WOWFRD – Ch 215

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Chapter 215

Xiao Yu was aware that Grom was more powerful than enough to fight these local outlaws. Grom could fight against hundreds of ordinary humans let alone these ones. It took less than 30 seconds for Grom to drive away all of them. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble Xiao Yu had ordered Grom not to kill them. After all, they were in Western Cloud Empire and killing a citizen could bring trouble upon them. Xiao Yu was aware that the laws of the Western Cloud Empire protected the foreign merchants. There were lots of brawls happening and officials from the Western Cloud Empire closed their eyes at such fights. But they would never take side of the foreigners if blood was splashed.

Xiao Yu knew that he had stepped on snake’s tail. If he escaped now then the snake will come back to find him. Instead he waited for the rest of the outlaws to come so that they settle the problem for once and all.

Xiao Yu put a chair in front of the inn and sat to wait for the rest of the outlaws to come over. Such brawls were common in the Wuhe town so no one was surprised at the sight. Instead people stood there to watch and enjoy the fight.

50 footmen stood in neat rows on both sides of Xiao Yu. They were all at same height and wearing the same armor. The people would assume that they belonged to elite division of some army. There were local people who had been into many battlefields. They knew that such a strong team could oppose several times their numbers. The local outlaws wouldn’t be having an easy match this time.

It didn’t take long before the outlaws who had escape came back. They were wrapped in gauze and had come back with a gang.

However, the gang of outlaws were stunned when they saw Xiao Yu sit in front of the inn and wait for them. These local outlaws have bullied many people in the past. They knew whom to offend. At first, they had met just Grom and now there were 50 more soldiers.

One of them came forward to stand in front of Xiao Yu: “Kiddo! It must be your first time in here. We won’t hurt you if you pay 1000 gold coins as compensation for my injured brothers.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “And… If I don’t pay?”

“I guarantee that you won’t be able to leave Wuhe town in one piece.” The man responded.

Xiao Yu replied in a tone with full of disdain: “Alright… Sounds nice… I’m here and waiting for you… Make me leave in few pieces…”

The man saw that Xiao Yu was fueling the fire with oil. The expression on his face was furious but he didn’t dare to make a move on Xiao yu. He knew that people who didn’t care about threat were usually the ones with good background. An ordinary merchant would have paid them long ago… They normally didn’t offend people with such backgrounds…

“You dare to act so arrogant in the Western Cloud Empire!? Are you trying to bully our people?” The man saw that he wouldn’t be able to mess with Xiao Yu so he began to play word games.

Xiao Yu replied in a lazy manner: “I do what I do… If there is anyone with big balls to stand up to me then that person is more than welcome…”

“Well…Well…Well…We have an arrogant one in here.” A voice echoed from distance.

Everyone turned to see a youth wearing leather clothes slowly walk from the back. There was a long sword in his back. The man was tall and it seemed as if he was made of jade. He was a rare beautiful man. Xiao Yu was like an ugly duck in comparison to him. In addition there was this strange aura exuding from the person. It seemed as if he was the general and looked down at everyone. It was like he was born on high grounds.

“Ah?” Xiao Yu looked at the youth. He murmured: “He is a master… I didn’t expect to meet such a man in this god forgotten grasslands..”

Xiao Yu stood up to look at the youth: “Am I the arrogant one? How am I so arrogant? These outlaws are the arrogant ones who disgust me… Are you here to help me earn face?”

The youth turned to look at the outlaws: “I look down at them too… But you talked big and insulted not just them but all of Western Cloud… I want to challenge you.”

Xiao Yu laughed: “Oh.. Did my words touch your self-esteem? Strong one doesn’t have to be afraid or touched by the insults of others. He could easily ignore the contempt of others because of his strength… I think you challenge didn’t help to maintain the dignity of the Western Cloud but earned my despise!”

The youth stood still for a moment as he pondered over Xiao Yu’s words.

“You have good words… A strong person shouldn’t look at others with contempt… It’s just I’m too sensitive of a person and I decided to challenge you because of your tone.. I want to see if you have the qualifications to speak so!” The youth walked towards Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu walked forward: “I have to teach you a lesson if it’s the case.. I want to see if the warriors from the Western Cloud are as strong as they are told in the stories.”

“Looking at your appearance… Are you from the Sky Lion Dynasty? I would like to test the strength of a warrior from the Sky Lion Dynasty too.” The youth moved his hand and pulled out his long sword.

The long sword used by the youth was similar to Xiao Yu’s tang sword. However, there were magic array belonging to wind system engraved on it to make it faster.

Xiao Yu raised his hand and a huge axe appeared in his hand. Xiao Yu’s strength had increased so it was much easier to use Arcanite Reaper. He was using it as easy as a normal sword.

The power exerted by the Arcanite Reaper was much stronger than ordinary weapons so Xiao Yu used it.

“This axe!? It is an epic weapon, isn’t it?” The youth said.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Yes… It’s name is Arcanite Reaper. I hope you won’t be scared by it.”

“Hmpf! Nothing can scare me let alone an epic weapon… It’s not a problem if the one wielding it is not a master.” The youth raised his sword. The man was extremely focused on Xiao Yu.

“Motherfucker! The kid is a trained warrior.. I won’t be his opponent if I face him head on… I have to rely on explosive power of Arcanite Reaper, Omnislash, Critical Strike and so on… Otherwise, I’ll be in trouble.”

Xiao Yu raised the Arcanite Reaper and charged towards the youth. The man saw Xiao Yu act so he charged on too.

However, Xiao Yu used the Sprint skill when he reached certain distance. His speed increased by several times. The youth was slightly surprised as he made rapid footwork to escape Xiao Yu’s fast charge.

“This guys is good… He is the first ever to escape my sprint!” Xiao Yu murmured in his heart. He activated the Wind Walk and used the Omnislash skill.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The youth was caught off guard by Xiao Yu’s attacks. He lifted his long sword to block Xiao Yu’s charge. He blocked several slashes but his hands got numb as the power exerted by the Arcanite Reaper was more than he could handle. The youth almost let go of his weapon.


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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