WOWFRD – Ch 213

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Chapter 213

Xiao Yu didn’t care about anything along the trip as there was a beauty by his side. They didn’t encounter any more bandit groups until they reached the Wuhe town Wei Ming was talking about.

In fact, this Wuhe town wasn’t much smaller than the Lion city. After all, everyone that had to pass into the Western Cloud Empire from the south had to pass from this town to resupply. Xiao Yu was curious as he looked at the exotic city. He was inside the carriage but checking outside by looking through the window. There were many merchant groups that lined up to enter through the gates. There were people from all the races and colors.

However, Xiao Yu’s interest was shocked by not humans but another type of living beings. These beings were short in stature. Almost one meter tall. Their bodies were green and two fangs were exposed from their mouthes. Xiao Yu was very familiar with these creatures. Goblins!

“Goblins in here?” Xiao Yu was shocked.

Wei Ming nodded: “Yes. There are a lot of Goblins living in the wilderness. Most of them live in tribes in the mountains. However, the people of the Western Cloud Empire catch them and work them out as skillful labor. They are not tall and aren’t strong but are very talented. They learn tasks very easily and do much better than normal humans.”

Xiao Yu didn’t expect to meet goblins in such a situation. Moreover, it seemed that the situation the goblins were was much worse than the orcs or elves.

“Dear visitors! The wheel of your carriage is missing two nails. Do you want me to fix it? It will cost you only three gold coins! You must know that lack of two nails may make you face huge danger in your long journey.” A gobbling ran over and smiled as he talked to Xiao Yu.

Wei Ming wanted to get rid of the goblin but Xiao Yu stopped him: “Please help us out.”

Goblin took out his toolbox and picked two nails. Afterwards, he used his small hammer to fix the wheel of the carriage. Xiao Yu handed him 3 gold coins.

Goblin grabbed the money: “Thanks, generous visitor. I wish you safe travel.”

Wei Ming added: “It doesn’t cost that much money. It seems that goblin knew that we aren’t locals so he tried to get as much money as he could.”

Xiao Yu shook his head: “The goblins who could create the technology to fly have been reduced to this level…”

Goblins, dwarves and gnomes were the most creative and intelligent races on the continent. Now they were fixing the wheels of the carriages.

Xiao Yu had witnessed their greatness in the game and was feeling sympathy when he saw the goblin.

“What’s their living conditions? ” Xiao Yu asked.

Wei Ming pondered for a moment: “I’m not sure about that. But the goblins aren’t very rare in the wilderness. Some become bandits and low-level thieves. They are dirty and smelly. Basically, they are on the same level as wild dogs.”

“Wild dogs? Can wild dogs make things fly into the sky?” Xiao Yu was perplexed.

“How much it would cost us to buy goblin slaves?” Xiao Yu asked.

“Lord, are you interested in buying these dirty animals? They can’t fight or do manual labor… Moreover, you lack anything but slaves in your territory.” Wei Ming couldn’t understand the reason of Xiao Yu’s interest.

Xiao Yu faintly said: “Everyone is useful if you know where to use them. You just inquire about the prices as I’m planning to take some goblins back this time.”

Wei Ming nodded as he saw that Xiao Yu had decided to buy goblin slaves.

Xiao Yu’s convoy was issued a token by the guards at the gate. This token represented that the fees for the entrance have been paid. It was necessary to show this token each time they went out and came back to the city so that they didn’t pay the fees once again.

Xiao Yu’s convoy entered the Wuhe Town like any other merchant caravan so no one noticed anything extraordinary about them. Afterwards, Xiao Yu found a good inn to stay over.

Grom was with Xiao Yu as they entered the place. He was more than 2 meters tall and dressed in a black cloak. Most people avoided them. They didn’t know that a strong orc was hidden under the cloak but just from the looks they knew that it was someone who they shouldn’t mess with.

There were beauties in the pub of the inn. They were wearing clothes that exposed their body parts. Moreover, guests occasionally touched their buttocks or waists. They provocatively looked at the guests too.

Xiao Yu had chosen this inn not because of beauties but there were goblin slaves working in here.

An old goblin was moving a box of wine within the pub. He was old and seemed physically ill. He fell to the ground and a bottle of wine was broken.

“Damned beast! You broke a bottle of wine! Do you know how much that wine costs? I would be able to buy five damned goblin slaves for that bottle of wine.. You damned beast. I will kill you!” A man waved the whip as he walked towards the old goblin in fury.

The old goblin couldn’t resists the whipping of the man. It lied on the ground. It could be seen that the old goblin had problems even while breathing.

A big hand stretched out and grabbed the whip when the boss wanted to hit the goblin second time.

The boss turned his head and saw a giant who was at least two heads taller than him grabbing the whip.

“Guest.. Did that goblin bothered your leisure time? If you want to then you can personally kill that goblin.” The boss thought that the man was here to punish the goblin.

Xiao Yu smiled as he came out from Grom’s back: “How much does that bottle of wine costs? I will pay for the wine and get the goblin.”

The boss was happy when he saw that someone was willing to pay for the wine and get the goblin. He wanted to kill the old goblin anyway: “It is not a problem but this goblin is too old. Why don’t I give you female goblins? You can make them dance for you and torture and kill them afterwards.”

Xiao Yu replied: “That is not necessary.”

Xiao Yu paid 20 gold coins as a compensation for the wine. This bottle of wine costs at best 1 gold coin in the Lion city but had risen 20 times its price in Wuhe town.

The old goblin seemed to have agreed with his fate. He knew that he was doomed. But Xiao Yu asked Grom to carry the goblin towards their seat. Afterwards, Xiao Yu handed him a bottle of healing potion.

“Drink it.” Xiao Yu said.

Old goblin had lost all the hope so he didn’t care much. He opened the cap of the bottle and drank it all. But he felt the wonderful change happening in his body. All the injuries were healed and his vitality seemed better than before. It seemed as if he had turned 10 years younger.

“What do you think of healing potion?”

“Healing potion? Is this legendary healing potion?” Old goblin was surprised but he spoke in a very low tone as he knew about the severity of letting know others about such a treasure.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Yes, it is the legendary healing potion.”

Old goblin pondered for a moment and then said: “What is your intention? What do you want in return as you have given me such a valuable treasure to consume?”

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