WOWFRD – Ch 223

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Chapter 223

“CHARGE!” Xiao Yu shouted as golden light wrapped around the bodies of all the human warriors by his side. He was blessing them to increase their strength. The knights charged on without hesitation.

The blessing was one of the reasons why Xiao Yu didn’t fear the centaurs. It could enhance the strength of human warriors almost by double. The third level Blessing of Strength could enhance the strength of a user by 60%. It meant that the warrior’s strength would have an increase more than double. It was enough to kill an enemy with a direct chop.

Even powerful heavy infantry couldn’t withstand the charge of the knights let alone this low-level quilboars. The quilboars had bullied few merchant convoys and killed ordinary humans. However, they were dumbfounded when they saw Xiao Yu’s knights assault them.

Bang~ Boom~

The tens of the quilboars were smashed down by the heavy swords of the knights. Ordinary heavy cavalry units couldn’t compare to knights in strength. The main weapons used by the heavy cavalry units of this world were spears which was used to break the formation of the enemy. However, their strength would be reduced greatly once their speed slowed down. But in comparison, the knights didn’t have those disadvantages. They weren’t weak even if they fought individually.

The quilboars didn’t use any formations. They rushed out to escape. But most of them were late as the knights had killed them. After some confusion the quilboars began to pick their weapons to fight back. However, at best they could tingle the knights. The weapons used by the backward quilboars weren’t enough to harm the knights.

It didn’t take long for the quilboars to find out that their weapons weren’t affective against the knights. Xiao Yu ordered the knights to continue to kill as fast as possible. He wanted to make sure that the quilboars weren’t around by the time the centaurs began to attack them. He didn’t want to fight at 2 fronts.

In addition, Xiao Yu commanded Antonidas to join the battle to deter the wills of the quilboars. This way the quilboars wouldn’t come back to trouble them once the battle with the centaurs began. Cone of the Cold, Enhanced Water Elementals and other skills were the nemesis for the quilboars. Moreover, after reaching level 20 Antonidas’s strength had reached an incomprehensible level. The quilboars couldn’t withstand the magical attacks.

It took Xiao Yu less than 3 minutes to deal with the quilboars. Some were killed the rest fled. Xiao Yu didn’t show any sympathy as he knew that if he acted otherwise he would be harming himself. Moreover, the quilboars weren’t holy people. Killing them was like killing the pests that would make trouble for others.

The quilboars lost the battle in short time. But centaurs were quick enough to know that someone had invaded. The centaurs began to attack the ones who tried to break into their territory.

At the same time, Xiao Yu saw that the quilboars had fled away. They wouldn’t be back anymore so he focused on the centaurs. He ordered the footmen to make defensive formation and the knights to attack.

The centaurs began to attack when they saw that the number of invaders were much less than them. It was an opportunity to Xiao Yu.

“KILL!” Xiao Yu shouted. The knights arranged into formation and attacked once again. The neighs of the horses echoed as the knights rushed past towards the centaurs. Xiao Yu was observing the centaurs too.

As the name implied the centaurs were half human and half horse. They had the upper body of a human and lower body as a horse. They were good at shooting from crossbows and throwing spears. In addition, because of their lower body they had extremely fast speeds.

Boom~ Bang~

The centaurs and knights clashed together. The centaurs had very strong bodies. Their upper body was much larger than an ordinary human’s body. Moreover, their bodies were very muscular. Ordinary, light cavalry units couldn’t fight against them. It would take four or five ordinary light cavalry units from the Western Cloud Empire to deal with a single centaur. However, the centaurs weren’t fighting against light cavalry but heavy cavalry units today. The impact and strength of knights were much powerful than light cavalry units.

In addition, the knights could use sprint skill which could make them to improve their speed within short distance. Additionally they were blessed by Xiao Yu. In the vast grasslands the heavy cavalry units were useless so the Western Cloud Empire nurtured only light cavalry units.

The centaurs saw that their enemies were wearing heavy armor but they didn’t care much. They weren’t afraid of battle so they launched an attack.

Centaurs that fell made weird sounds. They used big axes to fight the knights. Nevertheless, it was impossible for the knights to kill them in one go. At best, the knights could make the centaurs to fall down in one swoop.

“They are tall and their physique is similar to an orc’s! An ordinary human can’t face them head on!” Xiao Yu was assessing the strength of centaurs. Basically, they were orcs who could run as fast as horses. It was no wonder that the centaurs were rampant in the grasslands and the officials of the Western Cloud Empire couldn’t exterminate them.

“They would make an awesome army if they could be tamed… But it seems its impossible. IF they could be tamed then the Western Cloud Empire would have done it long time ago…” Xiao Yu gave up on the idea.

The goblins, elves and few others races have predicted the coming of the king. But he hadn’t stepped forward to claim the status. Actually, he could directly unify the continent without a single war if it could be done like that.

The heavy swords used by the knights would exert too much power. However, the centaurs could rely on their strong bodies and big axes to content with the knights. Nevertheless, the knights were gaining the upperhand as the battle continued. It had to be noted that Xiao Yu had used blessing on the knights. Otherwise, the battle wouldn’t sway towards him.

“This Touba Hong… It seems he didn’t use his full strength against me in the last duel. I can’t kill 100 centaurs even if I fought them…” Xiao Yu knew that the centaurs were the strongest enemies that he had faced up to now.

Puff~ Puff~

Tyrande was running back and forth with her white tiger as she shot arrows at the centaurs. The bodies of the centaurs were strong but they couldn’t resist Tyrande’s shots. Although the shots couldn’t kill them but would cause great damage to them. Tyrande had hit more than dozen centaurs in less than minute. Because of the damage done the knights could kill them much more easily. Grom had rushed into the formation of centaurs too. He had raised his heavy sword as he slashed right and left. The centaurs were strong but they couldn’t compare to Grom. Grom had reached level 20 too. As a hero he was using powerful skills to kill the centaurs. Grom was powerful but the damage done by him couldn’t be compared to the damage done by Antonidas. The magician’s were the most powerful in the battlefields.

Antonidas didn’t hesitate to use magic and refill his mana by drinking the potions. Cone of the Cold and other spells were used continuously. The centaurs couldn’t handle or resist his attacks. Dozens of centaurs would die when icicle would pierce through their bodies. A magician with capability to chant spells infinitely was the most terrifying enemy in the battlefield. It was like a machine gun with infinite ammunition.

Some centaurs tried to attack Antonidas as they saw the huge threat that he was. However, they were blocked by 50 footmen. The footmen would wave their shields to block the spears, arrows or axes thrown at them. They were showing the perfect defensive formation.

The footmen would block the centaurs using the axes and hit their foot with the shields. They were using Xiao Yu’s usual dirty tactics against them.

The superiority of centaurs laid on their excellent physiques. However, now it was a disadvantage for them. They couldn’t resist the shield attacks of the footmen. It was very hard for the centaurs to protect their legs from the footmen.

Their heights was playing against themselves right now. Centaurs couldn’t use axes to defend their legs. Several centaurs got their legs injured by the footmen so they didn’t dare to continue to attack. The advantage in the war was tilting towards Xiao Yu.

The centaurs couldn’t get the dominance. Moreover, Xiao Yu was using grom, Tyrande and Antonidas too..

Xiao Yu’s forces had killed most of the centaurs that had attacked the, However, at the same time hoofs began to echo out from the valley. It turned out that there were more centaurs.

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  1. “However, at best they could tingle the knights.” -> “However, at best they could tickle the knights.”
    Tingle doesn’t make sense in the context of the sentence.

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