WOWFRD – Ch 22

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Chapter 22

Xiao Yu was lying in bed and was getting ready to sleep after he was able to fool housekeeper Hong and Captain Hui. He was commanding the battle today so it seemed that he hadn’t done much. But he was very tired.

He had to sleep and rest well so that he could get ready to rob more powerful bandits tomorrow. Although he had won the battle he knew that the crisis has just begun.

He was the hero of the day. He had defeated 5000 soldier army of Carrie but no one had come to comfort him in the bed. The night was going to be lonely. Xiao Yu held the big pillow as he imagined his fifth sister-in-law and fell asleep.



“Is this really a bandit camp?” Xiao Yu was puzzled as he looked at the village in front of him. He couldn’t believe no matter how he thought about it.

Xiao Yu had ordered Fox to find a bigger bandit camp so that he could kill lots of bandits, rob gold coins and begin the production of new armors.

However, he didn’t expect that Fox would lead him for hundred miles to this seemingly peaceful village. The elderly women were working and children were playing in the village. There was a tall wooden fence around the village.

“Yes, the bandits have taken root in this area for a very long time. As a result, they have married, brought their families. So the camp looks more like a village. It is relatively small camp as there are bandit camps which add up to tens of thousands of men and women and aren’t smaller than an average town.” Fox explained in detail.

“It means these punks don’t put this master as the lord of territory in their eyes. They are have become so unscrupulous that they have even built a village in my territory…” Xiao Yu was angry as these bandits were too rampant and acting as if they were the lords of this territory.

In reality, housekeeper Hong and Captain Hui were aware of these facts. However, they didn’t have the strength to destroy the camps of these bandits.

Because of long wars and constant conscription, the people were getting less and less in Lion town. Many of them even fled to bandit camps to take shelter there.

There were bandit leaders who were far-sighted and implemented light taxes to attract people. As a result, some camps were no less in strength than Lion town.

The Sky Lion Dynasty who had bestowed the land to Xiao family was just a useless title.

“How many people live in this camp?” Xiao Yu was observing the place while he wondered how to exterminate all the bandits.

“Total population of the camp is about 5 to 6000 people. There are more than 1000 but less than 1500 bandits who can battle. The rest are old, women and children.” Fox had a clear understanding of this camp.

“I have 200 orc warriors equipped with armor, 200 elf archers who had reached level 2 and 100 elf hunter which can be used as light cavalry. It won’t be a problem to annihilate the camp but the question is how do I achieve my goal with the least loss?” Xiao Yu was pondering a plan which could minimize the casualties from his side. At the same time, he didn’t have any interest in killed women and children. He had to take that into account as he didn’t want to hurt innocent people.

Xiao Yu turned to look at a Fox with a sinister smile on his face: “Fox, does the leader of this camp knows you?”

Fox’s heart jumped: “I went to visit leader once. I think he should remember me once he meets me.”

“It is going to be easy if it is so.” Xiao Yu laughed like a sinister fox.


It didn’t take long before two horses ran towards the door of the camp. One of the horsemen shouted: “Brothers! I’m from Dragon Teeth Bandits and I’m here to bring an important message to Brother Ma!”

A guard stretched out his head and listened to Fox’s words: “Wait here! I’ll go inform leader.”

“Master, this merchant thing… Wouldn’t they kill us if they see through our plan?” Fox whispered in a bitter manner.

Xiao Yu turned towards Fox: “What a no good guy you are! Wouldn’t you go into tiger’s den if I ordered you so? How can you serve me if you don’t have the courage? Don’t let me see those flaws of yours or else I will do what I promise.”

Fox nodded in a helpless manner: “Yes, master.”

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment. If the situation goes wrong he was going to use Wind Walk to escape. He had reached the maximum level in wind walk and his body was strong too. He pitied Fox as it seemed the guy was quite loyal.

If Fox knew the idea that popped in Xiao Yu’s heart he would cry to death. His master was way too irresponsible.

After a while, the door was opened. A man waved at them: “Come in.”

Xiao Yu and Fox rode their horses in and under the lead of the man went inside the village. They reached a chamber.

A burly and strong man was sitting in the hall of the chamber. He was watching few dancers twist their bodies.

Xiao Yu looked at the leader of the bandits. He was slightly surprised. This person’s strength was high. He estimated that the man was at the peak of the first-rank warrior level and could enter the second rank after a step of improvement.

Xiao Yu understood that there was going to be a trouble. If something went wrong then he had to escape as fast as he could.

Xiao Yu saw that there were another four or five warriors in the hall. It made Xiao Yu be vigilant. Orc warriors were extremely powerful but they couldn’t handle human warriors on their own. To do so the orc warriors had to reach level 10 and make a qualitative change.

Fortunately, the number of warriors were always limited and he had 200 orc warriors with him.

Xiao Yu took another glance and saw that there was even a magician watching the dancers.

“They even have a mage! But this one seems to be weaker than the last mage we met.” Xiao Yu pondered. He knew that he had to first kill the mage. Even a poor magician could launch fireballs and play a great role in fighting against his orc warriors.

“Greetings leader Ma.” Fox went forward and respectfully greeted the bandit leader.

Xiao Yu kept up with Fox and bowed too.

“Oh, your name … Aren’t you Fox?” Ma laughed.

Fox laughed: “Leader Ma’s memory is great. I’m indeed Fox. My leader sent me to ask the great leader to cooperate on a deal once again.”

“Oh? What dead?” Leader Ma raised his eyebrows as he looked at Fox.

Fox look at the leader of the bandits: “Leader Ma, our group found information that a wealthy businessman is traveling to Western Cloud Empire to purchase a large number of furs. We have identified the travel route but there are many guards on their side. We don’t dare to do this on our own. That’s why I was specifically sent to ask for the cooperation. Your side will get while we will take a small portion of the loot.”

“Oh?” Leader Ma: “Is the information accurate?”

Fox glanced at Xiao Yu. He bit the bullet and continued: “It is! We went after them but didn’t dare to start. That’s why I have come to invite you. If you are late then we will miss them.”

Leader Ma went back and forth as he pondered about Fox’s words.

The warriors that were in the hall turned their attention from the dancer to their leader as a greed had taken over their minds. They knew that wealth was more important than beautiful women.

Which beauty wouldn’t enjoy being with them as long as they had money?

Xiao Yu used his elbow to gently hit Fox when he saw Leader Ma act hesitant.

Fox added: “Leader Ma, in order to express his sincerity our leader had sent his cousin Xiao Yu to come here. Please, help us!”

“Oh? Sincerity?” Leader Ma looked at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu came forward: “Leader Ma this is a rare opportunity which we don’t want to lose. We hope that Leader Ma will enjoy eating the meal while giving us a bowl of the soup.”

Leader Ma laughed: “If there is enough for everyone then there is no reason to refuse. How many people they have in total? How many bandits do we have to send?”

Xiao Yu stepped forward as he saw that he had caught Leader Ma’s attention: “Leader Ma we can’t underestimate the strength of the other side. I suggest that Leader Ma sends his elite force and goes all out. It would be unfortunate if we fail at this time. As long as we are successful, Leader Ma won’t be worried about eating and drinking until the end of the year.”

Leader patted Xiao Yu’s shoulder: “I can’t be stingy if your leader is so kind to share such a wealth with us. So, when do we start?”

Xiao Yu looked at the leader: “Please, send troops as soon as possible. We don’t want to lose even a minute.”

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    1. Really shameless in many ways. I don’t understand why the author want someone like that in a story. He have no value, no respect, selfish, arrogant and very bastardly. A type like that should be fat wicked noble instead of a summoner which I think the system A.I guide feel bad that its leading a dastardly shameless person in the entire universe in every universe I say.

  1. I like the story about the Orcs and Elves but feel pity and sad for them as they served a despicable dirt bag shameless person. I have to endured this mc disgusting display and behavior in this novel as I only like the part of the two races, magic and war.

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