WOWFRD – Ch 204

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Chapter 204

Tor was an elite soldier from the Gisco city. He had experienced real battles in the past and had learned some martial skills. As a result, he was promoted to be the leader of a 10 man team. These past few weeks they had heard that an evil lord was coming to attack Gisco city and they had to get ready.

Actually, they had heard about this evil lord. Their lord Solomon’s third son Carrie had attacked that lord’s territory in the past twice but had returned back in failure. It was told that this evil lord had orcs, elves and dwarves fighting for him.

In Tor’s imagination, the orcs were extremely tall, brutal, backward, green skinned humans. They were no different than beasts from the jungles and forests. It was normal for Carrie to fail facing such brutal monsters. Moreover, Carrie had attacked while that evil lord was defending the city so Carrie didn’t have the initiative to begin with.

Now, this evil lord was going to attack Gisco city and this time they had the favorable terrain. Tor believed that they would teach this barbarian orcs a lesson and he was going to cut off heads of few orcs for the glory and honor.

Their lord, Solomon, had told before the war that he would give 500 gold coins to anyone that cut an orc’s head.

Tor was looking for this war. He wanted both glory and to show off his talents.

However, there were rumors that spread among the soldiers that a single orc could deal with more than a dozen soldiers. It was said that orcs were terrifying and they would even bite humans during a war.

Some of them had seen Raiders who harassed their territory. They said that huge orcs were riding wolves and they had extremely big heavy swords in their hands. Fortunately, it seemed that there weren’t that many wolf riding orcs.

Most of the soldiers feared orcs but Tor wasn’t. He was a brave man and needed a chance to prove his courage. He believed that he could kill few orcs with the help of his 10 man team.

Moreover, many people wearing black cloaks had come to Gisco city recently. They had brought lots of sophisticated weapons, armors and other defensive equipment. In addition, they had brought magicians with them to help Gisco city.

The fear in the hearts and minds of the soldiers was dispelled as they saw the powerful support. They were full of confidence that they would win over the evil lord.

Orcs were brave but they wouldn’t be able to stop ballistas or magicians. The soldiers knew that the orcs were afraid of magicians too.

Everyone was eager to show their courage and brave in the battle. They had seen powerful monsters and beasts but the orcs should be like kittens in front of those beasts. If they could kill the beasts then the orcs wouldn’t be a problem.

The lord gave message that the evil lord had come to attack their city. All the soldiers were on top of walls and quietly waiting for the troops of the evil lord to appear. They were whispering in excitement about ways to cut off orc heads. The heavy ballistas that they had could pierce through heavy gates of a city so the orcs would be easy targets. However, their excitement was replaced by shock and fear when they saw the forces of the evil lord. There were powerful giants at the front instead of orcs!

These giants were as tall as six or seven meters. They had rock instead of skin. The ground would tremble when they walked.

They were told that the evil lord had orcs, elves and dwarves as warriors! Where did the giants come from? The soldiers weren’t afraid of orcs and were eager to fight them. But who in his right mind would go against a giant?

It seemed that one giant could kill few of them just by smashing it’s fist!

All the soldiers had trained for the last few months about tactics and strategies to fight orcs. What kind of training would be useful against these giants?

Skills were wind in the face of the absolute strength!

Tor swallowed saliva as he looked at the giants. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Tor’s legs went soft and there was a desire to escape from the city. Tor believed that no one was willing to fight the giants.

Nevertheless, fleeing was the greatest disgrace as a qualified soldier. Moreover, he would face severe punishment if he did so. The commanders ordered them to adjust the ballistas and catapults to the height of the giants. But when they were in the middle of adjusting the equipment the sky was covered in dark clouds. They looked up to see lots of flying creatures. Most of the flying beasts and creatures were extinct, weren’t they? Those soldiers hadn’t seen a flying beast since birth and now lots of them were coming towards the Gisco city.

But how could they fight against those flying creatures?

The ballista’s should be able to shoot those flying creature but the bars had to be prepared in advance. They could shoot them on a whim!

Many soldiers began to comfort themselves as they believed that the flying creatures had to land to attack them. However, the next scene was so terrifying that they would never forget it. The flying creatures began to dive down while blue skinned trolls were seen sitting on those beasts. There were things in the hands of trolls which were thrown down.

The soldiers were still stunned. What would such small things do to them?


Bang~ Rumble~ Bang~

What the hell is that? How could those small things have such power?

The soldiers didn’t have time to think as sounds of explosions echoed out.


Pieces of stone and debris flied out. The city was blown. The people who were close by to the explosions got blown into pieces. The flames burned to the sky. The whole city was in chaos within moments.

The soldiers who were burning screamed loudly. Many fell down from the walls. However, they didn’t die as they constantly screamed in miserable tone.

Tor was lucky enough that none of these exploding things got close to him. Moreover, he had lied down to the ground on instinct. His mind was in a mess. He didn’t know what was happening and how to react. Why would someone make war in such a manner?

All he knew that the Gisco city was finished! The lord, his 3 sons and those magicians have escaped from the city.

Tor stood up to escape but a huge stone fell down from the sky. Two soldiers from his team became meat-mud in front of his eyes. Tor saw the rock lifted up once again. He looked up to see that the huge stone was the giant’s fist. Several more soldiers died as the giant waved its fist. Tor had lost his will to fight as he saw the scene. He looked around to quickly jump from the wall to escape.

The city gates were smashed down when Tor reached the ground. Lots of orcs rushed in as they roared up. They waved the huge axes as they killed the soldiers. Tor saw two orcs who were exceptional as they waved the Tomahawks in their hands which glowed in purple light. Those orcs killed warriors in the blink of an eye! God! Those were second-rank warriors and one of those warriors was his immediate commander. A captain of a 100 man team!

Tor looked around but didn’t know what to do. Few soldiers who were under his command ran towards him to ask about orders. What to do? Tor waved them off as he ran to the other gate. However, there were flying creatures who were constantly throwing down explosives. Tor hid in a corner as he didn’t dare to come out.

At the same time, he saw that there was another kind of flying creatures in the sky in addition to those huge bats. These creatures had elves on them! Tor had never seen an elf in his life but he guessed the identity through just a look. These elves had bows and arrows in their hands. They were making accurate shots from high altitudes. Each shot took a soldier’s life.

Tor stood up to run towards the northern gate. It seemed that the lord and his sons had escaped from that gate. Along the way, he saw orcs killing soldiers but staying away from civilians without weapons.

Tor believed that he would be dead if he encountered an orc. Fortunately, the city was too big and the number of orcs was limited. The orcs distributed and dispersed after they entered the city so there was an opportunity to escape.

Finally, Tor was able to reach the northern gate. The gate was still open. There was no meaning in staying behind as Tor believed that at best he would die and at worst he would be caught as a slave.

There were soldiers stationed in the northern gate who blocked the soldiers trying to run away. There was a commander who ordered them to go back and fight. Tor was reluctant to follow the order when a three-meter tall Tauren jumped down and fell in between them.

The ground violently shook as few soldiers were thrown away by the shock-wave. Tor saw the Tauren wave the huge axe in his hand in a circular manner. All the soldiers within the reach of the axe were killed on spot.

Tor was shocked. He stepped back but the huge axe waved past by him… He felt coldness spread through the middle of his body…

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  1. A great way to make more chapters for a novel….reiterate everything that just happened from another perspective. It wouldn’t be a wasted chapter if Tor would join Xiao Yu and became an important character in the future, but that obviously won’t happen.

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