WOWFRD – Ch 225

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Chapter 225

“I’ll be damned if I had let you run away.” Xiao Yu took a big breath.

The chieftain of the centaur tried died to the forces began to flee too. The knights chased them for a while killing lots of centaurs. However, Xiao Yu ordered them to stop chasing them to see the casualties they had faced.

The centaurs were the toughest forces Xiao Yu had faced up to now. He had used Blessing of Might to strengthen his troops but at the end 3 knights were killed and there were 40 injured ones. It had to be noted that Xiao Yu had used many iron bombs to disrupt their formations and momentum. Otherwise, the casualties would be much more.

The centaurs were terrifying enemies and it was no wonder that the Western Cloud Empire couldn’t get rid of them in so many years. He didn’t care much about the injuries of the knights as because of healing potions they could be saved as long as they had a breath of life.

The dead knights were cremated and stored in the interspatial rings to be put back to the Altar back in the Lion territory.

There was a happy occasion that happened after the battle. One of the footmen had reached level by breaking through the shackles of level 10 and became a hero. Xiao Yu named him Deron.

“Master its there!” Foror said in excitement as he pointed towards the wall of a mountain.

Xiao Yu nodded: “Lead the way. I hope I won’t be disappointed.”

The purpose of this trip was to find the holy land of the goblins and get the books.

There were no centaurs in sight so Xiao Yu and rest followed after Foror towards the rocky part. This location was no different from other sides of the mountain. But, Foror walked to stand in front of the cliff. He walked few steps back and forth as if he was measuring some kind of distance. After sometime, he bowed his head and calculated something. At the end, he picked up a stone from the ground and knocked the side of the rocky wall.

“This is the place.. Push this part.” Foror looked at Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu nodded and commanded Deron to act. Deron was the latest warrior to be promoted to a hero so his IQ had improved a lot too. He walked towards the place and pushed the wall towards inside.


The whole valley began to tremble and shake as if it was about to collapse anytime. However, nothing happened but the place Deron was pushing in had moved inside.

“This place.. Push here too.” Foror asked Deron to push another place.

The same thing continued on as Foror showed 9 locations to be pushed. At the end, the whole valley began to vibrate and shook massively as if an earthquake was happening.

Xiao Yu was worried that the whole valley would collapse.

Suddenly, the part of the mountain wall they were facing plunged down. Xiao Yu was startled as he stepped back for self-protection. After the whole wall sank down a spacious place was exposed. You could see the luxurious furnishings inside the place.

“Is this the holy land?” Xiao Yu’s eyes almost popped out of its sockets when he looked at the magnificent place inside the mountain.

What kind of civilization could built such a thing? Xiao Yu hadn’t seen such a magnificent place even in the modern earth.

“Yes… This is the masterpiece of our civilization.” Foror was very proud of accomplishments of his ancestors.

However, Xiao Yu’s words made Foror speechless.

Xiao Yu talked as he looked at the building: “Why did you ancestors build such a grand building inside a mountain while you are so small? It’s like blind man looking for light..”

Leah was shocked too. She had traveled to many places and had seen many relics but none of them were as grand as this structure.

“This … Did goblins built it? It’s too incredible.. The orcs… Not even humans could build such a grand place.”

The goblins were slandered and looked down for many years. The name goblin was synonymous with words such as dirty and vulgar. But who could imagine that the goblins could have created such a miracle? Even Suesha was taken aback by sight.

“How could tiny creatures could built such a big building? How is it possible? How could they move materials with their tiny builds?”

Xiao Yu explained as he looked at Suesha: “Their technology was too advanced for you to understand. They had used mechanical puppets as labor force. Some of those puppets were so strong that they were invincible in the battlefields.”

Foror was satisfied as he listened to Xiao Yu’s explanation.

Foror led the way as the crowd went inside towards the treasures.

Everyone was looking up or around to analyze the grand building. The building was very big. They had walked for a long time but haven’t reached the end yet. The terrain was complicated as there were numerous passages of various sizes leading to different locations. Someone with no knowledge of this place would get lost very easily.

Foror pointed towards a library like place after they walked for ten minutes: “The treasure is there!”

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