WOWFRD – Ch 219

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Chapter 219

Xiao Yu went out of the inn and went to find a pub where the locals would hang around. It would be the best place to inquire about the news. He could learn information about centaurs and he may even find people who had been in contact with them.

Xiao Yu found someone he knew after a round of drinks. It was Touba Hong who he had a duel. The youth was sitting in the corner and drinking alone. Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up as he went towards Touba Hong. The youth had superb martial arts which meant that he had gone through lots of adventures. It shouldn’t be strange for Touba Hong to meet a centaur.

“Hello brother Touba.” Xiao Yu sat by Touba Hong as he brought a glass of wine with himself.

Touba Hong was stunned as he didn’t expect to meet Xiao Yu in here as their duel had finished not long ago.

“Do you like to come to this place too?” Touba Hong looked at Xiao Yu. There was no hatred in his eyes. He admired Xiao Yu as Xiao Yu had beaten him without using any despicable means. Moreover, the discussion they had about martial arts had inspired him BIGLY.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes: “People from all levels of life would pass by this place.

“You seem to be a philosopher.” Touba Hong looked at Xiao Yu with interest. It was undeniable that even though they had met for brief time, Xiao Yu had a special place in Touba Hong’s heart.

“I just like to think more. By the way, brother Touba I want to ask you a question about something.” Xiao Yu directly jumped to the topic as he saw that Touba Hong was friendly to him.

“Oh? About what?” Touba Hong thought that Xiao Yu was trying to test him.

Xiao Yu had won the duel and it might be that Xiao Yu was trying to test other aspects of Touba Hong’s knowledge. He didn’t want to be underhanded once again.

“In fact, it’s not a big deal. I want to know if you have any understanding about centaurs.” Xiao Yu asked as he sipped from wine.

“Centaurs?” Touba Hong wrinkled his eyebrows. He didn’t understand why would Xiao Yu be interested in centaurs.

Touba Hong replied in serious manner: “They are common in the grasslands of the Western Cloud Empire. They are classified as intelligent beasts with high mobility. They hurt humans and animals wherever they go. They are kind of bandit creatures. ”

Xiao Yu nodded as he listened: “Did brother Touba had interacted with them?”

Touba Hong responded: “Naturally. I have travelled some tribes and have seen the centaurs attack them. I have personally beheaded more than 100 centaurs.”

“Motherfucker.. Only 100?” Xiao Yu began to calculate the numbers when Touba Hong told him the information.

If Touba Hong was able to kill more than 100 centaurs then it meant that Xiao Yu would be able to kill the same number of enemies.

If Xiao Yu could do then Grom would certainly be able to kill more than that. Antonidas as a magician would have better “harvest”.

In this case, it would be not that difficult to kill those centaurs with more than 400 knights.

Touba Hong continued: “The Centaurs are very strong by nature. They are more powerful than average soldiers. An adult centaur could fight against few cavalrymen from the Western Cloud Empire at ease. Ordinary humans aren’t their opponents… That was the reason I faced so many injuries when battling them.”

“Oh..injuries… It seems their attacks are based on physical strength.” Xiao Yu guessed from Touba Hong’s speech that centaurs attack like orcs. They relied on their strong physique to overcome the enemies. However, they couldn’t kill enemies like Touba Hong when they encountered them.

In fact, no one should overlook Touba Hong’s strength. Ordinary third-rank warriors weren’t his opponents. Moreover, his martial arts were so good that there would be few third-rank warriors who could parry with him.

“Do you want to hunt centaurs?” Touba Hong looked at Xiao Yu with suspicion.

Xiao Yu nodded: “Yes. To tell the truth the reason I have come to Western Cloud Empire is to see the living beings and things that don’t exist in Sky Lion Dynasty… Look at those goblins.. We don’t have them back in Sky Lion Dynasty. I have decided to buy some and take them to work as miners. I believe most of my guests would be interests to look at goblins or centaurs.. So I plan to cut heads of centaurs and take them back to hang them in the wall of my house… It will show off the superiority of my martial arts.”

Touba Hong’s eyes lit up as he smiled: “Since when hanging heads of centaurs shows the level of your martial arts? As a real warrior I don’t think you need fame… Why do you want to hunt centaurs?”

“Motherfucker… This kid is quite cunning.” Xiao Yu didn’t expect that he would be caught lying.

“You are right on spot brother. I didn’t want to say it out loud. But I hunt centaurs because one of my alchemists told me that we need body of a centaur for an experiment. Does brother Hong know where those centaurs live?” Xiao Yu’s face expressions were the same as he said another lie. He was like a lying machine who could compile lies on a whim.

Touba Hong looked at him: “Oh… It’s so.. I had heard that there are very powerful alchemists in the Sky Lion Dynasty… I just didn’t think that body of the centaurs could be used in the alchemy…If they are precious then I can call warriors to kill them and sell them to Sky Lion Dynasty. The centaurs are problematic in the Western Cloud. The government had tried to exterminate them repeated but they are clever and fast.. It’s difficult to catch them.”

Xiao Yu shook his head: “It’s just a proposal from one of my alchemists… He had received a recipe from an ancient ruin and it is said that he needs body of a centaur. I don’t even know if his experiment will have a result…”

Touba Hong gave up on idea when he listened to Xiao Yu.

Both of them chatted for a while. Touba Hong could get inspired by speech made by Xiao Yu about martial arts. He couldn’t help but admire Xiao Yu more. But Xiao Yu was ashamed in his heart.

“I have stolen so many quotes from Jin Yong.. He would have found me for royalties if he was aware that I have been using his quotes.”

Xiao Yu’s understanding of the martial arts came from the novels that he read back in Earth. The information sharing was much more developed back in Earth. He could read martial arts books by buying them from bookstores or online.

The people of earth scoffed at the theory of martial arts. It just felt way too unrealistic. However, the people of this continent respected these. They would worship people like Xiao Yu even if they knew that the theory couldn’t be transformed into reality.

At the end, Xiao Yu left the pub while Touba Hong looked after him. He murmured in his heart: “Master would appreciate his theories more than me.. They are way too advanced and I simply can’t understand them… I have to tell his theories to master so that master could explain them to me… My understanding of martial arts is too shallow…”

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