WOWFRD – Ch 220

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Chapter 220

Xiao Yu returned back to the inn to prepare to kill the centaurs. The next day, he took Foror and rest as they went from Wuhe town to the Ratchet rown. Xiao Yu was perplexed when he heard the name ‘Ratchet’.

“It seems we are really in barren lands… In the ancient times, there was a goblin city called Ratchet which was by the sea side. Now the terrain of the continent has changed as it seems two continents have got close to each other.”

Xiao Yu asked Foror to verify the information and was told by Foror that it isn’t the Ratchet city but close to the ruins of the real Ratchet city.

It took them 3 days to reach the Ratchet city after they left the Wuhe town.

Foror was mesmerized when he saw Xiao Yu use lots of interspatial rings along the way. He knew that his new boss seemed to be a powerful man but he didn’t expect him to be so rich. Foror was aware that an average person couldn’t own an interspatial ring.

In addition, Xiao Yu took materials that he plundered in the Undercity and showed them to Foror to see if he could identify them. The goblin race was in decline but as the elder Foror had some knowledge about materials. His chin almost fell off in shock when he saw the materials.

“… These are the best materials to produce…ah… how could he have so many things…What is this?” Foror wondered about a material.

“It’s called a capacitor.” Xiao Yu replied in a disdainful manner. He had learn about some basic parts and materials back when he was a player.

“Uh …” Foror was puzzled as he looked at Xiao Yu: “Boss have you studied engineering?”

Xiao Yu shook his head: “A little bit…only a little bit. ”

They didn’t encounter any danger along the way but they met many nomad tribes and merchants.

Finally, after three days of travel they reached the Ratchet city.

Xiao Yu nodded when he saw the architecture of Ratchet city: “I’m not aware about the person who built this new Ratchet city but the buildings are somewhat similar to the ancient ones.”

Xiao Yu found a good hotel for them to stay in the Ratchet city. Afterwards, he ordered Wei Ming and Fox to contact some merchants to sell their products. Originally, they were planning to visit Habash city as it was the trade center of the Western Cloud Empire. However, they had changed their route so they had to sell their products in the Ratchet city.

Foror told him that the inheritance was in a mountain valley west of the Ratchet city.

There was nothing that they could do in the Ratchet town so Xiao Yu decided to walk around to see the exotic side of the place. Suesha usually loved buying blades and swords. However, she wanted to buy beautiful things this time. Xiao Yu would wink at Fox to bargain and buy anything that Suesha took a liking.

It was said that there was a big slave market in the Ratchet city. There were rumors that once in a while even orcs and elves were sold in the slave market.

Xiao Yu saw many races of creatures sold as slaves. They were wearing chain collars as they were exhibited as goods. He felt awful at the sight. But he couldn’t change the situation on his own. He couldn’t buy them all and set them free. The notion of slavery would disappear as the new policies came around by time.

They strolled around when Xiao Yu saw a strange female slave among others. She was very tall and her skin was very white. However, her skin had a different kind of look which made her look like an elf. Her eyes were blood red and her ears were long and sharp similar to an elf’s ears. But she wasn’t a night elf!

“Blood elf?” Xiao Yu murmured when he saw the girl. He knew that the girl wasn’t a pureblood ‘blood elf’ but a mix of human and a blood elf. She was a half-breed.

“Are there blood elves in this worls?” Xiao Yu was waiting for his elf base to reach to level 2 so that he could summon blood elves.

Xiao Yu didn’t hesitate a bit even when he saw the price tag on girl. It was 10,000 gold coins. He looked at the slave dealer: “I want her.”

Slave owner knew Xiao Yu was an outsider from his dress. He laughed when he saw Xiao Yu want to buy the girl: “Mister knows his taste.. It’s worth to pay 10000 gold coins for such a girl.”

Everything went smoothly as Xiao Yu threw a bag full of 10,000 gold coins.

The slave owner turned around and whispered to his mate: “This outsider doesn’t know that he is cheated. He doesn’t even know the origin of that girl.. She looks very beautiful but he will regret his choice soon!”

Xiao Yu didn’t even care about those men as he took the girl and went away. There was a chain tied to the collar to the girl’s neck so that she couldn’t escape.

Xiao Yu look at Fox: “Get the collar and chain off her neck!”

Fox was surprised but didn’t dare to disobey Xiao Yu. He unlocked the collar.

The girl saw the indifferent look of her buyer. She saw that Xiao Yu even didn’t tell her anything but left away after the collar was taken off. She was surprised.

She was aware that 10,000 gold coins was a high price in the slave market. The youth that bought her wasn’t afraid that she could escape. It meant that either he was confident that she couldn’t run or believed that she wouldn’t run!

The girl hesitated for a moment then walked behind as she tried to keep up with Xiao Yu and crowd.

“Hmpf! I thought that you have changed but you are the same rascal!” Suesha pinched Xiao Yu.

“Ah … 4th sister in law, you are wroning me.. I didn’t buy her because of lust.” Xiao Yu’s face expression turned to that of a monk with full of innocence.

“A beautiful girl with red eyes… Do you men sway towards such girls?” Suesha couldn’t believe that Xiao Yu didn’t buy the girl for something else.

Xiao Yu helplessly sighed: “Sister-in-law, why don’t you believe me? I have a beautiful girl like you by my side.. Why would I look at others?”

“What did you say?” Suesha stared at Xiao Yu then tried to pinch him. However, Xiao Yu was already running away…

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