WOWFRD – ch 222

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Chapter 222

“Yes…This is fate…” Tyrande faintly said.

Xiao Yu saw the look on Tyrande’s face. He knew that her intelligence was improving and it seemed that she was having memories from her past live appear again.

“Do you mean that he is the legendary king who would summon back Prince Kael’thas? How can a mere human do that?” Kelly couldn’t believe Tyrande’s words as she looked at Xiao Yu.

“Fuck me! Little girl, I have been closing my eyes over your presumptuous actions for long time.. If you dare to call me like that once again then I’ll imprison you in a cage with full of goblins.. there won’t be no toilets there… I’ll see your ‘noblesse’ afterwards.”

Xiao Yu couldn’t take Kelly’s talk anymore. He had to adjust the arrogant blood elf one way or another.

Kelly’s face immediately changed when she heard Xiao Yu’s words. She wasn’t afraid of death but as a noble elf she couldn’t face such a humiliation too. The slave traders had caught her but they kept her clean to sell for a good price. She would have committed suicide long ago if slave traders dared to treat her that way.

She saw that Xiao Yu was furious and would really do what he said. That’s why she kept silent without uttering another word.

“Tyrande, talk to her.. If there are other blood elves then I can take them back…” Xiao Yu exited the room as he had to get ready to attack the centaurs.

It was much more important to solve out centaurs rather than getting few more blood elves. The status of engineering books of goblins was much important than blood elves. It was a game-changer.

The blood elves were magical geniuses but they couldn’t do but add a bit of magic strength to Xiao Yu’s battle power. However, the development and production of goblin apparatuses and technology would bring an epoch changing implications. As a man from 21st century Xiao Yu was familiar with the usage of hot weapons in the battlefield. Of course, it was just a dram now. It didn’t mean that everything would go smoothly. It could take some time before real powerful technology was invented. Moreover, the strength of the magicians of this world were as powerful as the atomic bombs.

Master Theodore was equal to a nuclear bomb. Goblin engineering couldn’t come up with anything that could be as powerful as Master Theodore. Nevertheless, if they could produce bombs, rifles and so on which could be used by the ordinary people then Xiao Yu would gain huge momentum in the battlefield. In addition, if those things could be mass produced then their strength would equal to hundreds or even thousands of magicians. All of it meant that ordinary people could use this weapons. Cultivating and nurturing a magician would take a lot of time and resources. It was a difficult process. However, these weapons could be used by even a toddler.

Xiao Yu took Fox, 400 knights, 50 footmen, Tyrande, Leah, Grom, Antonidas and Suesha with himself the next day as they moved towards the holy land of goblins.

The valley was two days away from their current location. They walked to the place. Along the way they were attacked by a group of hyenas. Those animas couldn’t pose a danger to them but it shown the complex nature of the grasslands of the Western Cloud Empire. An ordinary caravan would face a lot of trouble if they were attacked by those vicious hyenas. In addition to the hyenas, there were lion scorpions and other beasts which were very hard to detect in these parts of the land.

“There! That mountain range! Our holy land is there!” Foror said in excitement as he pointed towards mountains in a distance. He never imagined that he could come back alive to their hold land.

Xiao Yu nodded as he looked at the distance. It seemed that they really were in the barren lands (badlands?) but the terrains have changed after so many years.

Xiao Yu asked Tyrande to go first and gather information. The centaurs were very fast and could appear at any time.

Tyrande’s white tiger was with them too. It was just she wasn’t using it so that not to expose her identity. It was only elves that used white tigers and leopards in this world as mounts.

Tyrande’s white tiger was extremely fast and powerful as it had advanced with Tyrande. An ordinary second-rank warrior wouldn’t be able to kill it. Tyrande used the white tiger to go as fast as the wind.

It was only after half an hour that she came back.

“Quilboars? Why quilboars? Aren’t there any centaurs?” Xiao Yu was shocked to know that there was a quilboar tribe in front of the valley.

Tyrande added: “Master, the tribe of quilboards stay in front of the mountain. There seems to be an entrance on the other side which could be used to enter the valley.”

Foror joined in: “These quilboards should be vassals of the centaurs. They are not as brutal as centaurs but they are predatory and murderous bandits!”

The quilboards weren’t a threat to Xiao Yu’s troops. But fighting with them would alert the centaurs inside the valley. In that case, centaurs would have the advantage over them.

“Leah and Grom! Go in and investigate… Learn how many centaurs are within the valley.” Xiao Yu ordered.

Both Grom and Leah returned after half an hour. Leah informed Xiao Yu: “There are at least 1000 centaurs inside.. Maybe even more.. There is a cave inside which means that more centaurs could stay over there.”

Xiao Yu nodded as he listened to Leah. His brows were wrinkled up as he pondered about a strategy.

“Forget it! Who cares about quilboars? We will deal with them and see what happens afterwards.”

Xiao Yu made up his mind. They were going to attack and kill the quilboars first. Afterwards, they could battle with centaurs. His knights and footmen had heavy armor which meant that the centaurs wouldn’t be much of a trouble to them. It would be too shameful to back off at this point.

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  1. Seriously, do the writers and translator even have any basic knowledge of WoW? Ratchet is located in the Barrens, if it’s some kind of Barren Lands that they’re passing through, it’s the Barrens, not Badlands -_-

    1. tengo una duda ¿esos escorpiones leon son dracoleones de kalimdor o solo escorpiones de duna como en tanaris y desolace?
      ademas que flipe que entrañas esta solo dos pasos cuando trinquete es kalimdor y entrañas reinos del este

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