WOWFRD – ch 227

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Chapter 227

Xiao Yu was planning to rest in Ratchet town for a few days. Afterwards, he was going to go to Habash city, then to the imperial capital and at the end visit the tribe of the blood elves. There was a possibility that the blood elves would return back with him to the Lion territory so they had to be visited at the end. Moreover, he must go to imperial capital to understand the policies and governing style of the Western Cloud Empire.

It was the day when Xiao Yu was planning to leave the Ratchet town when he met an acquaintance.

“Touba Hong, what are you doing here?” Xiao Yu saw the youth carrying the long sword. His carriage and everything was packed to leave the city.

Touba Hong looked at Xiao Yu: “What are you doing here?”

Xiao Yu replied: “Don’t you remember? I told you that I wanted to hunt centaurs for their bodies and there was a centaur tribe close to Ratchet city. We just killed them few days ago.”

Touba Hong was surprised: “Centaurs? Were you able to decimate a centaur tribe?”

Touba Hong was clear about the habits of the centaurs. They lived in tribes of at least 1000. It meant that Xiao Yu was able to beat more than 1000 centaurs with less than 500 people. It was an incredible feat. It was known to him that a centaur could fight against 4-5 normal light cavalry units.

Xiao Yu smiled: “You guys have only light cavalry but my troops are all heavy cavalry units. We aren’t afraid of centaurs.”

Touba Hong looked at the knights riding tall horses. He observed them for a moment: “What’s the use of heavy cavalry units in the grasslands of the Western Cloud Empire? I don’t know whether you are stupid or courageous. Can they chase after the light cavalry units? I’m afraid they will get tired after a while… It’s true that the horses are much better than ordinary horses…”

Xiao Yu indifferently replied: “I play the defense game.. I don’t attack others so having heavy cavalry units is more than enough. You know, our caravan was attacked by Red Beard bandits and we killed them easily…”

Touba Hong added: “Did you have a scuffle with Red Beard bandits?”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Yes, a team of Red Beard bandits attacked us on our way to Western Cloud Empire but we drove them away easily.”

Touba Hong’s eyes lit up: “Red Beard bandits are very hateful… In fact, this time I came over to deal with them.”

Xiao Yu was interested in Touba Hong’s mission: “For Red Beard bandits? Do they live in the Ratchet town?”

Touba Hong replied: “He isn’t in Ratchet town now.. But we have information that Red Beard will send people to attack the Ratchet town. I got my men in here to intercept his people.”

Xiao Yu added: “Oh, that’s the case… If its so then I’ll be leaving now before it gets more dangerous.”

Touba Hong strangely smiled: “Erm.. But if you leave now then you will encounter some of his troops. It’s best to wait for his troops to attack the city first.”

Xiao Yu touched his nose: “Don’t think that I can’t see the treacherous smile on your face! What do you have in your mind?”

Touba Hong laughed: “It’s nothing much.. I just lack people to deal with Red Beard. You got heavy cavalry who are bad at long-range raids but very good for defense. You are now in the same ship as me so I believe you will fight with me… If Red Beard succeeds then neither you nor me will get alive from here.”

“How come I’m in the same ship as you are?” Xiao Yu asked.

“Actually, its me who is helping you.” Touba Hong smiled.

Xiao Yu interrupted him: “Help me? How come you are helping me?”

Touba Hong came to sat in Xiao Yu’s carriage: “Red Beard is a man of vendetta. You have done damage to him so he will do everything possible to find you and get back at you. I think there are two beautiful women in your caravan… It would be very sad to see what would happen to him if they get into his hands. So its best for you to join me and kill Red Beard for good. Otherwise, you may not get back alive to the Sky Lion Dynasty.”

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment after hearing Touba Hong out. It was true that he wasn’t afraid of Red Beard. But he would have lots of casualties if he was entangled and surrounded by Red Beard’s troops.

“Are you planning to get rid of Red Beard?” Xiao Yu suspiciously looked at Touba Hong.

Touba Hong pointed towards merchants who seemed to be selling horses: “Do you see them? They act like traders but in fact are my troops. All of them are elite soldiers. I’ve got 5000 soldiers into the Ratchet town secretly in that manner. I’m planning to solve out Red Beard problem for once and all.”

Xiao Yu asked: “Why are you telling me this secret?”

Touba Hong patted Xiao Yu’s shoulder: “I appreciate your guts. You are the first person ever to beat me. I respect you a lot. I hope you will help me out this time. You will be honoring me ”

Xiao Yu faintly replied: “I won’t be honored.”

Touba Hong laughed: “It’s not about whether you wish to or not… You are tied in this town. You can take the chance to kill Red Beard or wait for him to kill you… It’s your choice.”

Xiao Yu clenched his teeth: “I’ll teach you a lesson after I get rid of Red Beard.”

Touba Hong responded: “I’ll be waiting.”

It seemed that Xiao Yu wouldn’t be able to depart the town today. It seemed like a good choice to wait in town for Touba Hong and Red Beard to kill each other.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu had the most profound experience in getting rid of bandits. He knew that Red Beard would have lots of treasures in his base. It would be excellent if he could get all his treasures.

“Will you attack his base after killing Red Beard?” Xiao Yu asked.

Touba Hong nodded: “I plan to eradicate all his men so I must go into his base after killing Red Beard. I want to solve this problem for once and all. Otherwise, a second Red Beard would be born out of the ones who stay alive.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Alright… I accept but I will take a share of profits.”

Touba Hong replied: “Alright… You can take as much as you can take with you.”





Xiao Yu smiled when he saw Touba Hong agree. Touba Hong felt as if he was working with a tiger when he saw the strange smile on Xiao Yu’s face. Actually, he would have never agreed to such a proposal if he knew that Xiao Yu had so many interspatial rings.

Red Beard had looted for many years and would have treasures piled in hills. According to Touba Hong, how much of those treasures less than 500 people could carry? He would need at least 1000 people to move back and forth for half a month to finish to plunder Red Beard’s base.


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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