WOWFRD – ch 228

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Chapter 228

The citizens of the city weren’t clear at the moment but a war was about to begin. Touba Hong temporarily left away to prepare for the war.

Xiao Yu checked the Ratchet town to prepare for the war too. He observed the terrain to see the best place to use his heavy cavalry. The city walls weren’t high in the Ratchet town. They didn’t build high walls in here because of the terrain in the Western Cloud Empire. Most probably only the large cities would have high walls. In reality, Ratchet town was a remote city. It was able to develop because it was relatively close to the Ankagen Mountains and many adventurers passed by this place to resupply.

If the enemy had a strong horse then it could jump over the city walls very easily. In short, the walls didn’t play much of a defensive role.

It meant that Touba Hong wasn’t intending to have a defensive war. He had brought so many cavalry units which meant he was going to face Red Beard head on.

Touba Hong didn’t have many warriors by his side but all of them were elite soldiers. The quantity of soldiers would be less than Red Beard’s bandits but the quality was high.

Xiao Yu settled his people after checking the terrain. By this time Touba Hong came over to find him: “I want you dispatch your heavy cavalry and make a surprise attack from flank. They won’t think that we have heavy cavalry so they will have big losses.”

Xiao Yu: “Oh, really?”

Xiao Yu wouldn’t want to use his men as cannon fodder even if it was his own war let alone he was helping out Touba Hong.

Touba Hong smiled: “I know that you won’t fight in the front.. Rest assured, its our war and we will win it. I just need you help me out. I will owe you a favor after Red Beard is beheaded. ”

Xiao Yu interrupted him: “You are overvaluing yourself… Let’s do this way, I’ll get more share from Red Beard’s treasures.”

Touba Hong smiled: “My friendship is valuable. ”

Both of them waited for the whole day but Red Beard’s bandits didn’t attack. From the side it seemed that Touba Hong was calm but in his heart he was very anxious. The time before the war was a tremendous test for the psychology of any commander.

Xiao yu looked at him: “Did you get to be a commander because of your family? You lack a lot… The real commander can’t look like you before the war… Look at the color on your face… You haven’t even drank half a cup during a whole day.”

Touba Hong was surprised when he saw xiao Yu’s reaction.

“Have you commanded an army?” Touba Hong asked.

xiao Yu replied: “Few times.. Small battles and skirmishes.. I have killed the bandits that tried to attack my territory.”

Touba Hong shook his head as he knew that Xiao Yu was understating his feats: “It seems you have experience real big wars. Moreover, you have been victor… Only such people could have such peace of mind in situations like this.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Are you trying to inquire about my situation?”

Touba Hong shook his head: “No. You are part of Sky Lion Dynasty while I belong to Western Cloud Empire. We are just friends.”

Xiao Yu leaned back: “Western Cloud Empire didn’t always had good intentions towards Sky Lion Dynasty… Why do you care who I am or how many battles I have won? Maybe I’m a big lord from the Sky Lion Dynasty!?”

Touba Hong smiled: “We always coveted over the lands of the Sky Lion Dynasty.. But we have understood after so many wars that we can’t swallow Sky Lion Dynasty on our own. Perhaps, we can get a piece but taking over all the dynasty is just a dream and unrealistic. Sky Lion Dynasty is at least ten times bigger than us in terms of land, population and talent.  If we wage a large-scale war against Sky Lion Dynasty then we would be the ones facing casualties at the end.”

Xiao Yu didn’t take Touba Hong’s words at their face value as he listened to him.

It was certain that Touba Hong belonged to some high noble family from Western Cloud Empire. He would be at least a young general if he was sent to kill Red Beard. Why would Touba Hong be honest with Xiao Yu?

“There is an imminent chaos coming to Sky Lion Dynasty… It will be a rare opportunity for Western Cloud Empire.” Xiao Yu tried to tempt Touba Hong.

Touba Hong slowly replied: “It may be a good opportunity but what would be the benefits? If there is a chance then we will get in, if not then we will withdraw. No one wants to trip into muddy waters.”

Xiao Yu laughed: “The people of the Western Cloud Empire will be blessed if you were the emperor… If you guys decide to attack Sky Lion Dynasty then be prepared to face a tragedy.”

Touba Hong was touched by Xiao Yu’s reply: “It doesn’t mean that we are afraid of Sky Lion Dynasty… We don’t have the ability to get your lands but if you dare to get into Western Cloud Empire then you won’t get away easily either.”

Xiao yu smiled: “It’s not as you think. Do you really think that you guys got the best cavalry in the world? If Sky Lion Dynasty wants then we can finance a much more bigger cavalry troops and flatten Western Cloud Empire.”

Touba Hong responded: “Of course, it depends if you guys have a good commander… I’d be looking forward to playing with your troops if it really happens.”

Xiao Yu sipped from the wine: “You won’t be my opponent if I’m chosen to be the commander.”

Touba Hong snorted: “You never know.”


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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