WOWFRD – Ch 224

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Chapter 224

“Didn’t they say me a bit more than 1000? It seems there more than 2000 centaurs.” Xiao Yu was perplexed when he saw the centaurs that rushed out from the valley be more than he was informed about. He waved his hand a box came out from the interspatial ring.

Pat~ Xiao Yu looked at Leah: “Take these iron bombs and sneak inside their formation. Try to blow them up!”

Xiao Yu couldn’t casually use the magic scrolls given by Theodore as he cherished them more. He didn’t dare to use them at this moment as he wanted to use those scrolls in casual moments.

The iron bombs weren’t as powerful as magic scrolls but Xiao Yu believed that the centaurs couldn’t withstand the explosions made by these bombs. Leah grabbed more than dozen iron bombs and sneaked in.

Xiao Yu grabbed rest of the bombs from the box and used the stealth mode of the Wind Walk to rush out.

The back up centaurs were furious when they saw their kin get killed by knights. They shouted out as they rushed towards the knights. They began to shoot arrows half the way in hopes of killing knights before both sides clashed. However, they discovered that the arrows couldn’t pierce through the thick armor of the knights.

It was the advantage of the heavy cavalry. Simple arrows couldn’t penetrate their armor.


An explosion happened when the centaurs were half the way. Huge shockwave blasted out as few centaurs were blasted away.

“Good Good!”

Xiao Yu was hidden in the corner. He had thrown two iron bombs moments ago.


Leah began to use iron bombs too. The flames blasted out as yellow sand was blown too.

“Magic? What kind of magic is this?” Centaurs could only use the notion of magic to explain the powerful explosions.

At the same time, Foror who was watching the battle was feeling very excited. Foror understood that the bombs used were made by goblins.

“Is he really the one from the prophecy? How could he be the one to save me if he wasn’t? He understands about the strength of goblin engineering too.. Oh great sages… is the prosperity of the goblins coming up?”

The centaurs were suffering heavy losses. Their formations was in a mess. The place was filled with smoke and they couldn’t determine the number of the fallen centaurs. Actually, it wasn’t the most important problem. The most important thing to them was that they couldn’t determine the source of the explosions. It seemed that they wouldn’t be able to resist the explosions.

The knights roared up as they started to charge towards the centaurs.


The knights lifted up their heavy swords as they assaulted the centaurs. Each slash would cut an arm or make their axes fly out. It was very terrifying to face a formation of heavy cavalry units that attack them. It was like facing torrent of steel.

because of the bombings the centaurs were in panic.


At this time a very powerful centaur stepped out to smash a knight. The axe hit the knight and made him fly back. The horse that the knight was riding neighed.

“He should be the chief of the tribe! Such a huge body! It seems he is powerful than a third-rank warrior.” Xiao Yu saw that this centaur was more different than others.

“Grom, get him!” Xiao Yu was sad when he saw his man get down. He quickly rushed towards the side of the injured knight. He used the holy light to heal the knight’s injuries and made him drink healing potion.

“Kill him!” Xiao Yu turned furious as he took out Arcanite Reaper and looked at the chief of the centaur tribe.

“Kill.” Xiao Yu shouted as he used the Omnislash and attacked the centaur. The chief was already fighting against Grom so sudden attack from the Xiao Yu was hard to resist. Xiao Yu couldn’t hit the chief at first try so he used the Enhanced Omnislash to attack the chief once more. At the same time, Grom attacked once more. The chief was brave and strong. But he couldn’t block two strong people who were attacking him.


Leah throw iron bombs in several places where the centaurs were at high numbers. The bombs exploded as the centaurs were killed.

The chief saw that the war was against them. He knew that if this battle dragged on then their tribe would be decimated. He shouted as he ordered his mean to retreat.

However, Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to let them run away easily. He and Grom rushed out to attack the chief.

The chief used his speed to his advantage at the last moment. Xiao Yu and Grom couldn’t keep up with his retreat.

“Motherfucker! Do you think I will let you go?” Xiao Yu took out an iron bomb from his interspatial ring and threw it to chief’s front. The chief was running when an explosion happened in front of him. The shockwave hit him back.

In addition, there were new injuries on his body because of the explosion that happened close by. Xiao Yu took advantage of the situation. He teleported to chief’s side and waved the Arcanite Reaper.


A huge human head rolled down…

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