WOWFRD – Ch 212

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Chapter 212

Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at the bandits: “We are lucky!”

Wei Ming’s face had turned pale: “Lord, we can give them some money and can continue with our trip. We are going to make a lot of money so its not a problem to pay them off. Moreover, how can we beat them? There are more than 1000 bandits.”

Xiao Yu turned to look at Wei Ming: “People honor me with money and treasures… I don’t!”

In fact, it was normal for Wei Ming to be timid as he was just a merchant. He always advocated harmony and peace and didn’t prefer to fight against anyone.

But what about Xiao Yu? Those bandits should feel lucky that he didn’t choose to attack them. Now, they wanted to plunder him! Dream on!

Xiao Yu ordered the knights to get ready to fight while he saw in the carriage and continued to drink wine. If the knights from the base couldn’t solve out this problem on their on then they weren’t worth the game system. He believed that 400 knights were more than enough to deal with 1000 bandits.

Suesha put on her armor and picked her sword. She went out of the carriage and took her horse to fight the bandits.

Xiao Yu looked at Suesha with a sigh. He knew that Suesha was a good warrior as a woman and she couldn’t see injustice. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter much if she was in battle or didn’t participate.

The bandits shouted and whistled as they got close to the caravan. They didn’t attack but began to surround Xiao Yu’s caravan. It was the tactic used by the bandits. First, they would try to intimidate the caravan and make the merchants fear them. Afterwards, they would ask for money. They would kill if their proposals weren’t taken into account.

Xiao Yu didn’t care much as he waved his hand to indicate the knights to charge.

The knights charged on without any hesitation the moment they saw Xiao Yu’s command. They raised their heavy swords as they rushed towards the bandits. Their assault wasn’t as simple as the attacks of an ordinary cavalry. They could swiftly charge on within a small distance because of the sprint skill.

The bandits didn’t react on time and some of them were already split into two by the knights.

The knights with heavy swords were very powerful. The bandits were using machetes and these light weapons weren’t on par against the heavy swords.

The bandits shouted as they attacked the knights too. They didn’t think that their prey would dare to take the initiative to attack them. It had never happened that the caravan they tried to plunder would attack them first.

It was one of the reasons why the bandits didn’t form any formations when they got close to the caravans. However, this situation had worked against them at this moment.

Puff~ Puchi~ Puff~

The knights didn’t use any fancy moves. They slashed, hacked, waved and did the same moves once again. These simple moves were extremely effective.

Some of the bandits tried to attack the carriage. But the carriage was protected by 50 footmen.


A footman hit the horse of the bandit with his shield. The horse neighed as it fell down. The footman used his sword to kill the bandit afterwards.

The bandits tried to attack the footmen but they faced the shields. They tried to attack several times but their machetes couldn’t penetrate through the shields.

“Why are you guys so stupid? Why are you trying to attack the bandits? Cut the legs of their horses! They will become infantry men just like you!” Xiao Yu shouted to the footmen.

The footmen immediately put Xiao Yu’s tactic into plan. They resisted the attacks of the bandits with shields and used their sword to cut off legs of the horses.

The footmen had already reached level 10. Their strength was more than enough to cut off a leg of a horse in one wave. The bandits who fell of their horses couldn’t keep up with the footmen.

In less than 10 minutes, more than half of the initial bandits were killed. They shouted at each other and escaped without further ado. Xiao Yu didn’t order his troops to chase them as he wasn’t in hurry.

At the same time, Suesha came into the carriage. Her body was covered in blood. She was powerful enough to make sure that she didn’t get heavy injuries. However, there were still few minor injuries on her body.

“Oh! 4th sister in law! What has happened to you?” Xiao Yu rushed at Suesha. He took out a wet towel to wipe the blood off her body. He would occasionally touch her sensitive parts while at it.

Suesha turned furious when she saw Xiao Yu touch her chest: “I’m going to cut you off if you continue to touch me as if I’m a cheap woman.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “4th sister in law, you are not aware but these bandits are very vicious. They add poison to their knives and machetes. It’s possible that you are infected. I must clean your body and use Holy Light to treat you. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if the poison got into your body. These poison may not take your life but may turn your skin black or red.”

Suesha listened to Xiao Yu with doubt. However, she was afraid that her beauty will be affected by the posion.

“Really?” She asked.

Xiao Yu replied in a serious tone: “Of course… But don’t be afraid. I’m a Paladin! I’m one of the most loyal and devout member of the Light God! I can heal off the poison but we have to take off your armor…”

Suesha took off her clothes. Although there were doubts in her heart but she didn’t want to take the gamble. Usually, she didn’t wear an armor in the carriage. But she always had clothes which covered her body. However, now her body was soaked in blood and the clothes were tightly affixed to her body.

Xiao Yu used the wet towel to wipe off Suesha’s wounds. He would gently stroke her white skin which would make Sueshe tingle.

After a long while, Xiao Yu finally used the skill. A white light wrapped Suesha’s wounds and began to heal them in a speed visible to the naked eye.

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