WOWFRD – Ch 201

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Chapter 201

Xiao Yu only summoned 50 Faerie Dragons as an experiment. He still had another 350 units to summon so he pondered which units to summon next.

The skills of Faerie Dragons were:

Level 1: Can use ranged magical attacks.

Level 3: Spell immunity to all magical attacks.

Level 6: Faerie Dragon can shift to another dimension to avoid damage and harm but can’t attack or move.

Level 10: Mana flare. Faerie Dragon can channel negative magical energies to enemies when they cast magic which would result in huge damage to the enemies.

“Fortunately, I haven’t acquired many of them… Mana Flare can be used at level 10 which seems like a very distant future…” Xiao Yu regretted summoning Faerie Dragons.

Afterwards, he checked the skills of Druids of Talon and Mountain Giants.

Skills of Druids of Talon:

Level 1: Long range magic attacks.

Level 3: Faerie Fire which causes damage to the enemy unit and unmasks the invisible enemies.

Level 6: Druid can transform into Storm crow and fly.

Level 10: Cyclone. Druid can use magic skill cyclone which would create a hurricane that will blow the enemy units into air. The enemy units would lose mobility and attack capabilities.

Skills of Mountain Giants:

Level 1: Basic combat attacks.

Level 3: Taunt. All the nearby enemy units would attack the Mountain Giant as a result of the skill.

Level 6: Hardened Skin. The skin of Mountain Giant gets more hard and the magic resistance improves.

Level 10: Mountain Giant pulls out tree and uses it as a cub to attack the enemy.

Xiao Yu was very satisfied when he saw the skills of Druids of Talon and Mountain Giants. He believed that they would be very useful in the future. Moreover, powerful Mountain Giants could become the masters of the battlefield. These two units were the absolute classics.

Xiao Yu was preparing to attack Solomon’s territory for the last few days while Master Alma and the students of Magic and Knight Academies were getting ready to go back. Xiao yu had given a lot of precious materials to Master Alma and an extra T2 armor which had made Master Alma excited for a long time. Xiao Yu was very generous towards the students of both Magic and Knight Academies. He had given them a lot of good things including but not limited to gold coins. All those students were aware that if not for Xiao Yu they would be buried in the depths of the Ankagen Mountains. They would never be able to get anything let alone the experience that enhanced their strength.

Xiao Yu was able to conquer the hearts of the students during the trip. He had shown that as a leader he cared a lot of about his subordinates. They believed that Xiao Yu was worthy of their trust as a boss. Many of them considered following Xiao Yu after the graduation. It was true that Xiao Yu’s overall strength wasn’t good but looking at the situation they knew that Xiao Yu’s future was limitless.

Lin Muxue and Mu Han had to go back to Magic Academy too. Xiao Yu gave them a lot of treasures and valuables. His sisters-in-law gifted them several boxes of jewelry too. Xiao Yu sent 100 knights and Leah to escort them to the academy. Moreover, he lent them his own luxury carriage so that they felt comfortable along the way.

Xiao Yu and Lin Muxue were reluctant to separate from each other after getting along for some time and knowing each other. But both of them knew that there was no other way as Lin Muxue had to go back to graduate. Nevertheless, they could marry after a year.

Lin Muxue had Xiao Yu’s hand in her grasp as she constantly told details about her life. Xiao Yu was seriously nodding his head but in fact he had already forgotten the last sentence when he heard the next one. Finally, Lin Muxue boarded the carriage and left.

Mu Ling and his teachers and fellow students were leaving too. This time when they got back from the Ankagen Mountains they were welcomed with high treatment and were grateful to Xiao Yu because of this.

Every other student from different academies were jealous of the students of Magic and Knight Academies of Shire city because they had showed off in front of others their loots from the trip. They had told about their experiences in terms of entering the Dark City, killing countless undeads and high level beasts.

However, Mu Ling and other students had faced a lot of casualties after entering the Ankagen Mountains. Most of these students had died and didn’t move into the real depths of the Mountains. They had hunted only low-level beasts and monsters.

In fact, Master Alma would have brought students back if not for Xiao Yu. It was because of Xiao Yu that they had dared to enter the depth of the Ankagen Mountains and achieve such feats.

The students and teachers from several other Magic and Knight Academies had come back with almost no harvest.

How could they not be envious?

Nevertheless, these valuables and treasures were minor things in comparison to the experience the students of Shire City’s Magic and Knight Academies had gained. Moreover, they had met legendary elf and orc tribes, been into the Dark City. These were the most precious things that they would remember for life long as adventurers. In addition, their battle strength would double when they would go back.

Mu Ling admired Xiao Yu more and more because of this. The students from the Shire City had described Xiao Yu as brave, wise and great commander. They told Mu Ling and others that Xiao Yu had even offended the great Kennedy family to protect his subordinates.

The others didn’t believed to words of the students from the Shire city at the beginning. However, when those students took out items, potions, materials the others couldn’t help but stay dumbfounded for a long time. They knew that even their teachers didn’t have so many good things.

Xiao Yu didn’t ill-treat Mu Ling too. He gave him gold coins so that he could live better in the academy. Xiao Yu presented certain gifts to the Mu Ling’s teachers and fellow students.

After half a month almost all the adventurers had left the Lion city. However, only half of the initial adventurers had left as the other half were left in the depth of the Ankagen Mountains for ever.

Xiao Yu was working on relevant issues with Captain Hui and Mu Lee to attack Solomon’s territory. They were planning to use Mountain Giants, the siege tactics and so on. Xiao Yu wanted to prepare perfectly so that he could get the territory in one clean attack.

At the same time they weren’t aware that mysterious people wearing black cloaks had entered Solomon’s territory. They were wearing black cloaks while their faces were covered with black masks. Only their eyes were exposed.

Carrie’s father, Solomon, was walking in the study room thinking about the short-term problems of the territory. A black cloak wearing man appeared in front of him out of nowhere. Solomon was shocked as he took two steps back: “Who are ya?”

The man replied in a hoarse and cold tone: “It doesn’t matter who I am. I know that your territory is facing a great tribulation and the forces behind me can help you out. The only condition is that you have to be loyal to us.”

Solomon knew that any person who could appear in front of him the way this man had could easily kill him. He didn’t try to resist but pondered for a while: “I’m facing trouble but I don’t need anyone’s help. If you want to talk about cooperation then you are welcome here.”

The mysterious man snorted: “Do you think that you are in a situation where you can put forward conditions? You aren’t worthy enough! You may chose to be loyal to us or face the wrath of Lion territory’s lord. I can guarantee that by your own strength you won’t be able to resist Lion territory.”

“It’s true that Lion territory’s lord is very strong. However, they have been on defense all along and have used powerful orc warriors. But the number of those orc warriors is limited.” Solomon continued: “It is Xiao Yu’s greatest weakness. If he attacks me with that many orcs then he would lose. I don’t believe that he can beat tens of thousands of troops with just 100 orcs!”

Mysterious person smiled: “Ignorant fool! Do you think he beat Subaru’s 100,000 big troops with just 100 orcs? Do you think he would come to attack you if he doesn’t have grasp on the situation? I’m going to list you services that we will offer you.. It’s not too late to refuse. Listen first.”

Afterwards, the mysterious man began to list series of conditions and services.

Solomon stood speechless for a long time when he heard everything.

“What do you say? It’s not just about the revenge and killing the Lion territory’s lord… You can become the king of the Northwest. There is only 1 premise and that is loyalty to us.” The mysterious man put forward all kinds of services that Solomon would get after the allegiance.

“What are you doing this for? What is my loyalty to you?” Solomon wasn’t a fool. He knew that there would be ulterior motives if so many things were given to him. A lot of things were going to be given to him so it meant that other side was asking for complete loyalty. There couldn’t be slightest violation when it came to allegiance or someone else would be found to replace him.

Since this mysterious power could come up with so many things then it meant that it would be very easy to kill him. It seemed he didn’t have a choice since the beginning.

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