WOWFRD – Ch 214

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Chapter 214

Xiao Yu gentle tapped the table as he looked at the old goblin: “Do you think you have anything worthy that I would try to get you?”

Old goblin sighed and shook his head: “No.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “That’s the thing. I saved you without a special reason. But I have read in books that the goblins lived in prosperity in ancient times. I felt bad when I saw you fall to this point. I will treat you at least 10 times better than here as long as you agree to work for me in my territory. However, don’t try to be cunning as I know that goblins are famous for that trait.”

Old goblin asked: “Why do you want to treat us 10 times better than here?”

Xiao Yu replied: “I need people who are good at alchemy and engineering. I want special things to be build. The goblins are in decline and don’t have those technology from the ancient times… But it doesn’t matter. I will get books for you guys to study and build those sophisticated weapons…”

Xiao Yu was actually envious of the engineering and alchemy knowledge of the goblins. He knew that it would be impossible to make them produce the items of the ancient times. But the goblins were born with unique talents and Xiao Yu needed technicians and engineers. The goblins were the best group to be classified as skilled workers.

Xiao Yu knew that the value of experienced craftsmen were much expensive that the university students because of their experience…

The goblins were too cheap. He could buy thousands of them and it wouldn’t be a big amount.

Xiao Yu’s plan was to summon Siege Engines, Mortars and other equipments. However, the problem was that a Mountain Giant took the place of 10 ordinary units which meant that Siege Engines would take much more place. He wouldn’t be able to mass summon them. But he could make goblins study them and mass produce those equipment. The goblins can research all of them and make high quality imitations.

The old goblins eyes jumped up for a second. Xiao Yu saw the sight and was doubtful. Why did old goblins expression change for an instant? “There is something that I’m not aware of…” Xiao Yu came to a conclusion.

“Anyway, now that I have bought you… you are mine!… We can talk about everything later on. I will help you to free your race from the suffering that they endure but you have to help me to control them. Of course, its alright if you don’t want to as I will let you continue mining…and I won’t abuse you.” Xiao Yu leaned back and said.

Xiao Yu knew that if he didn’t save the old goblin then he would have died.

Old goblin hesitated for a while: “I will serve you wholeheartedly if you can save my people from the misery…”

Xiao Yu nodded and left the place with the old goblin.

However, as soon as they exited the inn Xiao Yu saw a group of people shouting and whistling. He walked over to see that Suesha was holding her sword and facing group of locals. These locals were trying to molest her.

Xiao Yu came over and grabbed one of these locals by the arm and threw him out. The man hit the wall and smashed through the wall. Xiao Yu had reached level 20 after conquering Solomon’s territory. Now, he was a third-rank warrior. Although he wasn’t on ‘strength path’ but his power was substantial. Ordinary humans weren’t his opponents.

This local man looked sturdy but how could he be an opponent of a third-rank warrior?

The locals took out their machetes as they glanced at Xiao Yu with full of murderous intentions in their eyes.

Xiao Yu didn’t even glance at them but looked at Suesha: “Are you alright?”

Suesha was furious as she was just molested by these people. However, she felt relieved when she saw Xiao Yu appear. She felt that there was a man who she could rely on and who could save her at crucial times.

“I … … I’m… These bastards even said that they were going to buy me… I have to teach them a lesson!” Suesha’s eyes were full of coldness as she looked at the local people from the Western Cloud Empire.

Xiao Yu turned towards the local outlaws: “What the hell are you doing?”

The locals knew that Xiao Yu wasn’t a person to mess around as Grom was standing by him. However, they had to get back at Xiao Yu because of their companion that was thrown away.

“Who the heck are ya? Do you know where the Wuhe town is located in the map?” One of the locals replied back. He was still riding the high horse as he believed that they were on the home turf.

Xiao Yu retored: “I know where Wuhe town is located. It’s just, was it your ancestors who built this town? You are the ones who have come to seek for trouble. You should have known with whom to mess and with whom not to as long as you had eyes.. Don’t blame me for putting your heads at the entrance of Wuhe town…”

The local turned furious: “What the fuck kid!? I’m the freaking overlord in this town.. The obedient ones…ah…”

The man didn’t even have chance to finish as Xiao Yu used the wind walk to sprint and kick him.

“Get him!” the locals shouted.

They raised their machetes as they rushed towards Xiao Yu. However, they were met by Grom. Grom waved his heavy sword and used the whirlwind skill. The machetes that got in contact with Grom’s heavy sword flied back.

“Ah… He is too powerful…”

The locals rushed once again. But this time Grom didn’t use a skill but waved his heavy sword right and left. Xiao Yu looked at them and felt that there was no need for him to get involved in the brawl.

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