WOWFRD – Ch 207

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Chapter 207

Xiao Yu returned back to the Lion territory to inspect the village that was looted. He found out that every person in the village was killed to the last one. The bandits had even killed the children. Xiao Yu piled the corpses together and burned them. A human wouldn’t treat fellow humans with such a treatment. Only the beasts and creatures would do.

There was a rock in the village which had a message to Xiao Yu that was written in blood: “Subaru is back!”

Xiao Yu calmly looked at the rock but the expression on his face was terrifying. Subaru was a real scourge. Xiao Yu wasn’t able to kill him but now the man was trying to pay back to him.

“Wester Cloud Empire… You guys were the ones to take the first step.” Xiao Yu murmured.

He knew that sooner or later there had to be a war with the Western Cloud Empire. It was just he didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Xiao Yu ordered the Hippogryph riders to patrol the area and report the moment they detected cavalrymen from the Western Cloud Empire. Afterwards, he went back to the Lion city to plan to deal with the problem.

He had to know the reason behind Western Cloud Empire’s actions. Was it only for Subaru’s revenge? Did the people in the Western Cloud Empire had come to decision to invade Lion territory?

The Lion territory was the buffer zone between Sky Lion Dynasty and the Western Cloud Empire. The area have been very chaotic for milleniums. However, the situation stabilized after Xiao Yu cleared up the bandit groups. It was no wonder that the ruling class in the Western Cloud Empire felt a sense of crisis. It was natural for them to feel threat from this area as the buffer zone wasn’t the same they had always used to know. Now it was matter of time whether it was them or Xiao Yu attacked each other.

Xiao Yu didn’t despise the decision of the monarch of the Western Cloud Empire. The Western Cloud Empire and the Sky Lion Dynasty have confronted each other for long time. Moreover, the Western Cloud Empire was much bigger territory wise but their lands weren’t as fertile as the Sky Lion Dynasty’s lands. Nevertheless, their forces were much more powerful because of their cavalry men. How could Xiao Yu face such an empire on his own if a war broke out? There were internal and external problems all over.

Xiao Yu pondered about the ways to deal with Western Cloud Empire. History wise the people of Western Cloud Empire were similar to Huns, Turks and Mongolians that fought with the Chinese because of their nomadic origins. Nevertheless, it was a very troublesome matter to deal with such nations and people.

These nomadic people were like the wind. You chase them and they move. You don’t chase them then they come to attack.

The western part of the Lion territory were desert and grassland. It was simply hopeless to fight against the cavalry of the Western Cloud Empire in that region. The Han Emperor had sent 50,000 troops to fight the Huns. Where Xiao Yu would find so many brave and skilled cavalry?

What did it mean to nurture 100,000 strong cavalry? The Han Dynasty had almost spent half of their treasury to get so many elite cavalry units. Xiao Yu ruled over a small and broken territory. Where would he get so much money? Did his territory compare to the flouring Han Dynasty?

Maintenance and daily support of cavalry meant lots of money.

Xiao Yu would have resolved the matter if he could summon unlimited units from the base. He would have to summon 10,000 Raiders and he would win. Unfortunately, he only had 600 Raiders.

Xiao Yu called the commanders and generals to discuss the problem that was Western Cloud Empire. However, no one could come up with a resolution as no one knew the reason why the Western Cloud Empire had acted so soon.

After a long time of discussions Xiao Yu decided: “I’ll go on a trip to Western Cloud Empire.”

Captain Hui, Housekeeper Hong and others tried to discourage Xiao Yu as his decision was too risky.

Xiao Yu smiled: “There is no danger in this trip. There are lots of merchants that go to Western Cloud Empire to sell goods. I’ll also pretend to be a merchant. I have to know their thoughts before going to war with them. Godfather said that keep your friends closeyou’re your enemies closer…”

“Who is Godfather?” Mu Lee asked.

Xiao Yu laughed: “Godfather is a celebrity. Don’t you guys know him?” (corleone)

Xiao Yu knew that to go to Western Cloud Empire he had to kill Subaru first. Subaru was familiar with Xiao Yu’s appearance and he could identify Xiao Yu in Western Cloud Empire.

“Subaru, you shouldn’t have come back…” Xiao Yu said in a cold tone.

It was totally different now. Back then Xiao Yu didn’t have the strength to stop Subaru but now he had reached level 20 which meant that he was as strong as a third-rank warrior. He could kill Subaru even if Subaru was a fourth-rank warrior. Moreover, Xiao Yu would be worried if Western Cloud Empire’s army attacked. But it was only Subaru who had come to harass his territory. Xiao Yu had 300 Hippogryph Raiders, 1000 Batriders, 600 Raiders, 700 cavalry men which was more than enough to deal with thousands of elite cavalrymen from the Western Cloud Empire.

At first, Xiao Yu was worried that the cavalrymen he had summoned from the human base would have problems with speed and durability because of their heavy armor. However, after a long time he found out that their heavy armor didn’t affect the speed of their horses. Perhaps it was because of the horses summoned from the base. They were extremely powerful.

The horse was the most critical factor to decide whether cavalry was good or bad. The cavalry of the Western Cloud Empire was invincible because of countless good horses they had. Sky Lion Dynasty was ‘poor’ in comparison to them in this sense.

The regions of the Western Cloud Empire were perfect for cultivating good horses. It was said that there was a breed called ‘thunder’ horse in Western Cloud Empire which was much taller than the average horse. These horses weren’t even afraid of tigers and were as fast as wind. If you had 100 cavalrymen equipped with these horses then you could fight at least 10 times more ordinary cavalry.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu had Raiders and they weren’t inferior to cavalry men.

In addition, Xiao Yu was looking forward to the time when his cavalry men reached level 10. He believed that their horses would be as fast as thunder horses at that level.

Subaru didn’t come out easily because of the Hippogryphs. The vision of elves was perfect too. However, he could hide forever. As a result, Subaru decided to attack at night. He believed that he could avoid Hippogryph Riders at night time.

Moreover, strong warriors could detect the Hippogryphs even if they were flying in air at nights. However, they weren’t aware of the excellent abilities of the hunters. There were lots of hunters who had reached level 10. At level 10 they could place sentry wards and observe the area without being there physically.

Subaru was going against the wrong person by trying to harass Xiao Yu’s village.

The moment Subaru’s team entered the village they met Raiders, hunters and cavalry. The Hippogryph riders weren’t far away either.

“Subaru, how are you going to escape tonight?” Xiao Yu smiled.

Subaru was surprised to meet Xiao Yu. He replied in a cold manner: “Xiao Yu! Lion city will be dyed in blood red sooner or later!” After shouting out Subaru began to retreat with his team. He believed that he could escape because of their horses.

However, he was wrong!

The wolves howled as the Raiders began to chase after the bandits.

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