WOWFRD – Ch 217

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Chapter 217

“In fact, you are also a good warrior. Although you lost the fight but you won my respect.” Xiao Yu put away the Arcanite Reaper. He raised his chin as he looked down on the youth. Actually, his battle energy was about to be depleted if the youth didn’t admit defeat.

“However, you won because you had that weapon. Otherwise, you are not my opponent.” Youth had clearly lost but wasn’t discouraging himself either. He knew the reason why he had lost. The power exerted by the Arcanite Reaper was too much for him to handle.

Xiao Yu slightly shook his head as he acted as if he was an elder teaching a youth: “Young… You are too young… You don’t know the essence of martial arts.”

“The essence of martial arts?” The youth was surprised as he looked at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu nodded as he put back his hands and took few steps: “In fact, the martial arts and skill both of us used are of no meaning. The point is to weapon. My style is simple, direct and effective. It’s mean to split and hack everything. The more simple the moves are the more power they exert. Everything else is just blank fanciness..”

Xiao Yu seemed like a man who has gone through wind and rain.

“Simpler the move the more power it exerts… ” The youth was startled for a moment. It seemed as if he was enlightened about something as he bowed his head and began to ponder about the thing.

Xiao Yu murmured in his heart: “This punk wants to teach me martial arts! I, your fathers, theoretical knowledge regarding the martial arts will make me the grandfather of your teacher!”

“I’m tired. I will go back to sleep while you think about it.” Xiao Yu turned around as he walked away.

“Wait a minute.” The youth said.

“What happened?” Xiao Yu turned sideways to look at the youth.

The youth said: “What’s your name? I want to know the name of the person who won the fight.”

Xiao Yu replied in a proud manner: “My name is Feng. Qiao Feng.” Afterwards, Xiao Yu left the place.

“Qiao Feng! I will remember you. Don’t think that this fight is over! One day, I will come to Sky Lion Dynasty, find you and beat you!” Touba Hong said.

Xiao Yu faintly replied: “Anytime…”

The outlaws saw that Touba Hong was defeated so they didn’t have any purpose to stay here anymore.

The boss of the outlaws looked at Touba Hong: “Are you from the royal family?”

Touba Hong replied in a cold tone: “I’m someone who you shouldn’t mess around with. Don’t throw the dignity of the Western Cloud Empire the next time!”

“Yes … yes …” the outlaws replied.

They didn’t know who Touba Hong was but they knew that if his surname was Touba then he wasn’t an ordinary person.

Xiao Yu returned back to the room in the inn. He brought old goblin back with him to talk about details. He knew that old goblin was keeping something secret from him. He wasn’t afraid of the tricks that the old goblin could pull but he didn’t like being kept in the dark.

“What is your name?” Xiao Yu asked.

“My name is Foror.”

“Foror?” Xiao Yu was surprised: “Is the Foror who wrote the guideline to slay a dragon your ancestor?”

Old goblin almost jumped up when he heard Xiao Yu’s words. He looked at Xiao Yu: “You… How do you know that my ancestor had written the guideline to slay a dragon?”

Actually, it would be strange for Xiao Yu not to know Foror’s name as he had played the game.

“You don’t have to know how I know about him. I know much more than you can imagine. Don’t conceal anything from me now. I have told you my purpose but you are still hiding something… I am good to my subordinates but I don’t like the dishonest and cunning subordinates. Now, I will give you a chance to tell me your secret. I will help you and your people if you tell me everything. If you don’t then you will be given back to the owner of the inn and continue to live like a slave for all your life.” Xiao Yu opened a book and began to read from it after he spoke. He didn’t even look at Foror.

Foror began to ponder about pros and cons of the situation which he was in. He was aware that he didn’t have the fundament to go to negotiations with Xiao Yu. The goblin race was at utter despair and if he didn’t rely on Xiao Yu then he had to wait for his death in silence.

“I’ll tell you the secret of my family but you have to promise me a condition.” Foror seriously said as he had made up his mind.

Xiao Yu added: “You have to clear up your identity to me. You don’t have qualifications to put conditions in here. I saved you out of pity. I didn’t think that the goblin race would fell so low. Now, you either talk or you know what is going to happen.”

Foror sighed when he saw Xiao Yu reply in such a manner: “You are right. The goblin race is indeed in despair as we have fallen to this point. But I want you to help my people after I tell you my secret.”

“I will help you out if you are loyal to me. All what I ask for is loyalty.”Xiao Yu looked at Foror.

Foror clenched his teeth and said: “I’m the last of the elders who is responsible to keep the heritage of the goblin race.”

“The last of the elders?” Xiao Yu asked in suspicious tone.

Foror nodded: “As you have said my ancestor was Foror. He and another elder Tigule were the greatest members of the goblin race. Chaos erupted in the ancient times and they were lost. However, both of them have left inheritance.”

“Oh! Is it the Compendium of Dragon Slaying?” Xiao Yu asked.

He knew that the compendium asked them to kill the dragon Onyxia and cast a sword. The name of the finished produc was Quel’Serrar.

That sword was an artifact level item.

Foror shook his head: “No, part of the inheritance are engineering books. The second part of the inheritance is the weapon which was used to kill the dragon – Quel’Serrar.”

“Really? Quel’Serrar was left?” Xiao Yu jumped up from his chair. It was no wonder the old goblin didn’t want to talk about it. However, compared to the weapon Xiao Yu was more interested in engineering books. They were much more valuable to him.

Why did Xiao Yu want goblins? He wanted them to make ancient goblin weapons for him.

The goblins were known for their explosives. The iron bombs Xiao Yu had found in the Undercity were made by the goblins. The power of those iron bombs were incredible. However, he only had dozen boxes of iron bombs. If he had the books then he could make the goblins produce more of those bombs!

It would be alright even if they create low-level bombs. The batriders could throw down lots of low-level bombs and destroy the will of the enemy.

“It seems you know about Quel’Serrar! You may be the person who was told in the prophecy.” Foror calmly looked at Xiao Yu.

“What prophecy?” Xiao Yu was perplexed.

Foror looked at Xiao Yu: “We don’t know the reason but all the civilizations were destroyed in the ancient times. Only the inheritances were passed down. Some parts of the inheritance were lost as it passed from generation to generation. But the prophecy was always there. It was said that after 10,000 years a great king will appear in the continent. He will unify the whole of the continent and help the elves to claim their glory. We had waited for a long time for that person to appear. Today, I met you and I believe that the person told in the prophecy is you.”

“I gotta take my hat off.” Xiao Yu felt helpess. He had said a casual lie and now it turned out to be true.

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  1. Dude, please, learn martial art first. You’re really overestimate your ability with only that skill of yours. In the eyes of master, your skill though powerful, feels like a child waving around a knife, no value at all. And saying you understand martial art more than people who practice martial art for years, that’s just blatant disrespect.

    1. He was talking about the theory behind martial arts, not martial arts itself. For example, what he said about simple moves being the most effective in power. He never claimed to be a martial arts god or anything, he simply knows martial theories from modern Earth which have been refined over thousands of years completely based on pure technique, compared to a world of skills and magic who would place less thought on the ideas and techniques behind it.

      Magic makes up the gap in technique this world, so not many would ever think about NOT using magic in martial arts to train their techniques to the extreme like on Earth where everything is based on practical and powerful movements using the body alone.

      Also, he’s just BSing around to make himself seem mysterious, no need to take him so seriously :p

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