WOWFRD – Ch 226

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Chapter 226

Foror was excited as he ran fast to stop in front of the library. Xiao Yu and rest kept up with the old goblin. The problem was that the door of the library was too small. Xiao Yu and others simply couldn’t get in.

“The building is massive but the entrance of the library is soo small.” Xiao Yu murmured as he stood near the door of the library and watched inside.

He saw Foror go near the bookshelves. However, all of them were empty. There wasn’t even a single book. But Foro didn’t care as he went to stop in front of the first empty bookshelf. He counted rows and columns to calculate something. Afterwards, he rotated the shelf once.


A buzzing sound echoed but no movement was seen. Afterwards, Foror ran towards the second bookshelf and did the same procedure. After all the bookshelves were rotated the same wave the library vibrated and the bookshelves sank into the wall.

A round table began to rise up from the center of the library. The table rose up to a certain height and stopped. Afterwards, two things began to rise from the middle of the table.

There was a square box and a sword which exuded crimson red light once in a while.

“Quel’Serrar.” Xiao Yu recognized the popular sword form the game at first sight. Foror looked at two things with tears flowing down from his eyes. Goblins had one of the best civilizations in the ancient times and now only these two things were left from that magnificent civilization.

“Foror, don’t cry. I promise that I will make sure the goblins will reach back to their previous prosperity. Come out.. We have to get back and get more goblins to join us.”

Xiao Yu’s mouth drooled with saliva as he looked at the sword. Foror cried for a while then took both the box and sword to come out.

Xiao Yu grabbed the sword and waved it few times. The sword was the dream of many people but he was using it right now. However, as a one-handed sword it wasn’t suitable for him. It was much better for Xiao Yu to use Arcanite Reaper.

In addition, Quel’Serrar would add a mighty protective shield over the user’s armor in times of war. Deron had just broken the shackles of normal warrior and turned into a hero so it was best for Xiao Yu to gift the sword to Deron.

Deron could use this sword to face opponents who would be much more stronger than him.

“Deron, this is for you.” Xiao Yu threw the sword towards Deron after waving it for a few times.

Suesha was jealous when she saw Xiao Yu gift such a precious sword to Deron. She also wanted something like that. Xiao Yu saw the expression in her eyes but he didn’t intend to give the sword to her. After all, she was a girl who wouldn’t participate in battles.

It would be much better if he gifted her jewelry or sexy lingeries…

“Don’t hold such a precious thing in your hand. Put it into the interspatial ring.” Xiao Yu threw an interspatial ring to Foror.

“Are you giving it to me?” Foror was shocked. He knew the value and importance of an interspatial ring. He was a slave and Xiao Yu was trusting him by gifting him an interspatial ring! Foror felt very grateful towards Xiao Yu. He believed that the new master looked at him with trust.

Xiao Yu didn’t immediately leave the place but searched through the building. He believed that anything that he could find here would be worth lots of money. How could he miss such an opportunity? Unforunately for him, there was nothing in here.

“Anyway… The book is worth much more than all the treasures that I could have found in here.” Xiao Yu dreamed of making an army of mechanical puppets.

Xiao Yu and the team returned back to Ratchet town. He wanted to visit Habash city as it was the trade center of the Western Cloud Empire. Xiao Yu wanted to know more about the trading system of the Western Cloud Empire.

At the same time he wanted to check Kelly’s attitude. If she was acting better then Xiao Yu wouldn’t mind to find the blood elves and invite them to his territory. However, if she was still acting like a ‘noble’ then he wouldn’t care about the rest of the blood elves.

Wei Ming and Fox reported that all the goods were sold and they had made good profits. Xiao Yu also thought about option of sending merchant caravans to Western Cloud Empire in the future to make money. The were almost no taxes in his territory for now. He was subsidizing everything and everyone.

There were no more bandit groups in the Lion territory. Of course, there were threats that the merchant caravans faced in the Western Cloud Empire. But if he sent powerful escorts with the caravans then the safety of the caravan could be guaranteed.

Xiao Yu sat in his room as Leah massaged his shoulder. He called for Kelly. In fact, Leah was under the control of the slave pendant. She couldn’t wait to kill Xiao Yu for this act.

Normally, Xiao Yu wouldn’t treat Leah this way. But now he wanted to look like a real master in front of Kelly so he believed that if his maid messaged him then he would look more charismatic. Moreover, this maid was a third-rank assassin.

“It’s just a massage. I didn’t force you to sleep with me. Why do you look at me in that manner? As a maid its your duty to massage your master.” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes.

Kelly entered the room and asked: “Did you want to see me?”

Xiao Yu replied: “Kael’thas will be back very soon. If you want to follow me then come to my territory as my subordinate. If your people want to then they can join too but if they don’t then I won’t force anyone.”

Kelly’s eyebrows were wrinkled up as she couldn’t decide on spot. She had speaking with Tyrande and had decided that Tyrande was certain the moon priestess of the night elves. It would be normal for Kael’thas to return if Tyrande was summoned.

However, it was unacceptable to accept a human as a savior. Her tribe wouldn’t accept Xiao Yu even if she did accept him.

“I can take to the place where my people live.. But I can’t decide instead of them whether they will follow you or not.”


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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  1. I just looked up the sword. It was big ass sword that could count as a two handed weapon. But hey world of warcraft universe like em big. Soooo…

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