WOWFRD – Ch 210

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Chapter 210

Xiao Yu instantly teleported to Cairne’s back the moment he saw Subaru rush at him. Xiao Yu was not a stupid person. He knew that Subaru was acting crazy and a fourth-rank warrior shouldn’t be taken easily at any time. However, Cairne was wearing a T2 set and he could resist Subaru even though Subaru was a level higher than Cairne.

Cairne waved his huge axe to block Subaru. Subaru’s body glossed with light as he used the battle energy in his body to charge through. But at the same time Grom attacked Subaru too. Grom used number of skills to distract Subaru.

Likewise, Raiders and Cavalrymen rushed to fight the cavalrymen from the Western Cloud Empire. The knights from the human base used the sprint skill to cover the distance within a short-time frame and assault the enemies by chopping with their heavy swords. The cavalry men from the Western Cloud Empire thought that they had reached the peak of controlling the horses but they were ashamed when they saw the control human knights had over their horses. The human knights summoned from the base were like one with their horses. The cavalry men from the Western Cloud Empire didn’t know that these human knights were ‘born’ on the back of their horses.

In addition, the human knights had heavy armors on them. The machetes of the enemy couldn’t damage their armor. It was a one-sided massacre.

Subaru knew that it would be very difficult to escape as he saw that he was surrounded from all sides. He laughed: “Xiao Yu, do you think that you will become the king of the northwest? You are too naïve! Western Cloud Empire would never let you succeed. By unification of the northwest you have become the enemy of the Western Cloud empire! You have good warriors by your side but do you think you can beat 100,000 of cavalry men? You will perish! HaHa!”

Subaru was acting like a madman.

Xiao Yu replied in a tone full of disdain: “I never thought that I would walk over a smooth path to the hegemony.. I will bypass all the obstacles on my way! However, it’s ridiculous that you thought you would be able to fight against me.”

Subaru was surprised for a moment when he heard Xiao Yu reply. In that instant, an arrow shot by Tyrande pierced Subaru’s shoulder.


The arrow went through one side and came out from the other creating a hole in his shoulder. The blood began to splash out. Strength of Tyrande’s arrows was no less than the bullets shot by the dwarf riflemen. Subaru wasn’t wearing an armor so it was very difficult for him to resist Tyrande’s shot.

Moreover, Subaru was fighting for a long time. The battle energy within him wasn’t limitless so it wasn’t enough to form a defense at this point.

Subaru shouted when the arrow pierced through his shoulder. However, the battle wasn’t finished. Grom’s sword slashed down his spine.

Subaru moved a step forward to avoid the slash but Grom was successful. At the same time, Cairne roared as he smashed down the giant axe. Subaru tried to block it by using his sword but his body flied back because of the impact.

Subaru would be able to withstand the attacks of Cairne at his peak but he was already weak.

Subaru fell to the ground as his body was covered with blood. He was looking at Xiao Yu as if a wild wolf was looking at its prey.

Xiao Yu shook his head as he came to stop in front of Subaru: “Subaru, I admit that you are a real hero… But in order to become a king I have to march over the corpse of a hero like you…”

Subaru smiled as he looked back at Xiao Yu: “You won and I lost… You are the king now… My blood is your glory.”

Subaru moved his own sword to kill himself. Xiao Yu felt depressed when he saw Subaru commit suicide. If it wasn’t for the summoned warriors from the bases then most probably Subaru would have won. In his heart, Xiao Yu admired Subaru.

It didn’t take long before the cavalry men from the Western Cloud Empire were exterminated. Xiao Yu took back their horses as he was planning to use those horses to form his own cavalry. The horses would be the critical factor in the battleground against the Western Cloud Empire.

Subaru was dead now it was time for Xiao Yu to go and visit the Western Cloud Empire.

He had to go to Western Cloud Empire to see the real situation for himself as he couldn’t believe the information gathered from there. In order to make his plan look more life-like Xiao Yu had even found a friend of Mu Lee from Wei Principality who was a merchant. This man had been to Western Cloud Empire once but he had been in the border and hadn’t gone into the depth of the empire. Xiao Yu was planning to take this man called Wei Ming with him too.

At the same time, he was planning to take Fox with him too. Fox was a timid person but he was good at many other areas. Moreover, Fox was a very obedient person as Xiao Yu treated him well. Fox was given a job in the administrative hall of the Lion city and married a wife from Lion city. His life had become stable and wouldn’t plan to betray Xiao Yu.

Moreover, Fox was excellent candidate to deal with swindlers and opportunists.

In addition, to Wei Ming and Fox, Xiao Yu was planning to take Grom and Tyrande with himself. However, both of them were going to wear black cloaks to hide their identities. Moreover, they would stay in the carriage unless it was absolutely necessary for them to come out. Antonidas would be present in this trip too. He had reached level 20 so he was equal to a small team.

Leah would be following xiao Yu too as she was already a a powerful assassins. Moreover, she had broken through to third-rank too. Her strength had increased because Xiao Yu had given her Shadow Step skill book. In addition, Xiao Yu had looted a lot of books regarding assassins and assassinations in the Undercity. All of them were great help to enhance Leah’s strength. Xiao Yu had given her a T2 armor set which made her a super assassin.

Now, Leah was more loyal to Xiao Yu than ever. She wouldn’t leave even if Xiao Yu told her to go.

Xiao Yu couldn’t take grunts and orcs with him as his identity would be guess the instant they were seen in the Western Cloud Empire. Many people knew that only lord of the Lion territory had orcs and elves as warriors. Instead, Xiao Yu choose 400 knights and 50 footmen to take with himself. He wasn’t going to a war with the Western Cloud Empire so it was pointless to take lots of warriors with himself.

Footmen had reached level 10 and their intelligence was quite high too. They could even learn to ride horses now but Xiao Yu was planning to make sure that they fight good on land before learning horseback riding.

In addition, Suesha, Xiao Yu’s 4th sister in law, requested to go with him too. Her strength had increased during the last few battles and she was already a second-rank warrior. Xiao Yu had given her a T1 armor set which made her look sexy too.

Suesha wasn’t as beautiful as Lin Muxue but Xiao Yu thought that she looked like Kate Beckinsale or Mila Jovovich from his past life. He adored the cold temperament Suesha had.

Xiao Yu hesitated for a while but promised to take her with himself too. Her strength wasn’t bad and she could be useful in some key moments. Most importantly, he wouldn’t be lonely with a beauty by his side.

Afterwards, Xiao Yu bought large number of porcelains, clothes and others goods from the Wei Principality to be sold in the Western Cloud Empire… It was time to make his move.

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