WOWFRD – Ch 200

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Chapter 200

“Maiev Shadowsong greets master.” A gorgeous elf wearing leather clothes and a cloak jumped down from the altar to stand in front of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu checked the tempting body of Maiev for a moment while emotions burst out in his heart. Sure enough, there was no elf that was ugly. Although Maiev didn’t have the noble temperament that Tyrande had but she was different kind of a beauty. A wild and ferocious one. There was this indifferent look expressed on her face which made her look like a wild flower. However, Xiao Yu controlled himself the same instant. He remembered that because of his lusty looks Tyrande’s loyalty had decreased by 10 points just after the summoning. That’s why Xiao Yu didn’t dare to check Maiev’s bulging chest. He coughed: “Maiev.. Welcome. Now, the elf race is in dare situation and I hope you can take the responsibility of a leader of the elven race to lead them to glory.”

Maiev hadn’t noticed the lust that appeared on Xiao Yu’s eyes for a brief moment. She bowed: “Maiev will give her life.”

Xiao Yu nodded and then checked skills that Maiev could learn. There were 4 of them::

Stealth (up to level 3): Hero can turn invisible. The skill is more powerful than the Shadow Escape of elven race. Hero can move freely invisible in daylight too. An injury or damage can turned hero visible again.

Shadow Pounce (up to level 3): Hero quickly moves to enemy’s behind and makes a strong attack.

Shadow Throw (up to level 3): Hero throws a poisonous dart that makes enemy paralyzed for certain degree and slows the speed of movement.

Blink (up to level 3): Hero quickly moves for a distance. Hero can escape the battle or chase an enemy by using the skill.

Xiao Yu knew that all the skills for Maiev were meant for assassins. Now, Xiao Yu had Leah by his side. However, Leah didn’t have any strong killing moves. But it would be another matter if Maiev leveled up. Maiev’s attack and killing moves would be out of Leah’s league.

Xiao Yu added Stealh skill to Maiev and ordered her to stay in the base. He would take her to upgrade her level personally in the future. There were opportunistic idiots around the four bases and Xiao Yu couldn’t let her go out as Maiev’s level was too low now. Afterwards, Xiao Yu began to summon a Mountain Giant. He was also pondering on the tactics to attack Solomon’s territory. He had to train Mountain Giants before attack too.


The ground trembled when the first Mountain Giant appeared. It was almost 6 meters tall and its whole body was wrapped in rock instead of skin. It was a shocking sight.

In the eyes of ordinary people this was the legendary Mountain Giant.

Mountain Giant roared for a long time. The birds in the depth of the forest flied out because of the echo of the roar.

Xiao Yu was excited as he looked at the giant. How much power the fist of this giant had? Moreover, it was only 1st level mountain giant which meant that the strength and height of the Mountain Giant would be much better as it levelled up. Xiao Yu ordered the system to summon 1000 Mountain Giants in excitement. However, the system’s reply made him go mad.

“Insufficient quota.”

“Motherfucker! Not enough quota? Don’t I have another 2000 places to fill?” Xiao Yu couldn’t understand the issue.

“Mountain Giant is a heavy unit so it occupies the space for 10 ordinary units.” System replied in a cold tone.

“Your mother!” Xiao Yu jumped up in anger. He thought that he would conquer the world as he would lead 1000 Mountain Giants from territory to territory.

However, it meant that at this point he could summon only 200 Mountain Giants at best! He was frustrated but he knew that system was balancing the strength. If he could call 2000 Mountain Giants then he would be way too powerful.

The Ultimate Unit from the orcs were Tauren warriors, the ultimate units from the undead were Frost Dragons, the ultimate unit from the elves were two-headed Chimaera and the ultimate unit of the human base were Siege Engines. It was normal for those units to have the quota of dozen or more normal units. At the end, Xiao Yu had to summon 100 Mountain Giants as they would count for 1000 units.

In fact, having 100 mountain giants at this point was more than enough. It was true that Mountain Giants could play huge role in many occasions but sometimes grunts and elven archers were irreplaceable too. All the units played great role when they cooperated and were used perfectly. If Xiao Yu relied on 1 strong unit type then he would be restrained somehow. The perfection was with the combination of units to reach the invicibility.

Xiao Yu summoned 300 Hippogryph so that he could make Elf archers mount them. This way they could attack perfectly form the air too. They were mobile air units who could be used both as scouts and warriors in the battlefield. Now, he had 700 units left to summon.

Xiao yu used merit points to purchase Druid of the Talon and bought 300 of them. The Druis could transform into crows and act as scouts. Their magic attacks were low but it would be enough to fool others if a large groups of Druids attacked. Moreover, Druid could use Faerie Fire so that the invisible units appear once again. It was a measure to deal with the assassins.

In addition, the Druids of Talon had a skill called cyclone which could be considered as a magic skill. A cyclone would appear in the battlefield and blow away the enemies turning their formations into mess. Afterwards, Xiao Yu could use the grunts to enter rows and sweep through the enemy. Now he had only 20000 merit points left so he could only buy one more kind of unit. He didn’t know whether to buy Druid of Claw or Faerie Dragon.

Druids of Claw could transform into bears and attack the enemies. However, it didn’t mean that they were more effective than grunts in the battlefield. Nevertheless their Roars could enhance the attack strength of all the friendly units which Xiao Yu wanted. The Druis of Claw were similar to Kodo beasts. So having 100 of them was more than enough. The Faerie dragons were important to deal with the enemy magicians. If Xiao Yu could suppress the magicians of the enemy then it meant that he would get the upper hand in the war.

But Xiao Yu was worried about the defense of the Faerie dragons.

It was real world not a game. So if such a unit appeared in the battlefield then the enemy would collectively try to kill it. It was possible that Faerie Dragon wouldn’t even have the opportunity to reach the enemy’s mage. It was true that Faerie Dragons could shift into another dimension to hide themselves. But it was not a teleport. The enemy would use their archers and warriors to kill the Faerie Dragon after it re-emerged. The end result was that Faerie dragon may not even have chance to kill the enemy’s magician so Xiao Yu decided to only have few faeries. He would use them only if necessary. After a long hesitation, he decided to summon some Faerie Dragons. It was worth to see the units in action which had the reputation of magician killers!

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  1. “Maiev.. Welcome. Now, the elf race is in dare situation -> ‘dare’ to ‘a dire’
    An injury or damage can turned hero visible again. -> ‘can turned’ to ‘can turn the’
    Xiao Yu added Stealh skill to Maiev -> ‘Stealh’ to ‘Stealth’
    How much power the fist of this giant had? -> How much power did the fist of this giant have?
    This way they could attack perfectly form the air too. -> ‘form’ to ‘from’

    Seemed that there were more missed edits in this chapter than usual, thought I would point them out.

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