed by elves.

The most dazzling were Tyrande’s multiple arrows. She could make a shot and seven arrows would fly to kill an enemy. She didn’t even need to aim as they were facing a dense group. But as a proud elf, she would accurately aim. After a whistling sound, seven people would fall down to never stand up again.

The magician of the bands had long stunned the moment he had seen the orcs. Tyrande used Searing Arrow skill to kill the magician. The warriors of the bandit group couldn’t cope up with grunts as Tyrande was backing them up using Searing Arrow skill.

Archmage had only 1 skill which was Frostbolt. Antonidas would use this skill as he constantly shot Frostbolt. From afar it seemed that Frostbolt was a monotonous skill. However, ordinary people couldn’t resist Frostbolt. Those who relied on battle energy or mana could resist one or two ice arrows. But ordinary bandits or soldiers were like cabbage that was pierced by a Frostbolt.

Archmage was able to rise to level 2 in moments. He was able to level up in this battlefield much faster in comparison to way blademaster upgraded up in the mountains.

Xiao Yu immediately chose Cone of the Cold to be mastered by the Archmage. It was a spell that could be useful in the dense battlefields. Archmage immediately raised his wand and began to read the spell.

A large ice cone began to condense out of thin air. It was about ten meters in radius.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~

More than hundred icicles began to drop from the air and hit the bandits.

“Cone of the Cold is cool!” Xiao Yu was excited.

Grunts were unstoppable, elf archers were amazing and Antonidas was helping out from the side. The bandits were losing and some began to flee. The hunters who were riding leopards began to act. They were as fast as the wind as they outmatched the fleeing bandits. In about two or three minutes, the bandits that choose to escape were killed by the hunters.

Archmage’s cone of the cold was much faster and effective than Tyrande’s Multiple Arrows skill. It didn’t take long for Archmage to reach level 3.

Xiao Yu directly added the skill point to Cone of the Cold skill and it rose to level 2.

The scope of the Cone of the Cold skill got wide and reached almost thirty or forty square meters. All of a sudden, four or five hundred icicles began to fall down and pierce the bodies of the enemy.

Xiao Yu was satisfied with the performance of his troops as he saw the enemy bandits get defeated. It was his first frontal battle. Moreover, it was also a test to see the ability of his troops in the battle. After all, Xiao Yu wasn’t going to be on the defending side for an eternity.

Ma Tong saw that Xiao Yu was coming over: “You bastard! You lied to me!”

Xiao Yu pretended to be surprised: “Did you just realize that I lied to you? I won’t lie to you about your IQ.”

Ma Tong was cornered by Grom and didn’t have the strength to fight back. Xiao Yu winked at Tyrande. Tyrande used the Searing Arrow skill and shot a burning arrow which pierced Ma Tong’s body.

Ma Tong couldn’t dodge and fight back against Grom. He died on spot.

“You shouldn’t be involved in battles…as looking at your name you will certainly die.” Xiao Yu whispered.


P.S: Tong means child

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  1. please fix the archmage skill. i believe its call blizzard. please check on wow wiki. both warcraft 3 and wow has same name for the ” aoe icicle drop from sky skill “

    1. i am translating as is. in the previous chapters it was noted by the author that the skills and spells don’t follow warcraft or wow exactly. there are changes and differences. archmage, Antonidas is actually a fire spell user while he is described as a ice user in the novel.

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