WOWFRD – Ch 216

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Chapter 216

The fake Ashbringer couldn’t compare to Arcanite Reaper in terms of power that was exerted. The imitation Ashbringer was sharp but it couldn’t exert the same level of power as Arcanite Reaper did. Originally, anyone with the same strength as Xiao Yu would be split into two if he fought them. Only the ones with higher level of strength could resist Xiao Yu’s attacks.

Obviously, the youth was only third-rank warrior. It was a miracle that he could block the Omnislash where Arcanite Reaper was used. Indeed the youth’s knowledge of martial arts had reached a higher level.

“Martial freaking arts! He isn’t using ordinary skills but secret martial arts which makes him so strong.”

Xiao Yu had the upper hand. He admired the youth because Xiao Yu’s attacks were blocked because of the extraordinary martial arts used by the youth. Xiao Yu used Wind Walk after the series of Omnislahes. He made sure that the youth didn’t have a chance to counterattack.


The last attack by Xiao Yu was avoided by the youth but the Arcanite Reaper split a tall stone pier into two.

The people who were observing the fight were shocked and exclaimed out. How powerful was that axe to cut the stone pier into two? What would happen to human body even if a person wore an armor?

Everyone looked with fear at the Arcanite Reaper which was glowing in blue. At the same time there were few opportunists who already wanted to get the axe for themselves. They believed that the axe was priceless.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The youth blocked Xiao Yu’s attacks a few more times. He found a chance to strike back. The youth moved the long sword in an incomprehensible manner. Countless phantoms of the sword were directed at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu saw that he wouldn’t be able to block the attack so he directly used the Whirlwind skill. Rattle~ The voice of Arcanite Reaper’s tip hitting the sword’s blade echoed out.

At the same time, Xiao Yu was able to stop the youth’s momentum.

“What kind of martial arts is he using?” The youth was dumbfounded.

The youth was frustrated because of the whirlwind skill. He saw that Xiao Yu didn’t know any fancy moves but just hacked relying on brute skills. Xiao Yu was aware that if he couldn’t win over then he would be finished for good.

The youth’s foots moved rapidly in strange manner as he walked back. He waved his sword and a sound burst out. Afterwards, a shockwave echoed out and Xiao Yu felt as if he was in a puddle. The sonic booms echoed out constantly and Xiao Yu was flooded by them. He felt that it was hard and difficult to move his body. The speed of his attacks had become much slower too.

“Motherfucker! What kind of martials arts is he using?” Xiao Yu was shocked.

Xiao Yu saw that he was going to be beaten up if this continued on. He used the Heroic Leap and jumped out. He was out of youth’s attack range so the effect wasn’t affective anymore.

The youth was shocked to see Xiao Yu jump so high. This time, Xiao Yu didn’t give the youth to have chance to take a breath. He used the sprint and charged on.

The youth dodged Xiao Yu’s strike. However, he knew that it was very hard to cope up with Xiao Yu’s rapid sprint. He couldn’t understand how Xiao Yu could increase his speed in such a short distance at such a rapid pace.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

Xiao Yu slashed and hacked while he waited the cooling time for Omnislash. Afterwards, he would use the Wind Walk and cast Omnislash to attack the youth.

The youth was able to cope up with Xiao Yu when Xiao Yu casted the Omnislash the first time. However, he felt that he couldn’t hold onto his sword after several times. The youth was strong and could use martial arts to unload the impact of the attacks. Blocking Arcanite reaper was similar to withstanding several times the power of a hammer that was few hundred kilograms.

The youth was complaining in his heart while Xiao Yu felt the same. Xiao Yu’s battle energy was about to run out. The thing was that his battle energy wasn’t infinite. He could use few Omnislashes to win over an ordinary opponent but today this youth was able to block several of those attacks. He was in a helpless situation.

Xiao Yu knew that after his battle energy was exhausted he could rely on his mana source. But at best he could teleport or make a shield and use other auxiliary skills. He didn’t know any attack skills for magicians.


The Arcanite Reaper smashed through few carriages. The youth quickly stepped back and waved his hand: “I lost!”

Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at the youth. Xiao Yu’s battle energy (dou qi) was exhausted.


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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  1. so, it seems the Empire more powerful, even he can’t kill the enemy that have the same lv as him and even with his epic weapon

    thx for the chapter ^^

  2. I hope our MC never learns martial arts(proper fighting not just using skills), otherwise he really would have it all lol.

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