WOWFRD – Ch 221

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Chapter 221

Wei Min was surprised when he saw Xiao Yu come back to the inn with the girl: “Sire! Why did you buy this girl?”

Xiao Yu looked at Wei Ming: “Can’t I buy whatever I want to buy?”

Wei Mind sighed: “Sire! All of them are cursed by the God! Anyone who has them by their side won’t have a good end! They are rare and beautiful but they are symbol of misfortune and calamity! Anyone with a bit of common sense wouldn’t buy them and would stay away as far as possible.”

Xiao Yu laughed: “Calamity?! I would love to see if she can cause any misfortune to me… It seems you know about her identity.. What is their race?”

Xiao Yu never believed in such legends but it was obvious that Wei Ming had knowledge about the girl’s identity. It seems the girl wasn’t a legendary blood elf but something else.

“It is said that their ancestors were ancient high elves… but they have changed in time and have turned into very dangerous creatures…they are like legendary Nagas…” Wei Ming explained.

Xiao Yu frowned: “Is she that dangerous?”

Wei Ming helplessly shook his head: “Sire, you haven’t seen their power… if you knew you wouldn’t speak like that.. Many have caught them and tried to keep them as sex slaves… But no man has been able to survive a night with them… Many strange things would happen to those men.. Some would wrap in flames while others would turn ice cold. No men had faced a good end by being with them.”

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment and replied: “I didn’t buy her to use as a pet. I want to talk to her so take her to my room.”

“Sire, we can’t! You mustn’t be alone with her as she is very dangerous!” Wei Ming advised against Xiao Yu’s decision when he saw Xiao Yu want to take the girl back to his room. According to Wei Ming, many had tried to taste their beauty but none was able to survive the night.

These strange race of women were called Izzana in the Western Cloud Empire which meant devil.

Xiao Yu replied: “Don’t worry. Tyrande is going to be by my side.”

The girl would recognize Tyrande if she was a descendant of blood elves. Although the blood elves and night elves had chosen different paths but they were all coming from the same ancestors.

Xiao Yu walked in front while the girl followed him into Xiao Yu’s room. Xiao Yu called over Tyrande too.

Tyrande was shocked when she saw the girl: “Goddess of the moon! Are you a blood elf?”

The girl immediately replied when she heard Tyrande’s voice: “Are you a night elf?”

Tyrande nodded: “Yes… I’m Tyrande, the leader of the night elves.. Why have you become like this? I feel that the blood in your body belongs to a pure blood elf but you look like a hybrid between a human and a blood elf.”

There was a complex expression in girl’s eyes for a moment.. She sighed: “The night elves have abandoned magic long ago.. It might be the correct choice… But we had chosen magic. Magic has given us tremendous power but a curse at the same time. We have been dependant on magic for a long time and we can’t sway away from it anymore… However, when there is no source of magic then our bloods dry, our life expectancy decreases and our appearances change.. I am a pure blood elf but without a magic source I’m not as powerful as previous blood elves.”

Tyrande’s sighed and nodded after she listened to the girl. It was already very hard for the night elves for so many years let alone the blood elves.

The blood of the blood elves was dependent on magic source. The vampires needed blood for their livelihoods and blood elves need sunwell.

The sunwell was destroyed long ago and there was no source of magic for them.

Xiao Yu also understood that the girl was a pure blood elf but because of long-term life without a magic source had becme like this.

“Keke … what is your name?” Xiao Yu asked.

The girl looked back at Xiao Yu: “My name is Kelly. Did you buy me back to use as a sex pet? I will tell you outright now… We, blood elves, aren’t as strong magicians as before but our skills have been preserved through our blood. Even a newly born blood elf can affect the surrounding elements… It’s way too easy for us to kill those with bad intentions…”

Xiao Yu understood why the people of the Western Cloud Empire called them devils! They were beautiful and had noble attitude which meant that they wouldn’t endure humiliation. They would use the basic blood magic to kill anyone who dared to violate them.

The blood elves couldn’t use powerful magic but they inherited the manipulation of magic energies by blood. It would be courting death to insert ‘the thing’ into them as these women would have much more control over the body of the man in that case.

“Do you think that I’m that kind of a person? Even if I was then I could come up with hundred methods to take you without being affected by your trifling magic ability.. I bought you back because blood elves will give their allegiance to me very soon and I’m saving you as a respect to them.” Xiao Yu raised his head and turned to an upright man in manner of seconds. In fact, he was peeking at Kelly’s chest moments ago.

“Who the heck do you think you are? Do you think noble blood elves would give allegiance to mere human?” Kelly looked at Xiao Yu with contempt.

“Motherfucker! I your father…” Xiao Yu almost turned mad.. He had bought her out because of his kindness and this ungrateful blood elf was acting high in front of himself.

The elves felt that they are the most proud race in this world.

“I swear by the Moon Goddess that he is speaking trust. I have already pledged my loyalty to him as the leader of night elves… Soon Kael’thas will return and give his allegiance to.” Tyrande added.

“What did you say? Kael’thas would return?” Kelly was moved up when she heard Kael’thas’s name. She didn’t believe Xiao Yu but she knew that Tyrande as an elf wouldn’t lie. Although Tyrande was a night elf but she was equal to her in her eyes.

For Kelly, Xiao Yu was the lowest possible living being.

Tyrande nodded: “I was summoned back by him and he would surely summon back Kael’thas too. ”

“Really? Will he return?” Tears were coming down Kelly’s cheeks.

Xiao Yu was thinking about these prophecies which all the races had…

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