WOWFRD – Ch 229

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Chapter 229

Xiao Yu and Touba Hong acted as friends but both of them felt that they could turn into enemies in the near future.

At the same time a man rushed in and whispered something into Touba Hong’s ear.

Touba Hong nodded in a calm manner: “Alright.”

Touba Hong smiled as he talked to Xiao Yu: “Let’s go. We are friends today…no matter what the future will bring to us.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Yes, we are friends today… No matter what the future holds for us.”

Xiao Yu and Touba Hong saw almost dozens of huge flags and banners flying in the distance when they came to the city walls. All the flags and banners had pictures of red beard drawn on them.

The sounds of hoofs and neighs of the horses were echoing out and putting huge pressure on the people. It was estimated that there were twenty to thirty thousand bandits marching towards the Ratchet town.

It was a very big bandit group which was comparable to a large tribe living in the Western Cloud Empire. It was no wonder that Touba Hong had come to decimate the Red Beard bandits. It was actually an army that could threat the Western Cloud Empire.

Wooo~ Wooohooo~

The bandits from the Red Beard group began to shout out and their sounds echoed as if a tsunami. It was a pre-war psychological tactic used against the enemies.

The people of the Ratchet town were scared when they saw that the Red Beard and his bandits were attacking the city. They were aware of Red Beard’s infamous character. The man would make a massacre when attacking a city.

“We won’t be able to run away.. Red Beard has surrounded us.”

“What can I do? Red Beard will kill us all!”

“What to do? We are men, aren’t we? We are people of the Western Cloud Empire! I have a sword and I’ll fight until the last blood that drops out of my body. I will fight even if I’m dead!”

“Yes, what’s the point of dying as a coward? We will use our horses and machetes to kill the bandits. Why should we wait for our death instead of attacking and killing them?”

Touba Hong had hired people in advance to agitate the citizens of the Ratchet town. Those people had disguised themselves as ordinary people working for merchant caravans. Touba Hong was a talent from this perspective. He wasn’t planning to recklessly fight against Red Beard.

The population of the Ratchet town was about ten to twenty thousand people. There were caravans and adventurers gathered in the city which had increased the total population to 40 to 50 thousand people. Majority of the population could fight as the percentage of women and children was low. Everyone that could use a weapon was a potential soldier for Touba Hong.

“Isn’t that Prince Touba Hong? Yes! He is Prince Touba Hong! We will follow prince and get rid of this Red Beard for once and all!”

Someone from the crowd shouted out to reveal Touba Hong’s identity. It was preplanned to unite the population under Touba Hong’s command.

These people were planning to fight but they wouldn’t be able to reach results if they didn’t unite under one command.

The bandits from Red Beard’s groups were accustomed to killing masses in the battlefields so the Ratchet town would be lost if they didn’t unite under one roof. The identity of a prince was the best choice to make sure that the soldiers and warriors were obedient.

The Royal family was having their best days in the Western Cloud Empire. Everyone treated them with respect and awe.

The existence of a prince meant that others would compete for the position of a leader. Moreover, it didn’t mean that the others would follow the orders of a leader even if one leader was selected. However, they must obey the orders of the prince. It would be disrespectful to act otherwise.

Xiao Yu praised Touba Hong’s secret actions when he saw the sight. Touba Hong was nervous before the battle because he hadn’t commanded so many people before. But his arrangements showed that Touba Hong was a qualified commander. He would be able to ‘grow’ as a commander as time passed by.

“I’m King Touba Yunfei’s 9th son Touba Hong! MY arrival has coincided with the intrusion of notorious bandit Red Beard! I have no choice but to defeat him to defend the safety of Ratchet town and the people living in here! Follow me to the battle! We are children of Western Cloud Empire and we are born to fight! Mount your horses, pick your machetes and blades as we will be preying upon these damned bandits! Defend yourselves! Defend the glory of our nation!”

Touba Hong was on top of a tall building as he loudly talked towards the crowd. The people got encouraged by his words. Almost every men went up to get his horse and weapons to get ready for the battle.

“Motherfucker… Is he a real prince?” Xiao Yu scratched his nose as he looked at Touba Hong who was on top of the building

Red Beard’s bandits didn’t know about the situation happening within the city. They thought that the people were frightened and a commotion was happening. It seemed to them that the people would be running towards other cities at any time. They didn’t know that the population was armed to the teeth and were ready to ‘greet’ them.


The horns were blown as the bandits of the Red Beard began to attack. They rushed towards the gate of the Ratchet town and used hammers to break them open.

However, they found out that  the gates were opened before they reached the city and people rushed out from the city to attack them instead.

It was obvious that these people weren’t regular army but people belonging to caravans. However, those ordinary people were using bows to shoot arrows at them. It was a rare sight. Normally, these caravans would try to save their strength or choose to escape. The bandits had never met forces which would dare to be so arrogant and try to attack them.

After all, Red Beard’s name was known wide and far. Everyone was aware that angering Red Beard would follow up with serious consequences.

“Kill them! Get the gates and killed them all!”

A sturdy man holding a sword that exuded purple light with a red beard on his face shouted loudly. He was in the camp of the bandits.

The bandits shouted out after the man’s roar.

“Kill! Kill them!”

However, more people began to appear on the city walls and used crossbows to shoot at the bandits. Red Beard’s eyebrows wrinkled up when he saw the sight. It felt a bit wrong. These people weren’t soldiers or regular army but something was wrong with the population of the ratchet town.

It seemed as if these people were aware that Red Beard would attack the city. It was more like these people were trying to separate his forces.

“It’s alright.. It’s been a long time since I’ve massacred a whole city.” Red Beard smiled.


One of the gates was broken down by the heavy hammers. Bandits were able to rush in now. However, their happiness didn’t last long as a team of neatly aligned cavalry units charged at them.


At least a thousand people attacked the bandits that tried to rush in.


The men standing on walls jumped off towards their horses. They put away their crossbows and bows to pick up their machetes, blades and swords to attack the bandits.

“Are they idiots? Do they dare to counter-attack? Hmpf! They are just a group of nobodies.. that would amount to anything.” Red Beard thought that random groups and adventurers had organized into self-protection teams.

It was no surprising to meet well-trained cavalry units in Ratchet town. Red Beard was aware that there could be a caravan belonging to a rich family or aristocratic family that could have mighty guards. However, Red Beard had more than 20,000 bandits by his side and would kill all of them.

“My children! Kill them! Kill them! Rob them! Take their women! Dye the city in blood red!” Red Beard loudly shouted. The bandits turned more aggressive because of his words.

A fierce and real battle was happening…

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