WOWFRD – Ch 202

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Chapter 202

There were another 350 units to summon according to the quota. Xiao Yu decided to summon 200 cavalrymen and the rest of the quota was used to summon Raiders. Xiao Yu didn’t have a lot of cavalrymen under his command but he knew that they were very effective in the battlefield. One cavalryman could beat at least triple the enemy in the battlefield. As a result, the number of cavalrymen under his control reached 700.

Xiao Yu began to launch the attack after integrating the troops. Now, the number of ordinary soldiers within the Lion territory had reached 30,000 people. Xiao Yu had seized a lot of weapons and armor during the raid to Eagle Camp of Subaru so all of the soldiers were well equipped. About 1000 of 300o0 troops were heavy cavalry and 3000 were light cavalry. The rest of ordinary troops were infantrymen.

The overall number of Xiao Yu’s troops wasn’t equal to Solomon’s troops. However, because of the special warriors summoned from the base he could make up for the gap in quantity. In addition, he paid a lot of money to Warhammer Company to buy 100 heavy ballistas, 500 medium-sized catapults and 1000 small sized ballistas and catapults. The small-sized ballistas and catapults were meant for orcs to use in the war.

Xiao Yu had brought more than 3,000 orcs from the Ankagen Mountains. But he had to keep female and child orcs back. After taking them out of the equation 2,000 orcs could fight in the war for him. He had 600 grunts summoned from the base and 500 orcs were brought from the Bengal City. As a result, Xiao Yu had 3,000 orcs who could fight for him.

The orcs were inferior to grunts in strength. However, after a period of training and good nutritious food their strength were increased too.

Moreover, there were orcs from the tribes that were as strong as grunts too. For example, Caesar who was brought back from the Bengal city wasn’t inferior to O’Neal in strength. This was the reason why Xiao Yu had given Caesar 2 Tomahawks and a T1 armor suit. Moreover, Caesar was the captain of 1000 orc troops.

There was another orc called Samuel who was the patriarch of an orc tribe from Ankagen Mountains. He was young and powerful. Actually, Samuel was more powerful than Caesar. Xiao Yu had given Samuel two Tomahawks and 1 T1 armor suit too. Samuel was leading the 2nd 1000 orc troops.

The 3rd 1000 orc troop team was led by O’Neal. There were shamans, kodo beasts and witch doctors who were assigned to each team to assist them during the war. All 3 troops were unified under Thrall and Grom’s leadership. Cairne was leading the other forces summoned from the base. Raiders were under Xiao Yu’s direct command.

The elves had excellent fighters too. There was a female elf called Anna who was matriarch of an elf tribe from the Ankagen Mountains. Xiao Yu had gifted her a Hurricane bow and made her lead 1000 elite elf archers.

The rest of the archers summoned from the base, hunters and Druids of the Talon were led by Raul.

The archers summoned from the base had Hypogryphs too which made the other elves very envious.

The elves from the Ankagen Mountains weren’t as good archers as the ones summoned from the base. However, their close combat skills was good. Physically, the elves were much stronger than humans. Their bodies were tough and agile. An ordinary fighter from an elf tribe could fight against four or five ordinary human soldiers. However, they weren’t opponents of a human warrior. The elves had a lot of powerful skills back in ancient times and powerful equipment to battle. However, all those techniques and equipment were lost in the river of history after ten thousand years.

Nevertheless, the strength of elves would rise once again as Xiao Yu was summoning more powerful elf units as time passed on.

Xiao Yu’s troops moved towards the Solomon’s territory after the preparations. 10,000 ordinary soldiers and as well as Ancient Guardians were left to protect the Lion city. Xiao Yu wasn’t worried much about the Lion city as there was no enemy close to Lion city that would take the initiative to attack them. In addition, he believed that Kennedy family couldn’t attack in this short amount of time.

Xiao Yu talked to his people in an assembly before the war. He counted details of Carrie and Solomon’s wrong-doings and cruel methods. He told his people that they discriminated the innocent, overtaxed population and so on.

Hippogryph Riders flied back and forth as they investigated and scouted the area for risks in advance before the main army moved in. In this era, having an air force was an absolute luxury. Only the greatest powers could afford such a thing.

The air units were highly mobile and couldn’t easily be harmed. Moreover, they could find information and bring it back much easier than ground scouts.

Xiao Yu arranged so that the Troll Batriders only flew at nights to catch up with the main army. However, they didn’t move during the days. As a result, not many people knew about their existence. What kind of a shock and impact it would produce if thousands of Batriders bombed a city during the night?

Xiao Yu was confident to win the war because of this and other reasons.

The main army stopped about 10 miles away from the first city in the Solomon’s territory after a few days. It was one of the 3 cities within Solomon’s territory and was called Gisco.

Solomon’s territory wasn’t small as it had 3 cities in it. However, this city was going to become Xiao Yu’s.

Naturally, Solomon was aware of Xiao Yu’s attack long ago. The mysterious forces had given him notices in advance regarding the attack. It would be amazing if they weren’t aware of Xiao Yu’s attack as Xiao Yu moved out in a swaggering manner.

Solomon had also sent scouts to inquire about the march but his scouts were killed by the Hippogryph riders so none of them had come back to inform any news regarding the details.

Solomon was aware of location of Xiao Yu’s troops when they reached about 10 miles from the Gisco city.

“Kid is acting fast… I would have feared you if it was before but now you are bound to fail!” Solomon grinned from ear to ear.

The mysterious force had provided him with large number of weapons and mages. He was bold now because of the support. Solomon had confidence to win no matter how many troops of powerful weapons Xiao Yu had brought with him. As a result, he wasn’t in rear city but had come forward to Gisco to personally see Xiao Yu’s failure.

Solomon had brought Carrie and his two other sons with him to show them his victory over Xiao Yu. Carrie had faced failure twice before and Solomon was extremely angry because of this. However, Solomon didn’t blame Carrie as he was aware of Xiao Yu’s strength. However, as a ‘fair’ father he had to punish Carrie so that his two other sons didn’t complain.

Now, Solomon had confidence because of the support from the mysterious force. He had brought his sons over to teach them a lesson and show off his own prestige.

“All of you look carefully.. Watch how your father is going to beat that Xiao Yu. I will show this little lord that he shouldn’t act so arrogantly.. I will teach him a lesson!” Solomon stood on the wall and scolded his sons.

All three sons nodded while they looked at their father with utmost respect.

Carrie felt complex feelings struggle in his heart as he stood on the wall. He was frustrated and upset. He had attacked Xiao Yu twice but failed. Now, that little bastard was attacking his father! However, his father didn’t let him command the troops.

“So many ballistas, catapults, equipment and magicians.. It would quite troubling if they can’t keep the city… ” Carrie seemed very respectful towards his father on surface but looked at him with disdain in his heart. He always thought that he had more talent than his father. Moreover, he believed that he would dominate the world one day.

Carrie’s other two brothers were very jealous of him in the earler days. However, they got happy when Carrie failed twice. Now, they were planning to catch their father’s attention so that they could get the throne after their father.

Both Solomon and his sons thought that they were bound to win a victory. They had too many ballistas, catapults and magicians who wore black cloaks. Even an idiot could win with such support.

However, their confidence began to shatter when Xiao Yu’s forces appeared within their sights. The whole Gisco city shook and trembled when Mountain Giants moved on..

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    1. Outdated , faked or wrong intel all have their problems, but which of them is the deadliest depends on each situation.

  1. Couldn’t he made the mountain giant bring huge ass rocks to throw? Surely they are much better than catapults. Just like the Mountain Giants in the Battle for Middle Earth game.

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