WOWFRD – Ch 218

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Chapter 218

Xiao Yu understood the meaning behind old goblin’s words too. It meant that he wouldn’t be the great king if he didn’t save the goblin race too.

Foror sighed: “It’s not easy to learn the engineering of our race. It needs a lot of experimentation. In the ancient times, there were allies who supported us by giving endless materials to us to test on the inventions. We have the books now but we don’t have real masters. There is no one to guide us now which means having materials wouldn’t be enough. Moreover, there were other races which made sure that we were thrown out from our bases and homelands. It was very difficult for us to keep the inheritance as it was passed.”

Xiao Yu nodded as he knew that Foror was speaking truth. Scientific research was like a bottomless pit.

An atomic bomb looked like a small thing but to develop it USA had spend lots of resources and manpower. The scientists wouldn’t be able to produce it if US didn’t have the financial hegemony.

Money! Money was everything!

“Don’t worry about money. I’ll financially support your people as long as you can produce those things.”

Xiao Yu understood that investing in research meant that there would be better returns.

“Really?” Foror was excited. He knew that if someone supported them financially and gave them enough materials to research and study their ancient engineering books then it wouldn’t be long before the prosperity of the goblin race came over once again.

Xiao Yu added: “As a man I have many shortcomings but I always keep my words. I do everything that I have promised. Now, where is those engineering books and Quel’Serrar?”

Foror didn’t entirely believed Xiao Yu’s words but he knew that there wasn’t much that he could do now. The only option was to cooperate with Xiao Yu. It was a gamble for Foror. If the prophecy from that year was true and if Xiao Yu was that king then his bet was the right one. Otherwise, by the time of his death the inheritance of his race would be totally lost and no one else would be able to revive it.

He was the last elder alive and there was no time to appoint new elders. Moreover, only him knew the location of those treasures.

“I will cooperate with him… It’s my last chance… It’s the last chance of the Goblin race…”

Foror looked at Xiao Yu: “The treasures are hidden in a valley which was a holy place of goblins long ago. We lived there but those damned barbarian centaurs occupied it and made us move out.”

“Centaurs?” Xiao Yu raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect to encounter centaurs in the Western Cloud Empire.

Xiao yu was familiar with the centaurs. They were the sworn enemy of Taurens. Those centaurs were tyrannical and cruel. Moreover, they were very backward race.

The centaurs would live in tribes across the grasslands. They would hunt and loot other races. It could be said that they were a race of unique bandits.

“Centaurs lived in the barren lands… Grassland and desert.. Where are the barren lands in the Western Cloud Empire?” Xiao Yu doubted Foror’s words.

“The centaurs were extremely cruel. They didn’t just expel my people but killed every single prisoner down to women and children.” Foror gnashed his teeth as he talked about centaurs.

“How many centaurs there were?” Xiao Yu asked.

He had to get those books which meant he was bound to go to war with centaurs.

“Probably more than 1000… However, they rotate a lot so sometimes there will be more than that.” Foror said.

“More than 1000?” Xiao Yu pondered about the strategy.

He hadn’t seen centaurs so he didn’t know about their battle capabilities. He had 450 knights with him but it didn’t mean that they were enough to kill the centaurs. The centaurs were backward race but they were brave and skilled. Actually, they were much better at using spears than the soldiers of the Western Cloud Empire.

“The knights would be enough to kill them as long as they aren’t very strong.” Xiao Yu had to understand the combat capabilities of these centaurs first.

“We will make preparations for two days. Afterwards we will destroy the group of centaurs and get the Quel’Serrar and books.” Xiao Yu left the room.

The old goblin was left alone in the room. He constantly prayed after Xiao Yu left: “Great Sage! Help the goblin race to be freed from destruction and peril.”


“Why did you get a goblin?” Suesha asked when she saw Xiao Yu exit the room.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Don’t you think goblins are cute? I’ll buy thousands of them and keep them as pets.”

Suesha frowned: “They are dirty and ugly! They look disgusting. Who would be willing to buy them?”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Would you still think the same if I told you that the goblins could create apparatus which could take the people in to the sky? Would you still think that they are a dirty bunch?”

Suesha replied with a disdain: “I have read so many books but I have never heard of Goblins have such a civilization. There are no historical records. They have always been despicable and timid cowards. The word goblin is synonymous with the word thief! How could they have such a splendid civilization?”

Leah joined them at the same time. She suspiciously looked at Xiao Yu: “I have seen pictures and paintings of objects flying in the sky. It seemed that they were taking people to the sky. The words describing the flight were in goblin language… But I would never be able to believe that those objects were made by goblins. Did they really have such a splendid civilization?”

The residents of the continent had beliefs about the goblins same as Suesha. They believed that goblins were despicable, cunning, timid, cowardly and treacherous… As for the goblin civilization… Nothing was recorded of it.

Leah knew that Xiao Yu was able to somehow summon back Tyrande, Thrall, Antonidas and others. So she believed Xiao Yu’s words.

She had seen those pictures and knew that the words were written in goblin language. But she had never thought that those flying objects were created by goblins until now. Because, everyone believed that goblins, ogres and centaurs were backward races. How could they achieve such greatness?

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