WOWFRD – Ch 209

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Chapter 209

Subaru was a fourth-rank warrior but he still couldn’t fight head on against Xiao Yu. He was surprised as in his perspective Subaru believed that Xiao Yu wasn’t a strong person. He believed that Xiao Yu wouldn’t be able to stop him if he tried to escape.

However, the situation wasn’t going according to Subaru’s beliefs. Xiao Yu was a threat to him right now.

“How come he got so strong in such a short-term? How can it happen?” Subaru was perplexed and dumbfounded. Back then Xiao Yu was just a second-rank warrior and only six months had passed. However, now Xiao Yu could fight against a fourth-rank warrior.

What the hell was going on?

Subaru was late to respond as another slash went towards his left. It wasn’t just Xiao Yu but Tyrande too who was attacking him. Subaru turned around to see Xiao Yu slash down the Arcanite Reaper.

Subaru was shocked when he saw the blue light emit from Xiao Yu’s axe. Now, it was obvious to Subaru that Xiao Yu was able to burst out with that much strength because of the weapon.

Nevertheless, he knew that Xiao Yu was a third-rank warrior.

It was terrifying for Subaru to fight against a third-rank warrior with such a weapon. Subaru wanted to kill Xiao Yu and get the axe for himself. His strength would increase by many folds if he used such an axe. However, he knew that right now at best he could escape. There were many Raiders who had surrounded him. Xiao Yu and Tyrande were attacking him without stop.

At the same time a roar echoed out. Two burly figures rushed towards them. They were Grom and Cairne. They didn’t have mounts so it took time for them to reach Xiao Yu and Tyrande. Cairne waved the huge axe in his hand and attacked Subaru.

Subaru dodged Cairne’s attack but Grom’s heavy sword split down from another angle. Subaru was a strong warrior but he wasn’t a fifth-rank warrior. As a result, he could only dodge and block the attacks but couldn’t counterattack Xiao Yu and the team.

Subaru didn’t think that Xiao Yu’s strength would reach this level. He knew that he would be dead if he didn’t escape now. Cairne was much more intimidating than the others. Subaru was never afraid of others with a build bigger than himself as he was a warrior who could use battle energy. He dared to face beasts and creatures on his own. Cairne’s body was huge but on the contrary to his build Cairne was very flexible. His use of the axes was superb too. Needless to say, Grom was extraordinary too as he wasn’t called a Blademaster for nothing. Although his sword skills didn’t belong to martial arts system of the humans but the special skills shown by him were extraordinary too.

Subaru took out a magic scroll and tore it down. A white light flash and wrapped Subaru’s body. The next moment he had disappeared.

“Motherfucker! He had a transmission scroll on himself!” Xiao Yu felt depressed because of Subaru’s disappearance. He wasn’t even able to catch Subaru which meant that his trip to Western Cloud Empire would be troublesome.

“Motherfucker! How the heck did he have a scroll on himself?” Xiao Yu walked around the area where Subaru had disappeared.

“It’s a normal magic scroll… So there are two options. Either the distance of teleportation isn’t big or the location of appearance would be uncertain. Subaru wouldn’t use a dangerous scroll that belonged to second category as he could pop out in the middle of an ocean… Xiao yu believed that Subaru wouldn’t dare to use such an unpredictable scroll so the distance that Subaru would appear wouldn’t be too far away. “Quickly call Thrall! Tell him to use Far Sight skill to find Subaru! Get all the Hippogryph Riders search for Subaru! Tyrande use your Eagle Eye skill too!”

Xiao Yu knew that Subaru wouldn’t have a magic scroll that would teleport him to far away location as it would be very hard to produce such a scroll let alone Subaru being able to buy it. Moreover, it would be too shameful for Xiao Yu if he let Subaru ran away easily at this point.

Thrall who was not far away with the grunts came over. The Hippogryph riders began to search for Subaru too.

Xiao Yu had brought Thrall and grunts with him for just in case situation. Although he didn’t need help of grunts but now he needed Thrall’s help. Thrall’s Far Sight skill would be very handy now. This skill was useful as Thrall could search for everything within a certain range. Thrall came over soon enough and cast the skill to look for Subaru’s traces. However, Thrall action speed was slow because he was searching a big range of area.

Xiao Yu ordered some Hippogryph riders to search for the cavalry men from the Western Cloud Empire. Most probably there would be a location which was set in advance as a meeting point. Xiao Yu believed that Subaru couldn’t leave these people and go back as there would be no one to support his explanation.

It was almost dawn when the Hippogryph Riders reported that the surviving cavalry men had run in the northwest direction. It seemed that the meeting point was somewhere there. Xiao Yu took his forces and moved in that direction at that instant.

After a few hours, Thrall was able to find a secret valley with his Far Sight skill. The location of the valley was hidden from sight. Natural terrains acted as cover. An average person wouldn’t think that there would be such a secret location if they passed by this place.

After a while, Thrall reported that Subaru was inside the valley.

“We will see if you would be able to escape this time!” Xiao Yu personally led the Raiders and others as he went into the valley.

This place was an excellent location to hide but it had a huge drawback. Once inside you would be blocked if the entrance was closed by enemies. There was no other passage to escape.

The Hippogryph Riders had traced the exact way to get into the valley. The cavalry men from the Western Cloud Empire had used a certain mountain track to enter the valley.

“Subaru, are you still planning to run away?” Xiao Yu waved the Arcanite Reaper as he looked at Subaru.

Subaru didn’t imagine that Xiao Yu would be able to find him in this secret location. He had found this secret location back when he was the leader of the Eagle Camp. It was a secret location for the past leaders of the Eagle Camp to be used when they were in danger.

How did Xiao Yu find him? Did he use Hippogryps? But the sky was dark and they had entered through the mountain track which was covered with jungle!

There was almost 0 chance to find this place because of complex terrain.

What kind of monster Xiao Yu was?

Subaru could climb up through some rocks relying on his strength. But the others wouldn’t be able to escape. Moreover, even if he could climb up, did it mean that xiao Yu would just stay idle and let him go?

Subaru’s eyes were bloodshot.

“Xiao Yu it is you who forced me to this! We will fight to death today!” Subaru loudly shouted as he waved his magic sword and charged towards Xiao Yu. Subaru knew that he was going to die today so he was planning to pull Xiao Yu down with him.

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