WOWFRD – Ch 206

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Chapter 206

Xiao Yu was in the administrative hall of the Gisco city as he looked at the tied Solomon and his three sons. Naturally, they couldn’t escape from and outrun Hippogryph Riders and Raiders.

Solomon seemed to have aged all of a sudden. He hadn’t expected to face such consequences by the end of the war. Actually, he had high hopes for the war. But now, the city was occupied and he had lost his army. It seemed as if he was in a nightmare. However, the ropes tying him down made it clear that it was not a dream but reality.

“There is nothing to say… I lost… I hate my fate as I have run into a beast like you! IT’s not you that beat me but your army of strange creatures! I could conquer the world if such troops were given to me!” Solomon shouted out like a madman as he looked at Xiao Yu.

He had coveted Xiao Yu’s territory from long ago. He wanted to get the territory and become the king of the northwest but didn’t think that the fate would literally tie him up.

“What the fuck is this senile man talking about?” There was disdain in Xiao Yu’s eyes as he looked back at Solomon: “You would be captive even if you had the troops.. Now the reality is you are my prisoner. If you act well then I might spare your life… Otherwise, your head will have to be separated from your body.”

Xiao Yu was annoyed by people who talked nonsense the way Solomon had. He wasn’t in a situation where he could talk. Solomon stopped as he didn’t continue to say a word.

“Hard nut to crack.. I assume your silence is a no.” Xiao Yu turned to look at Carrie and his brothers: “Brother Carrie, hows life treating you? Do you remember the good days we had? We would drink together, play with girls and so on… Why did you want to get my territory? Now you don’t have anything left…”

Carrie replied in a cold manner: “There is nothing to talk to about as we have lost… do whatever you see fit!”

Xiao Yu looked at him: “Ohh… We have a tough guy here.. Do you know what I don’t lack most? Tough guys.. My men love to break the bones of tough people.. That cracking sound makes them feel ecstatic. I think we going to have a live show today…”

Xiao Yu looked at O’Neal and winked. The orc grinned from ear to ear as he came close to Carrie.

Carrie’s face turned pale as his body trembled in fear.

Actually, if Carrie hadn’t met Xiao Yu then most probably he would be the next lord of the territory because of his cunning nature and strategies.

“What do you want?” Carrie shouted.

Xiao Yu waved his hand so that O’Neal stopped: “Nothing much… You know I don’t want to kill you but I need a damn good reason for that… You know, you guys wanted to kill me so I just can’t let you guys go just like this.. ”

Carrie understood that the momentum was in Xiao Yu’s side. His life was already in Xiao Yu’s hands so it was useless to struggle.

Carrie paused for a moment: “What do you want?”

Xiao Yu sat back in chair: “Those black cloaked people.. Who were they? What is their origin? Why do they want to help you? The first who speaks will live while the other three will die!”

Carrie was about to speak but his brother spoke before him: “I know! I know… A while ago these people came to find father and aided us.. ”

Carrie thought that he had missed the opportunity but still wanted to take his chance: ” They are from a mysterious organization. It seems they have appeared in many territories and given support. Some say that they are the secret forces from the Sky Lion Dynasty who work to restore the reign of Dynasty. Others say that they are from an ancient family who unite the forces in times of chaos…”

Solomon was furious when he saw Carrie and his second son rush to speak at this critical moment.

The eldest son couldn’t withstand anymore as he began to speak too. However, Xiao Yu saw that none of them knew the origin of the mysterious black cloaked people. All they knew were rumors.

Xiao Yu frowned as he pondered about the true origins of the mysterious force. He felt that this mysterious force would be a problem in the future.

All three brothers began to spoke about many things except Solomon. They wanted to get on Xiao Yu’s good side and escape death.

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “I just said the one who speaks first will be the one to live. Second son will work as a labor in the orc base while the others will die.”

Xiao Yu looked at O’Neal. O’Neal called few orcs to pull these men and take them out. Xiao Yu knew that he had to kill these people. Originally, Carrie had attacked him 2 times but lost. Although Xiao Yu didn’t feel hatred towards Carrie but he knew that some other force may kidnap them if he kept them alive and use them against him in the future. Killing them now was diminishing the number of problems he could face in the future.

It took less than a day to completely solve out the soldiers of Solomon. All three cities came under Xiao Yu’s rule in this manner. The territory was annexed but Sky Lion Dynasty didn’t even react. In this era, the one with the stronger fist was the right one.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu didn’t stationed large-scale forces in the newly acquired territory. He kept only 5000 troops in 3 cities for daily management.

Solomon’s territory wasn’t very close to Xiao Yu’s territory so if he sent many troops then it meant that he was scattering his own forces. It would be a bad trade-off if someone else attacked his territory.

Xiao Yu implemented few policies to ease the taxes, encourage farming and military recruitment. He hoped to convert these people to his own in the shortest possible time. The ones who wanted to move to Lion city were free to do so. If the people wanted to live in the Gisco or other cities then they were welcome too. As all those cities belonged to Xiao Yu too.

In the case of possible war, Xiao Yu was planning to withdraw his troops back to Lion city and temporarily give up this place. It was his strategy for now as his strength wasn’t big. He had to rely on warriors from the bases.

Vast majority of Solomon’s troops surrendered to Xiao Yu too. It didn’t matter to whom these soldiers served as long as they were treated well. Xiao Yu paid them more than Solomon did so they were more willing to serve Xiao Yu than the previous lord.

Xiao Yu renamed the name of the territory to KaLun (literal translation means ‘check-point’) County after integrating it into his own territory. It would be part of Lion territory.

He was almost finished with the problems here when he received bad news from the Lion territory. A group of bandits had attacked village near the Lion city which resulted in heavy losses. Xiao Yu was surprised. He thought that the bandits had disappeared for good after Subaru run away. Why would they appear once again? Weren’t they afraid of Xiao Yu’s army?

Suddenly, Xiao Yu remember a force which could make this bandits appear once again: “Western Cloud Empire!”

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  1. This is like playing total war and starting with a nation in the goddamn middle of the map surrounded by fuckers.

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