WOWFRD – Ch 21

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Chapter 21

Xiao Yu wanted to get back to his room to rest for a bit when got back to the city. However, he found out that Captain Hui and Housekeeper Hong were waiting for him at the door.

Neither Housekeeper Hong nor Captain Hui had desperation reflected in their eyes. Actually, their eyes were full of energy as if they had turned young once again.

The battle that had occurred had greatly inspired everyone including them.

They didn’t know how Xiao Yu got orc and elf warriors but they saw hope.

The source of the hope wasn’t about the battle that Xiao Yu won. It was because Xiao Yu was like a reborn man. The way he took command and arranged the postwar situation was plausible. It seemed that everything was in his grasp so that everyone had strong trust towards Xiao Yu. Especially, the way he added pensions to the families of the ones who lost their lives.

In fact, Xiao Yu wasn’t a great mind to think about stuff like that. He only acted as he had seen in movies and read in novels.

Xiao Yu was from earth which had civilization at least two thousand years ahead of this world. So a casual thought from Xiao Yu was a shocking advance for this world.

“Uncle Hong, Uncle Hui do you need something?” Xiao Yu said with a smile.

“Young master, we are here to speak about something.” There was a rare smile on Housekeeper Hong’s face: “Young master, these orc warriors, and elf archers… Where did you get them from? Can we talk about it?”

Xiao Yu smiled and replied: “Come in.”

Xiao Yu had long prepared for this situation. He was going to give a reason that would make them believe him. Actually, it didn’t matter whether they believed him or not, as long as his strength was real!

“That time when Carrie’s people beat me I understood that I have brought a disaster upon my family and territory. So I escaped and run while fear had wrapped my heart.” Xiao Yu began to talk. He used hand gestured and so on to make his talk look more real.

They knew that Xiao Yu was all about eating, drinking, gambling and debauchery. Moreover, they knew him as a timid and coward. So it was normal for him to run away.

Captain Hui and housekeeper Hong had normal face expressions. Xiao Yu was a man like that. A man who would run away.

Xiao Yu continued: “At that time I escaped into the depth of the Ankagen Mountains in panic. Thinking about it now it was a silly decision. The Ankagen Mountains are full of beasts and monsters. It is a dangerous place. Anyway, I encountered a big brown bear in the depth of the mountains. It howled and rushed at me. I was paralyzed in fear and thought that I would die. However, at that time a light burst out and two figures appeared in front of me. One of them was a strong Orc while the other was a slender and handsome elf. They just glanced at the bear and it was scared and ran away. I was surprised but still had the courage to ask them about their identities. They told me that they were gods of Orcs and Elves. The orcs and elves were almost extinct so they were searching for a great man to lead the orcs and elves into a future. And the person they had decided to choose… was me.”

Xiao Yu raised his chin as soon as he finished talking. He acted as if he was an emperor. Housekeeper Hong and Captain Hui blinked their eyes and looked at each other. They didn’t utter a word for a long time.

About five minutes later, Housekeeper Hong raised his hand and pointed at Xiao Yu: “They selected…you?”

Xiao Yu nodded. He had a proud look on his face as if he was the Emperor of the continent: “Yes. God of Elves and God of Orcs chose me. They told that I am destined to be the greatest king of all times and unify the whole continent. They said I’m the chosen one and they will use my strength to revive the Orcs and the Elves.”

Xiao Yu stopped. He didn’t even blush or blink his eyes as he everything he said was the truth. Actually, lying was a skill that original Xiao Yu was born with.

Housekeeper Hong and Captain Hui looked at each other for a long while without uttering a single word. Xiao Yu’s statement was just way too incredible.

They may still believe if God of Orcs and God of Elves had chosen Xiao Zhan Tian. After all, he was a man of great character. But Xiao Yu? It was just too much.

The God of Elves and God of Orcs must have gone blind to choose a prodigal son!

Xiao Yu also knew that it was a bit bizarre statement but he couldn’t come up with a better excuse. At the end of the day, the orcs and elves that he ruled weren’t a real race. How could they be willing to follow Xiao Yu? The contradictions and problems between the races were always something that couldn’t be overcome.

But Xiao Yu was able to order orcs and elves. Even if the others didn’t believe him they couldn’t come up with a counter-idea.

Moreover, he added the destiny to explain the origins of elves and orcs following him to make people think that it was his fate to conquer the world. It was as if his ancestors were the sorcerers that had slain the white snake.

Xiao Yu need such an idea to convince people. His statement would be more convincing as he began to summon more elves and orcs and expand his territory. Right now, he was using this argument to set up his own prestige.

He was aware that a person with a bit of intelligence would never believe this nonsense. But the vast majority of people would love to see such a fairy tale.

Xiao Yu remembered that a politician from the earth told that people are used to be fooled.

“So it is the case! Young master’s fate is to conquer the world. We will help young master in this great cause. However, I and Captain Hui are worried that God of Elves and God of Orcs may plan about something else. After all, why would they be so kind to lend so many warriors? Is there any plot behind the shadows?” Housekeeper Hong couldn’t believe Xiao Yu’s words. However, he didn’t want to hurt Xiao Yu’s self-esteem by saying that those two gods couldn’t be so blind to choose him. So he came up with different words to express his worries.

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “Uncle Hong, Uncle Hui I know what you guys are worried about. But no need, I’m not a child and I won’t be easily fooled. These warriors are reliable. Moreover, their gods didn’t just blindly gave command over them to me. They have made a blood curse to me so that I will command their warriors to conquer the world. If I fail, the curse will kill me.”

Xiao Yu had learned the phrase blood curse from a martial arts novel and casually added to his story.

“What? There is a curse?!” Housekeeper Hong was surprised. Although he didn’t believe a word Xiao Yu said but he was worried for Xiao Yu’s health because of his loyalty to Xiao family.

“But keep it as a secret. Otherwise, enemies may use this blood curse to their advantage. Only you two know about this matter.” Xiao Yu calmly said. There was an expression of utter grief on his face as if he was bearing the burden of the world.

“Alright. We will keep the secret. But, is there any way to lift the curse?” Captain Hui said in a worried tone.

Xiao Yu shook his head: “Who can lift a curse done by the Gods? But they will take it off as soon as I help them revive the Orc and Elf tribes. Don’t worry… Therefore, our first step must be to enhance our strength as soon as possible. We have to expand our territory and dominate the world so that I can revive both orc and elf tribes to lift my curse.”


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  1. Disgusting liar… there was no need to lie like that… just say he met the orcs and elf that wanted to leave the mountains and live in the plains, I enjoy the novel when Xiao Yu stays silent and we don`t hear his thoughts

    1. If that was the situation how would he explain their loyalty? Would they be so loyal and obedient to someone they just had an agreement to let them live on the mountains?

      And more so, would they even need permission since they are so much more powerful than the MC’s town? What reason would they have to work for the MC? The only way to explain such blind loyalty by such powerful people towards someone so weak would be divine intervention.

  2. It would be hilarious if his bullsh*t became real and the game system really gave him a conquest and the blood curse lol hahaha

  3. do chinese mc in another world lie so much?
    other mc don’t do that much and just state small but he that accursed bullshit mc ……oh damn!!!! i want to cut his tongue off!!!!

  4. Oh yes, he’s certainly not a great mind, let’s just say he’s a noob in warcraft not an elite,it felt better that way.

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