WOWFRD – Ch 203

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Chapter 203

“What is that?” People standing on the walls were stunned. Everyone knew that Xiao Yu had bizarre races as part of his army. But they never expected to meet giants!

Is that a giant stone man? A giant? Are those legendary Mountain Giants?

Who was this Xiao Yu? How did he get those races fight for him? Orcs, elves, dwarves and now giants? Who could withstand such a force?

The generals were dumbfounded as they began to think about strategic plans and operational deployments. However, they couldn’t think of something against the mountain giants. Everyone felt powerless as they looked at the mountain giants who seemed to hold unlimited power. They may have fought back if there were one or two mountain giants. They could come up with means and ways to destroy them. But how could they destroy hundred of them?

The morale of the fighters from soldier to general was down in an instant.

Xiao Yu’s army stopped about 500 meters away from the Gisco city walls and adjusted the formations. He knew that he had to invade the city in the first try. Otherwise, the battle could prolong and the tide of the war would turn against him. That’s why he had come up with an attack plan.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked at the tall walls of the Gisco city. He waved his hand and 100 mountain giants began to charge towards the wall.

The footmen and grunts followed behind the mountain giants as the tall bodies of the mountain giants were protecting them from attacks of the enemy.

The ground shook and trembled as the giant foots of the mountain giants hit the ground from one footstep to the other. The enemy soldiers felt as if their souls left their bodies because of fear. Normally, they didn’t fear battles but who could stay calm facing giants?

The enemies soldiers were ready to battle against orcs. Actually, most of them had vowed to behead orcs in the battle to gain glory but they didn’t expect that they would face mountain giants instead of orcs.

The generals ordered the ballistas and catapults to be used against the mountain giants. The soldiers were getting ready to attack when dark clouds began to cover the sky.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they raised their heads to check the sky. Their chin almost fell to the ground because of shock.

“What is that?”

They were full of fear when they had seen mountain giants who were as tall as six and seven meters. Now, there were strange flying monsters that moved towards the Gisco city. The will of soldiers had waivered by now.

It wasn’t that they weren’t brave but Xiao Yu’s side was too incredible.

What are they?

The ballistas would cause damage to mountain giants and batriders if the enemy was prepared to such attacks. The mysterious force had given them 100s of heavy catapults and thousands of medium and small-size ballistas. But the Batriders were flying too far from the ground to be shot by those heavy catapults or ballistas.

The support given by the mysterious forces was more than enough to gain victory over Xiao Yu if he came with only orcs and footmen. Moreover, there were magicians within the ranks which would make sure that the 3000 orcs would never reach the walls of the city.

Now, even the generals were stunned. They had forgotten to give orders. The soldiers didn’t know to attack mountain giants or flying creatures.

The batriders were rapid. In the blink of an eye the bats flied over the head of the Gisco city. Batriders began to throw liquid fire and iron bombs into the city.

Boom~ Rumble~

The flames swallowed the city. Countless explosions echoed at the same time. The soldiers on the walls didn’t know how to react. They began to run away for their lives. They had never seen or heard of such attacks and didn’t know how to deal with it.

Xiao Yu had armed Batriders with iron bombs to reduce the casualties from his side. The power of the iron bombs was much stronger than the liquid fire bottles used by the batriders.

No one had the will to resist as they faced such bombings. The enemy was planning to face the first wave of attack then rest to counterattack. However, Xiao Yu didn’t gave them a chance.

By this time the Mountain Giants had reached the walls too.


The mountain giants roared as they began to attack the walls. The smashed their fists on walls as stones flied out.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he watched the battle with pride. It was the power of combination of air and land units. Ze Germans had used this type of tactics at the beginning of the WW2. The other countries had air forces too but it was Germans who came up with combinations of land and air units.


The bombings continued. The flames were everywhere. The soldiers had lost contact with their commanders. They didn’t know what to do so most of them were retreating from their positions.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The fists of the mountain giant continued to smash the gates. The gates were strong but they couldn’t withstand the continuous bombardment from the mountain giant. The gates were broken through and the orcs roared as they rushed inside.

The city was already in chaos. The soldiers didn’t have the morale to fight when the orcs entered the city. Originally, it was planned that the soldiers would be on the walls to keep the orcs from attacking the gates. However, now even a minute hadn’t passed and the gates were broken. The soldiers would retreat the moment they felt that they had lost. It was like a plague which spread from soldier to soldier.

Gisco city had four walls but Xiao Yu was only attacking from one side. The soldiers stationed on the other walls had seen the flames spread through the front wall. They had seen the countless flying creatures pass over the city. Their fighting morale had gone down too.

Mountain Giants would smash the walls and grab the rocks and stones that fell from the city walls and throw them at the soldiers.

The ballistas could kill the mountain giants but atmosphere was full of fear and the soldiers were on retreat. They were trained to use the ballistas and catapults against the orcs. No one had told them which part of Mountain Giant’s body to attack.

Some bold soldiers used ballistas against mountain giants. However, the damage done wasn’t much. Instead the Mountain Giants got more furious and angry. They began to smash their fists at ballistas and catapults.

Everyone thought that they were going to have a bitter war.. But it was over in just few minutes…

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    1. If you mean as one of the normal ‘base races’, then no, you could only play as a Naga base during that one NE mission in TFT if i’m not wrong.

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